The Top 3 Best UV Gel Lamps for Home Use


Women are very particular about three things: their hygiene, their hair, and their nails. While hygiene is a necessity and the hair is the crowning glory, the nails speak something of utmost importance to most women.

Nail polishes keep women look posh and stylish. But new trends have popped up that makes nail polishes even better. There’s the trend of gel polish, which makes it look more durable and sturdy, aside from the fact that it looks much better than ordinary polishes.

However, for a more complete and stylish finish for gel manicures and pedicures, it is highly recommended to use UV Gel Lamps. You can use this even at your own home, and what’s even better is that you can order it online for that extra convenience.

UV Gel Lamps proves to be beneficial to women who wish to dry their nails in the fastest and most efficient way. We always worry about getting chipped nails when we get out of the salon, because let’s face it, it’s hard to move with newly painted nails.

So instead of smearing your nails and spending much time drying it by blow-drying, it is thus economical to purchase a UV Gel Lamp for your convenience. Aside from being an innovative way of nail care these days, the UV lamps is also stylish that will definitely suit your taste.

An UV nail lamp has been a beauty care product that has been widely used in salons for almost three decades now. You can choose between traditional and LED UV nails lamps. Both have different results, but both have been scientifically proven to be safe for your nails.

You can use this product at the comfort of your home. It saves you money and time than actually going to the salon. These kinds of lamps usually have lower wattage or batteries, and they can also be used whenever you’re traveling.

Portable nail dryers are very efficient and easy to use. It is perfect for anyone, whether you’re a professional nail artist or just a gal with fascination for nail polishes and other nail accessories. We’ve listed the Top 3 Best UV Gel Lamps that you can use at your home, anytime you want.

1. MiroPure 36W UV LED Nail Lamp

It is still best to a brand, which is known to make the most out of your money whenever you decide to buy a UV nail lamp. Most brands would promise you a lot of options, but you should choose the one that provides you highly satisfactory customer service.

Luckily, Miropure is one of those brands that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. There are five main reasons why you can choose this brand: It’s durable (lasts longer than other brands); easy to use; it is spacious; safe; and it can be both an UV and LED nail lamp thus giving you the choice of using it with different polishes.

You won’t be regretting the money you’ll be spending in purchasing this product! It has features that make customers use this product again and again. For one, its light works the best for any kinds of polish, including the gel polish and builder gels.

You will also be pampered because the heat mode feature of this product lessens the uneasiness, especially when drying builder gels that can have temperature spikes.

Typically for most people, we want user-friendly products. Well, worry no more because this UV gel lamp works fast and is user-friendly. Its infrared induction powers the auto-sensing high technology for that fast nail drying. It only takes 60s to dry rhinestone gem glue and 30s to dry nail UV glue.

Miropure is very user friendly. All you have to do is to glide in your hands and the lamp will automatically operate and it will automatically go off if you take out your hands. It also has bottom plate slips, which will make your work much easier. It has 4 timer settings- 10s, 30s, 60s, and 99s.

Another good thing about this product is that it is large enough for your hands. No need to cram your hands inside because this product enables you to effortlessly fit your hand inside it. What’s more is that the angling of bulbs does not let you twist your thumb, so you’ll be able to cure it even better.

Of course, there’s the question of safety. But rest assured that this product is safe to use. It’s guaranteed that you will have persistent nail gel color and your skin and eyes won’t be harmed because its 24 LED light beads is closer to white light. Lastly, this product is durable, so you can expect to use them for a long amount of time.


2. USpicy 48W UV Nail Dryer Nail Lamp for Gel Polishes

If you’re searching for a sleek and posh UV nail dryer, then this would be a perfect choice. It provides the right illumination to paint detailed nail designs. Aside from its stylish design, this brand is also designed for home use, but you will still get professional outcome.

Don’t be convinced just because of its design, this is also a product you would want to purchase because it’s compatible with all sorts of gel polishes and it also dries faster than most nail dryers.

The nail curing is made easy because of this product. It automatically get activated when you slide your hand inside and it powers off three seconds after taking it out. You can precisely adjust curing duration for different types of gels and layers because it also has 30/60/120 seconds timers.

Its three timer modes and automatic sensor are very convenient especially when curing your nails. Additionally, this product is very simple to clean. Its detachable tray is useful in cleaning and it can also be used as additional space to dry your toenails. Very convenient and efficient!

It has USB powered LED spotlights and soft rubber padding that creates a perfect workspace for you to curate your nails. The spare surface illuminating lamp can be used to provide enhanced illumination when you are painting nails, so you wouldn’t miss to inspect every finished layer, paint small details, and decorate it with unique jewels, stickers and glitters.

It also protects your eyes from UV lights because it has a sliding cover that you can pull down when not in use. Overall, this product is a combination of aesthetics and efficiency. It may look a bit fancy on the outside, but it is very efficient when it comes to fast and safe curing of nails wherever you are. And what’s more, it is affordable for its kind!

This product is great for you to add in your beauty and cosmetic tools collection because of its beautiful design, safety and durability.


3. MelodySusie 48W LED UV Nail Lamp

The brand MelodySusie is becoming very popular in the cosmetic industry. MelodySusie offers advanced and sleek designs. It has a removable base for easy pedicures; it has 180 degrees angled high-efficiency UV and LED bulbs that can cure almost all gel polishes; and it is fast yet secure. It has four-preset time regulators (15s, 30s, 60s, 90s low heat mode) that can dry your nails very quickly without overheating.

This smart UV lamp for curing your nails combines both UV and LED light and use ultraviolet bead globes to cure your nails. It is not only stylish, but it is also innovative. It has sensor technology that automatically switches on when you place your nail for curing and automatically turns it off when you take your nails out of it.

It has touch-based technology, meaning you have to keep your hands in the correct place of the lamp in order to make it active. As mentioned earlier, the design is very modern and sleek. Its physical look makes it easier to use and you can also clean it easily. It is made of molded ABS material that makes it very sturdy.

Probably one of the selling factors of this UV lamp is its compatibility to all types of UV and LED gel polishes. It is compatible to Gelish Harmony Soak Off series, CND Shellac, Red Carpet LED gel polish, ORLY Gel FX, OPI Gelcolor nail polish and Gelicious gel nail polish.


Buyer’s Guide

The purchase of the best UV Gel Lamp for you is still upon your sound discretion. The reviews mentioned above will guide you in choosing your lamp but know for a fact that you should still be aware of the factors to consider when buying a nail lamp for you.

Budget and Affordability

Nowadays, there are a lot of cheap products out there, however, you cannot guarantee their quality. Best to check all the available options that you have, compare prices, figure out how much you are willing to spend (be sure about the range of price you’re considering), and make sure that the quality of the product is highly satisfactory.

You do not need to buy top of the line brands, only to realize that you have exhausted your bank account. Just be picky about your product, ask prices, and raise concerns whenever you’re in doubt. Don’t hesitate to stay on your budget when you make your purchases. Just make sure you are choosing the right product, which you will be able to use for a long amount of time.


Curing time

Next, you also have to take note of the curing speed of the nail lamp. Convenience is always an issue for us, and we want products that give us ease of doing anything. You do not want a lamp that takes forever to dry your nails, so it’s better to know the speed features of the product you’re going to buy.


Know the Types of Gel Polishes and Nail Dryers

One of the basic things you have to know is the type of gel polish and the light source of the nail dryer that you are going to use. It can either be LED or UV. For your information, please note that the sources of light have different effects on curing your nails.

The smart nail lamps (or the combination of both) have the new technology called the double light emitting bulbs/beads. These light beads emit curing lights that cover a vast range on UV light band, enabling the lamp to cure all types of gel nails without you having to distinguish them. That’s why some brands are compatible to all sorts of gel nails.


Wattage of the Lamp

Also, you should be wary of the wattage of the lamp. Wattage is related to curing times, so getting the higher wattage would mean the faster it can dry your nails and the better curing efficiency. However, the price is also correlated to the wattage you’re going to buy, so you might want to consider taking the product that will be worthy of your hard-earned money.



Portability is also a factor when buying a UV gel lamp. The convenience and size of the nail lamp are both important factors. You would want a lamp that can conveniently fit your hands, and if possible, both at the same time so that they are cured at the same time. But if it’s not feasible, just make sure that at least one hand will fit in comfortably and you don’t need to contort any of your fingers in the process.