The 10 Best Mink Individual Lashes


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to look our best. And while some people prefer the ‘au natural’ look, others enjoy a little more glamour in their lives.

There are many different beauty products on offer today. Coupled with tools and aids that can do just about anything, looking like a catwalk model has never been so accessible as it is today. The trouble is that using all of these products can become quite expensive when you add all the lotions, potions, tools, and treatments used.

So, why not take a step away from all of these products and go back to the basics? One of the oldest and most effective beauty products of all time (in my opinion) is the false eyelash. Why? Because, rather than mask your facial qualities, they accentuate them. They’re relatively inexpensive to buy, pretty easy to apply, and there’s a large range to choose from.

In this article, we’re going to share with you what we consider to be the 10 best mink individual lashes out there. We’ll let you know just what we like about them as well as anything to be aware of. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll have a much better idea as to the ones that will work best for you.

1. Obeya 3D Mink Fur Eyelash Extensions

  • Lengths in pack: 3 rows x 8mm, 3 rows x 10mm, 3 rows x 12mm, 3 rows x 14mm. Total number of lashes: 100

Give your eyes a treat with these fantastic Real Siberian Mink Fur Eyelash Extensions on offer by Obeya. These lashes are both natural looking and silky smooth. I found them so lightweight and comfortable to wear that I forget I was even wearing them.

They’re great quality lashes with a stable curl that the manufacturers claim will keep its shape for at least 6 months. And, they’re also very easy to apply. The only slightly negative comment I have is that they are a little more expensive than the average eyelash extension kit.

However, for the quality of the eyelash extensions you’re getting, it’s well worth spending the extra.


2. Lashview Premium D Curl Mixed Tray Eyelash Extensions

  • Lengths in pack: 1 row x 8mm, 1 row x 9mm, 2 rows x 10mm, 2 rows x 11mm, 2 rows x 12mm, 2 rows x 13mm, 1 rows x 14mm, 1 row x 15mm.

If you’re looking to get noticed, then these are the lashes to use. Handmade in Korea and made from black PBT material, these eyelash extensions are soft to touch, light to wear, and look fabulous when in place.

They have a thickness of just 0.15mm, so they don’t feel particularly heavy when wearing them and they look more natural opposed to enhanced. In terms of price, they are a little more expensive than most on this list, but not by much.

And, when you take into consideration the quality of the lashes and the range of lengths in the package, they’re actually pretty good value for money.


3. Ellipse Eyelash Extensions 0.20mm DD Curl

  • Length in pack: 14mm

Here we have another high-quality eyelash extension that’s perfect for all those looking for a more enhanced look. At 0.20mm thick, 14mm long, and with a DD Curl these lashes will brighten up even the dullest of eyes.

One of the biggest selling points for these eyelash extensions is their flat shape. As well as creating a more dramatic look, they also provide a greater area for adhesion, meaning less chance of getting in a mess when you’re applying them.

The thing I like most about these lashes is inside they’re hollow making them almost 50% lighter than most others on the market. Not only does this help them look more real, but it also makes them more comfortable to wear.

All-in-all a great product.


4. Lankiz 3D Volume False Eyelash Extensions

  • Lengths in pack: 2 rows x 8mm, 2 rows x 9mm, 2 rows x 10mm, 2 rows x 11mm, 1 row x 12mm, 2 rows x 13mm, 1 row x 14mm

If you’re new to the world of eyelash extensions and aren’t sure what’s the best size for you, these Lankiz 3D Volume False Eyelash Extensions are a good place to start. With 7 different length options to choose from, you can be sure there’s something for everyone’s taste here.

Another great selling point for these lash extensions is that they’re 100% handmade. If you’re looking for a super dramatic effect, these may not be the lashes for you. At a thickness of just 0.15mm they are definitely a more natural looking lash.

The only thing I wasn’t overly impressed with in regards to these extensions was that they’re a little heavier than some of their competitors. Unfortunately, this does make them a little harder to keep in place. But, with a little determination and the right glue, you’ll be looking fabulous in no time with these lashes.


5. Svanslashes Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions C Curl

  • Lengths in pack: 1 row x 8mm, 2 rows x 9mm, 2 rows x 10mm, 2 rows x 11mm, 2 rows x 12mm, 2 rows x 13mm, 1 row x 14mm.

Made of 100% Korean silk, these eyelash extensions on offer from Svanlashes are ideal for both classic and volume lashing. As well as being strong and durable, they’re also very natural looking.

The color is a strong black and they come off the strip quite smoothly. And at 0.15mm thickness, I felt they were just right. Not too heavy, yet effective enough to make a noticeable difference.

All-in-all, these eyelash extensions may be a little more expensive than most others on this list, but, they’re great quality, easy to apply and come in a range of lengths.


6. Emilystores Individual Loose Signature Eyelash Extensions

  • Lengths in pack: 2 rows x 8mm, 2 rows x 9mm, 3 rows x 10mm, 3 rows x 12mm, 2 rows x 14mm.

If you’re looking for some quality eyelash extensions at a fairly low price, then you’re in the right place. Offering no fewer than 5 different length options at a thickness of 0.15mm, these Emilystores Individual Loose Signature Eyelash Extensions are a great choice for just about anyone.

They’re very easy to apply and are just the right thickness. I also love how very lightweight they are. The only real thing to be aware of with these extensions is that they don’t come with any instructions or glue, so just make sure you’re fully prepped before you begin.

Your lashes may not look exactly like they do when you come from a salon, but they are still very effective. And, for the price you’re paying, you can’t really grumble.


7. Fabu Eyelash Extensions Russian Volume 3D Fans

  • Lengths in pack: Only one size per pack, but available sizes are: 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm.

Are you looking for some mink eyelash extensions that are not only well made but are allergen free too? Then be sure to check out these Fabu Eyelash Extensions. Made from hypoallergenic materials, these fantastic looking eyelash extensions on offer from Fabu are safe for just about anyone to wear.

Having a thickness of just 0.10 means these lashes are extremely lightweight. So, as well as looking fantastic, they’re also pretty easy to apply. The only thing I will say is that you need to be very careful when pulling off the backing as they may stick. That being said, at least they’re not glued together.

All-in-all, they’re lightweight, of a good quality and moderately priced.


8. EYEMEI C Curl Eyelash Extensions

  • Lengths in pack: 1 row x 8mm, 1 row x 9mm, 2 rows x 10mm, 2 x rows 11mm, 2 rows x 12mm, 2 rows x 13mm, 2 rows x 14mm.

If you’re looking for some mink eyelash extensions that are simple to use yet very effective then check out these babies on offer from EYEMEI. Made from Korean black PBT, these lashes are durable and likely to last quite some time. They’re also extremely lightweight.

Being a C curl, these lashes are more natural-looking than dramatic and are great for anyone who’s just trying out fake eyelashes for the first time. However, please be aware that while they are perfectly safe for anyone to use, they have been designed with the professional beauty therapist in mind. So just take care when applying them.


9. TDANCE Premium C Curl 0.18mm Thickness Semi Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions

  • Lengths in pack: 1 row x 10mm, 1 row x 11mm, 2 rows x 12mm, 2 rows x 13mm, 2 rows x 14mm, 2 rows x 15mm, 1 row x 16mm, 1 row x 17mm

If you’re after a more dramatic effect from your eyelash extensions, then really you want to be looking at products that are a little thicker than your standard lash. And these individual eyelash extensions on offer from TDANCE are just that.

With a thickness of 0.18mm, these lashes will get you noticed in no time at all. The C Curl gives them a natural shape, while the Korean False Mink makes them feel fabulous. And, as well as being fantastically priced, the company also offer a 100% refund if you’re not completely satisfied.


10. Emeda 150PCS 5D Russian 07 Volume Eyelash Extension

  • Lengths in pack: 1 row x 8mm, 1 row x 9mm, 1 row x 10mm, 1 row x 11mm, 1 row x 12mm

If it’s a bargain you’re after, then you’ve hit the nail on the head here. With this Emeda eyelash extension package, you get more for your money than most others on this page. The only compromise is the quality is slightly under par in comparison.

That being said, if they weren’t decent products, then we wouldn’t be recommending them. So, you’ve got no real concerns over quality. At 0.07, they are quite thin, but they look much more natural than thick eyelash extensions.

I also found these extensions super easy to apply. They’re lightweight, knot-free and keep their curl for a good couple of weeks if you’re careful. What more could you ask for?

What to Consider When Buying Mink Individual Lashes

While on the whole mink individual lashes are quite simple products, there are still a few things to consider when making your purchase:


Curl type

When it comes to individual eyelash extensions there are 4 curl options you’re presented with. They are:

  • J – these eyelash extensions have the least amount of curl and are ideal for those who have straighter natural lashes.

  • B – these are best suited to those who want to add just a little curl to their naturally straight lashes. They’re more curly than a J curl but straighter than a C curl.

  • C – this is the most widely used curl option. It produces a flowing curl that’s similar to the effect achieved from lash curlers or a perm.

  • D and CC – these eyelash extensions are great if you’re looking for a much tighter curl. They work well with both naturally curved and short lashes and are great for creating a real voluptuous look.

  • L – these lashes were designed for those with extremely straight and downward pointing lashes. This kind of curl has a much sharper lift that helps to naturally raise the lid.



The thicker your own lashes are the easier it is to support eyelash extensions. If you’re someone who has very fine lashes you’ll be better off buying thin but long ones. The thickness of your lashes will also help to determine the look. Just remember, the thicker they are, the more dramatic the effect.



The final thing to take into consideration when buying your next set of individal mink eyelash extensions is what length you would like them. As a general rule of thumb, the extensions should never be more than twice the length of your own lashes. This will ensure maximum effectiveness and lifespan.


We hope you found the above review and information useful and are now ready to make your purchase. Just remember, the application of mink individual lashes can be tricky to begin with, so don’t be disheartened it if it takes a few attempts!