KOCOSTAR: Brand Interview


Have you ever had fruit slices on your faces as a treatment, like a slice of cucumber on your eyes? The brand Korea Cosmetic Star or KOCOSTAR may interest you. The pioneer of different kinds of masks from head to toe that you can think of. An assortment of different scents that targets all your skin and body care needs they have it all. Why go to a salon or spa to get treatments when you can just stay at the comfort of your home and have a spa day? Check out our interview with their CEO below!

1. What inspired you to create the brand?

Back in 2013, I attended a show at Bologna, Italy with basic skincare products and realized that our products wouldn’t stand a chance against the global market. As I was lost in thoughts, the phrase “Korean Cosmetic Star” popped up in my head. It was before the term “K-Beauty” began to spread, but I believed in the value and the potential of Korean cosmetics in the global market. I thought Korean cosmetics can definitely stand out in the diverse and competitive environment of global market if conditions are met. “But which product category would be the best?”, I wondered.

I thought Korean cosmetic companies make the best quality facial masks, but the category was too competitive. As I looked around the show floor, wishing to get some idea, I saw long lines forming at booths with nail care products. Then I saw that most of the people there had damaged nails – some with broken and dirty nails. Nail sticker or polish makes nails look beautiful, but only temporarily. Moreover, it harms the nails as time passes. I thought it would be great if there is a mask for nails, to make them strong and to restore natural shine.

After I got back to Korea, I began to design the nail mask. To ensure user’s convenience, we made finger wraps filled with nutrients, rather than making a jar of nail serum. It was our very first product, 5 Finger Nail Pack, and the buyers were very interested in the concept and the idea. Then I decided to focus the business on the skincare masks. It was our first step to our goal to be the global star in the world’s cosmetics market.

2. Can you tell us about the featured ingredients and the brand mission?

We don’t have specific ingredients we cling to, but we always look for and carefully select ingredients that are skin friendly.

As a global mask-specialty brand, we manufacture innovative and convenient masks for hair to feet beauty concerns. Our aim is to design masks for every part of the body, allowing DIY spa/salon quality treatments at home.

We believe everyone can be beautiful regardless their age or gender, and we hope to bring delightful skincare experiences which all family members – from grandchild to grandparents – can enjoy together without hassle.

3. What is your favorite Kocostar product and why?

I really love our Slice Mask Series and Rose Lip Mask.

Slice Mask is comprised of 12 individual fabric slices infused with the scent and the nutrients of a fruit or a flower it was designed after – a convenient and effective alternative to using raw fruits and plants. Since it’s not a whole sheet mask, you can place it on any parts of the body where you need specific treatments. Also, it allows you to have an enjoyable skincare with friends or family – which is our brand’s core value.

Rose Lip Mask is hydrogel lip patches in a beautiful lip shaped container. Its unique design received 2018 BeautyID Awards: the Package Innovation and the Gold Award from 2018 Good Design Awards. It required a lot of efforts from all our team members to bring the initial product design into reality; so I’m quite fond of the product.



4. What beauty essentials do you carry with you on a daily basis?

I believe the most important thing in beauty care is the endeavor to become beautiful, whether it is inner beauty or outward appearance. I always strive to be considerate toward others while also loving and caring for myself, because it’s the very basis of becoming a beautiful person.

5. What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is not just what is seen. Beauty is the consideration for others as well as for myself. Everyone has a different standard (and definition) of beauty, so it’s meaningless to define the ideal beauty or to evaluate the level of beauty. What’s the most important is the very effort to become beautiful. Additionally, beauty can bring joy and happiness in daily life, and also form a mutual bond between people.

6. What is your morning and evening beauty routine?

I regularly use various sheet masks. It not only enhances my skin, but keeps me up to date on rising ingredients, recent technology, and new materials of skin and body care masks.

7. What’s your best beauty tip?

1 Day, 1 Mask! Use a sheet mask a day with friends and family and enjoy the moment of happiness.

8. What’s next for Kocostar?

KOCOSTAR plans to launch the Capsule Series in 2019. We’ve already released Plump Lip Capsule Mask, a little heart-shaped capsule packed with nutrient-rich serum for dry, chapped lips.

We are currently testing Hair Capsule, Eye Capsule, and Tanning Capsule, and there are more to come! Each capsule will have a unique color and a cute design to show the bright and charming characteristics of the brand KOCOSTAR.