RAEKA: Interview with Founder Rekha Panda


Heard of Turmeric masks before? Well, Raeka created the world’s first and only turmeric peel off mask. Using high quality ingredients sourced in India with New Generation Ayurveda Technology to take your masking to a whole new level.

Raeka focuses on Ayurveda, meaning all ingredients they used in their products are plant based and proven to provide nutrients to feed, nourish, and repair ones skin. The brand was created to provide truly safe products that follow stricter regulations from around around the world.

1. What inspired you to create the brand?
One day I started creating my own skin creams and started playing with ingredients from the kitchen. I mainly pulled Indian ingredients and started incorporating some of the ingredients my grandmother had passed down to me through my mother. Turmeric was one of those magic spices that did just about everything to keep you skin glowing and healthy. Shortly, I learned that there was a lack of Ayurveda and herbal based products in the main stream beauty industry. The more research I began to conduct, the more shocking truths I found like how the American beauty standards to not regulate harmful ingredients. In fact the U.S. only bans 11 ingredients while countries like the UK and Canada ban over 1300. This inspired to be create cleaner beauty products that would also help bring unique Indian ingredients to the forefront.

2. Can you tell us about the featured ingredients and the brand mission?
Raeka provides New Generation Ayurveda skincare and features the world’s ONLY Turmeric peel-off mask and Turmeric based cleansers. Turmeric is our currently feature spice that has multiple benefits. It helps reduce dark circles, brightens, and evens skin tone by rejuvenating dull-looking skin. It’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits helps treat skin conditions like psoriasis and other sensitive skin issues, fights off acne, and also fades acne scars. In India, women also use Turmeric to protect against sun damage and aging. This golden spice is also great for balancing PH in your oil glands to hydrate and soothe dry skin.

Raeka’s mission is to bring unique and exotic ingredients from India that have been used in Ayurvedic practices to the main stream American beauty industry. We are currently working on finishing up our Turmeric line and creating Cardamom and Saffron based skincare. We strive to keep clean and quality ingredients more affordable.


3. What is your favorite Raeka product and why?
Our Golden Froth cleanser is ridiculously amazing. It’s froth texture is super smooth allowing a for a good lather. Unlike many foaming cleanser, this Turmeric based cleanser removes makeup and dirty with one wash. I personally use it 2-3 times daily. It helps keep my pores cleansed and skin glowing.

4. What beauty essentials do you carry with you on a daily basis?
I carry the Turmeric peel-off mask at all times because you never know when you need a little nose strip. I also travel a lot and a gentle peel off mask on a flight helps my face looking fresh through out the day.

5. What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty is when you can be happy, comfortable, and confident in your own skin. When you are feeling and looking optimal, you are able to love beyond yourself and give back to others. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and being able to share a part of yourself allows you to make a difference or change the world.

6. What is your morning and evening beauty routine?
The first thing I do in the morning is cleanse my face and then hydrate with our newest 24k Gold & Manuka Honey anti-aging serum. You can mix it into any cream so sometimes; I mix it with sunscreen and apply it to my face and neck.

For me, skincare is all about keeping it simple so i usually repeat my routine from the morning. However, once a week I use the RAEKA Turmeric mask to unclog my pores and allow my skin to naturally rejuvenate.


7. What’s your best beauty tip?
Keep your skincare simple. Applying to many products can actually irritate your skin and cause various skin conditions.
Always moisturize. The reason that many people think they have oily skin is because their skin is actually thirsty and the lack of hydration causes oil glands to over produce. Moisturizing daily will eventually cause the glands to neutralize.

8. What’s next for Raeka?
This summer, we will be finishing our Turmeric line with a moisturizer and glow facial oil. Raeka plans to continuously introduce new and exceptional ingredients. We hope to soon partner with big retailers to provide New Generation Ayurveda skincare making it more easily accessible to everyone.