MIYU Beauty: Interview with CEO and Founder Connie Tai


MIYU Beauty is the first wellness beauty brand to pair luxury, botanically-active skincare + premium, antioxidant-rich teas for youthful-looking skin with lasting results. Before this brand was born, Connie Tai was developing beauty products for a skincare company that greatly affected her own health. Connie created MIYU Beauty for people like herself, who wants a high-performance, all-encompassing beauty regimen that harnesses the highest quality naturals, while avoiding unwanted chemicals. All her products were created to keep someone healthy inside and out. Inspired by ancient Chinese beauty wisdom to reveal one’s inner glow.

1. What inspired you to create MIYU?

While living in NYC and developing beauty products for another skincare company, I suddenly developed severe skin allergies due to an unfortunate combination of stress, pollution, subpar dietary habits and testing too many beauty products. Despite having access to some of the best products in the industry, nothing was working to calm my skin. I turned to my father, an esteemed scientist in herbal medicine for help, quickly discovering that the key to returning my skin to a healthy state is to treat it from within. With that in mind, I decided to try formulating skincare and blending teas that combined Traditional Chinese Medicine, clean beauty and modern science, for a revolutionary inside out approach. The resulting products and teas not only cleared up my skin, but set me on a whole new path.

I created MIYU for others like myself that want a holistic, no compromise approach to beauty – consisting of antioxidant-rich beauty teas that are healthy, yet indulgent and age-defying skincare that is gentle, yet effective.

2. Can you tell us about the featured ingredients and the brand mission?

Yes, we have a botanical trifecta that forms the foundation for all of MIYU’s skincare, made up of white peony, green tea and pearl. It’s a powerful healing complex that combines 3,000 years of Asian beauty wisdom with the latest biotechnology to benefit the skin in 3 ways:

Soothes skin-aging inflammation

Activates youth-promoting cells

Rebuilds skin’s resilience

Our brand mission: To create revolutionary products that transform beauty into a lifestyle.

3. What is your favorite MIYU product and why?

My favourite MIYU product is our Hydrate MI Beauty Essence. It’s versatile, effortless and lightweight, yet is packed with super hydrators and youth-promoting botanicals. In the summer and when I travel to humid locales, I can use it without layering a moisturizer on top. It’s heavenly.

4. What beauty essentials do you carry with you on a daily basis?

Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence (travel size), lip balm (preferably with a bit of a tint), concealer and hand cream.

5. What does beauty mean to you?

To me, beauty is beyond skin deep. Beauty is not limited to the topical products you layer on your skin or makeovers at the surface level, but extends to holistic self-care. It also encompasses emotional well-being. Only when you nurture both your physical and emotional self, can true beauty be unwavering and authentic.

6. What is your morning and evening beauty routine?

In the morning, I cleanse with a gentle cream cleanser, mist my Hydrate MI Beauty Essence, and follow with a day cream that has a minimum of SPF 15. In the evening, I wipe off makeup with a micellar cleanser, cleanse with a cream cleanser, mist my Hydrate MI Beauty Essence, massage a couple drops of face oil on patchy/parched areas on my face, and follow with a nutrient-dense night cream. I also like to relax in the evening with a hot cup of caffeine-free tea like our De-stress MI Beauty Tea.

7. What’s your best beauty tip?

Don’t forget about taking care of your internal health first, if you want great skin. Remember, your skin is a mirror of your lifestyle! And most importantly, smile! Nothing is more beautiful than self-confidence.

8. What’s next for MIYU?

We are working on expanding our line of skincare and teas, to create a complete beauty ritual for our clients. It is important to us, that they can rely on MIYU to keep their skin radiant, fresh and glowing, from morning to night.