BABE LASH: Interview with Brand Manager Ginny Naylor



Get ready to feed your lashes with the nutrients it needs because Babe Lash products is going to deliver. Your eyelashes are the window to the eyes and deserve only the best products you can give them. Babe Lash’s award winning serum enhances the appearance of longer, fuller lashes. They uses peptides which provides significant anti-aging benefits which is why thousands of women are loving their products. With easy to apply hassle free serum there’s no reason not to love having beautiful, fuller, and longer lashes!

1. What inspired you to create the brand?

“Babe” originally began with Babe Hair Extensions and as the company grew we decided to expand into lash products and cosmetics.  
2. Can you tell us about the featured ingredients and the brand mission?

We use peptides in all of our products in high concentrations and consider them performance cosmetics. 

3. What is your favorite Babe Lash product and why?The Essential Serum is my favorite Babe Lash product because it’s such a performer.  There’s nothing like enjoying a product you’ve invested in by seeing it do what it says it does after consistent application.

4. What beauty essentials do you carry with you on a daily basis?

Always a good hand cream!

Urban Decay Comfort Matte Lipstick in “Criminal” 

A hair tie

At home: AG Simply Dry Shampoo

5. What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means confidence and is a celebration of creativity, personal expression and diversity. 

6. What is your morning and evening beauty routine?

Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, makeup!

7. What’s your best beauty tip?

A sprinkling of botox

Deep condition your hair  

Floss your teeth daily

8. What’s next for Babe Lash?

More beauty boxes, collaboration with influencers and direct to consumer sales.