STICK-AMIS: Interview with Creative Director Christel Chaunsumlit


Love taking selfies but you can’t find the right angle and you need extra help but no one is around? Well STICK-AMIS is the answer. STICK-AMIS is a phone sticker that allow customers to have complete hands-free usage of their devices. Perfect for group shots and selfies on the first click. Just stick on any surface without any worry, no matter the size of the gadget STICK-AMIS will perform. The promise of 1000+ sticks that won’t ruin anyone’s fun. Forget the bulky selfie-stick, STICK-AMIS is the most versatile and convenient way to go.

1. What inspired you to create STICK-AMIS™ ?

STICK-AMIS™ were inspired to solve the problem of having to take numerous bad selfies before getting the perfect shot. As STICK-AMIS™ enable hands-free use of your phone and tablet, the perfect selfie(s) can be taken often on the first click!

Like many people, I was always trying to capture great moments….which isn’t always easy to do without a selfie-stick (bulky and awkward), pop-socket (limited range) or a tripod. STICK-AMIS™ actually replaces these, without the need for special case sizes. Yay!

2. Can you tell us about the brand mission?

Our mission is to maximize everyone’s use of their phone and tablet. With STICK-AMIS™ your device possibilities are heightened!

Imagine using FaceTime, whatsapp or watching movies on your phone/tablet without having to hold? Following a youtube make-up tutorial is now 10x easier. And in some cases you can replace your tripod and videographer with a STICK-AMIS™ on your phone.

3. What is your favorite STICK-AMIS™ product and why?

My favorite STICK-AMIS™ are the private label versions with customized logos and prints. These are a great way to promote your organization or event. A bride and groom recently personalized their own STICK-AMIS™ for their wedding. It was the perfect wedding swag for all their guests!

4. What beauty essentials do you carry with you on a daily basis?

My make-up bag is simple…pressed powder, lipgloss and concealer. Oh and a toothbrush and toothpaste if that counts as well.

5. What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty for me is having a sense of confidence and positive energy. Beauty products can help enhance beauty aesthetically, but exuding positive energy is what I find most attractive.

6. What is your morning and evening beauty routine?
I am super ritualistic when it comes to my beauty routine. For the am, I keep it super simple–cleanse, serum and cream for skincare. For cosmetics, I focus on the brows and a touch of blush and lip gloss. As time is so precious in the morning, I do all this in less than three minutes.

For evening, I tend to pamper myself a bit more. I add to my routine—toner, eye cream, mask (3 days a week) and exfoliate (3 days a week). Plus extra whitening cream on potential dark spots (unfortunately earned in my younger days). Admittedly, it takes me longer to get ready for bed at night, then it does in the morning.

7. What’s your best beauty tip?
Start young! Like many Asians (Asian-Americans), I was taught the importance of good skincare at a very young age. I remember in elementary school my mom teaching me the importance of a good skincare routine. Fast forward many years later, my skin is thankful. And yes, my Mom looks amazing!

8. What’s next for STICK-AMIS™ ?
As a new product, people are just discovering STICK-AMIS™ and are amazed at its capabilities (lots of oohhhs and ahhhs when STICK-AMIS™ are demonstrated). Our next steps will be to continue educating customers on STICK-AMIS™ through increased digital presence, PR and tradeshows.