To create beautiful full lashes you cannot forget your bottom lashes to complete the look! Bottom lashes are equally important as your top eyelashes, therefore it’s obvious to want to balance them both out. Having false lower lashes creates depth and boosts your eye shape while your upper lashes lengthens and defines. Not only that, but they also balance out the look of your eyes creating the perfect eye shape you aspire for! Notably, you don’t have to apply a whole strip of bottom lashes as well to complete your look; individual lashes work well too.

When you’re looking for a good faux lashes it’s important to acknowledge the length and size. Whether you want a dramatic look, natural look, or an every day look make sure you check out our list to see which is best for you. We have researched and found the best bottom falsies for your eyes!

1. Different Styles & Variety

Teenitor’s anime lashes are recommended for cosplayers, but with so many choices of different lashes it’s useful for any occasion. These fake lashes include both upper and lower lashes for convenience. There are 20 different designs of lashes at an amazing price you won’t regret to try out. With so many choices and different styles you can choose from natural to dramatic in an instant. They are eyelash strips so it’s easy to apply in one go. Teenitor’s lashes are also reusable so you can change and match different styles over and over again! They are super comfortable and lightweight so it lasts all day without feeling heavy at all. The lashes are already sticky so very little eyelash glue is needed for application. They are easy to trim and design at your own pleasure as well. Don’t have tweezers to apply them? No worries, they know sometimes you may not have all the tools you need.So, they provide you with complimentary tweezers made specifically for applying falsies!

We love this brand because of how much they care about our convenience and lashes! Also, free tweezers is a plus just in case you don’t have your own!


2. Amazing Quantity and Quality

EMILYSTORES bottom eyelash extensions are rowed with different lengths of faux mink making it easy to access and use. The individual lashes are easy to stack and place on your lash line giving it the perfect length and volume. The lashes are also so natural looking, you won’t know the difference between the falsies and your real lashes! These lashes are incredibly soft and light to wear; also comes in a dull black color which gives it a more natural look. They are also easy to apply to the lash line with a little bit of glue it’s easy to place it where you want. With individual lashes like these, you can go for a dramatic or natural look depending on your event.

We love how easily you can apply these individual lashes and being able to choose the level of intensity. With so many individual lashes per order, you will hardly have to restock !


3. Great Design

ICYCHEER lower lashes are absolutely to die for! Although it’s different than most lashes it has such a unique look to it. It is a 5 pack of fiber lashes for an amazing price. For the price and how many you get it is definitely worth it. The lashes has a clear bottom lash line with a criss cross lash design. The design gives your eyes a seductive look and it’s super easy to apply. It’s perfect to use for a night out with the girls or even professional makeup. These reusable bottom eyelashes can also be easily removed as well. By using makeup remover it may be easily removed and ready to use for the next time. The lashes are super convenient and definitely are a show stopper!

The design is one of our favorite that sets it aside from other lashes. We love how full the bottom lashes are, giving you the perfect sexy and glamorous look you deserve!


4.The Girl Next Door Vibes

Tongkun’s bottom lashes are handmade and are made of the best quality synthetic fibers. They believe lashes are a must-have beauty accessory to enhance every look and are dedicated to offering the best selection for all eye shapes and makeup looks. They offer a great design and natural look for your bottom lashes. They are made 100% natural and feel incredibly soft and luxurious. Tongkun’s bottom lashes are suitable for different occasions and reusable up to 6 times. Although the length may be long for some people, they are easily adjustable to trim! They are incredibly natural looking so if you’re looking for more dramatic lashes then you should probably skip out on these!

These lashes are amazing because they are so natural looking and easy to trim. Tongkun is also a brand that is established in 2013, are expert at health management and personal care area. TONGKUN Health Care Series products are parent and certified which are designed by TONGKUN Health Management Research and Development center. They aim to give only the best to their customers. With that being said, this brand is here to stay and make you glam!


5. Easy and Basic

Ardell’s lashes are probably one of the most expensive lashes but they are so darn cute! They have a soft and feathery look to it; also supporting your upper lashes. These re usable lashes can easily be put back into their convenient packaging for reusable purposes! It’s perfect to give your eyes a more full and bashy look. It’s incredibly natural looking so people won’t even know you’re wearing falsies for your bottom lashes. Ardell is well know brand that specializes in falsies even professionals love using Ardell as well. Definitely give them a try and see why so many beauty influencers love their products!

These are one of our favorite lashes because it gives you the “girl next door” look. The bottom lashes feel so soft and luxurious. We highly recommend this one if you love looking fabulous ! Ardell is a pretty popular brand and they specialize in lashes which is why we put our lashes in their trust!