With different types of lash extension services popping up all over the metro, what is silk lashes and are they 100% real silk? First thing we need to know is that some brands market their silk lashes as 100% silk lashes, they are not. It is a synthetic based silk fibre as real silk is soft and won’t be able to hold its shape nor curl on its own. If you are the kind of person that wants a natural and classic look, silk lashes are the way to go since it is finer but with a promise of a defined eye shape.

Read on as we give you the Top 10 Best Silk Individual Lashes to help you out:

1.TDANCE Eyelash Extension

Lengths in Pack: 2 rows x 14mm, 2 rows x 15mm, 2 rows x 16mm, 2 rows x 17mm, 2 rows x 18mm, 2 rows x 19mm in one tray

Passionate and enthusiastic lash technicians created TDANCE Premium Silk Lashes promising eyelash extension products that are of high quality and standard. Lashes were created by experienced craftsmen in the industry and each that boast a deep, rich black colour and semi-matte finish. Also, all TDANCE Lashes have been double treated for amazing curl retention.

These are amazing lashes because of its thickness and sturdiness, and the lashes holds its curls very well. Even though it has characteristics like that, it is soft and light that it will not weigh your eyes down. Aside from that, there are 32 different sizes to choose from. It is also said to last for a very long time for an individual lash with a price that is very easy on the pocket.


2. BEYELIAN Ellipse Flat Silk Individual Eyelash Extensions

Lengths in Pack: 1 row x 7mm, 1 row x 8mm, 2 rows x 9mm, 2 rows x 10mm, 3 rows x 11mm, 3 rows x 12mm, 2 rows x 13mm, 1 row x 14mm, 1 row x 15mm in one tray

The brand BEYELIAN BEAUTY specializes in lash extensions and application tools with the focus on good quality products, reasonable price, great customer service and customer experience with their products. As what they say, The Magic of Eyelash: A little change will make you look better! Their variety of lashes have concave bases for easy application, softer than other lashes with the same thickness, and more.

Considered to be one of the most high quality lashes on Amazon, Bayelian lashes are incredibly soft and the retention is great. Other lashes tend to feel like the synthetic blend but these are of premium silk blend. Since they have a variety of lengths per tray, lash technicians have more options to make different lengths in one look. These are the lashes for people looking for natural, fuller looking eyelashes at an excellent price.


3. LANKIZ Eyelash Extensions

Lengths in Pack: 1 row x 8mm; 1 row x 9mm; 2 rows x 10mm; 2 rows x 11mm; 2 rows x 12mm; 2 rows x 13mm; 1 row x 14mm; 1 row x 15mm


LANKIZ eyelashes have 20 years of eyelash development and production experience compared to other lash extension brands. They are the industry leaders in both raw materials and craftsmanship on each of their products. Everything is 100% handmade. Made of premium A-class silk material making their individual lashes soft and lightweight. Good for people that wants to have their own lash extension brand because LANKIZ will do that for you and have your logo on them.

These lashes are really quite beautiful and very comparable to some high end brands. They look super matte black and it gives out a beautiful feathering effect at a very good price. It feels so soft and comfortable that it often gets mistaken as real lashes. The variety of lengths in the tray makes it easier to work with as well.


4. SRCKFIZ C Curl Eyelash Extensions

Lengths in Pack: 1 row x 8mm, 1 row x 9mm, 1 row x 10mm, 2 rows x 11mm, 2 rows x 12mm, 2 rows x 13mm, 1 row x 14mm, 1 row x 15mm in one tray


SRCKFIZ is a professional faux mink eyelash extensions manufacturer that integrates eyelash design, customization and production. Their eyelash extensions is the leader in fashion field. They love animals with a strong belief of not using real mink on their products as they believe every life is worthy of respect. SRCKFIZ provides us with the best quality Korean silk anyone could ever offer.

This particular lash style from SRCKFIZ is made from prime quality A-grade silk in Korea. It is soft, light and 100% handmade by professional workers. These individual eyelash extensions is black matte, has dramatic curls and feels the most realistic among other lashes and is considered to be the best choice for lash artists. It leaves a very natural looking, comfortable, beautiful eyelash look.


5. GEMERRY Volume Lash Extensions

Lenths in Pack: 1 row x 8mm, 1 row x 9mm, 2 rows x 10mm, 2 rows x 11mm, 2 rows x 12mm, 2 rows x 13mm, 2 rows x 14mm in one tray


GEMERRY 0.07mm pre-made volume eyelash extensions is the lash set to choose if you are the kind of person that likes to make fan extensions. It is very easy and quick to use. Their lashes are lightweight and have a stable curl; using Korean premium fiber making it very soft and light. Providing natural curls and matte black lash extensions to cater to different kinds of clients. With a tray of various extensions to choose from and great customer service, Gemerry is a great lash extension pack.

For Amazon to finally carry an eyelash extension that is easy to make in a fan is so convenient. These lashes are so easy to work with that an appointment goes by really fast. They are honestly the lightest volume lashes out in the market that you can barely feel them on at all. The most natural feeling lashes ever that looks amazing and saves everyone a lot of time.


6. SVANSLASHES Eyelash Extensions

Lengths in Pack: 1 row x 8mm, 2 rows x 9mm, 2 rows x 10mm, 2 rows x 11mm, 2 rows x 12mm, 2 rows x 13mm, 1 row x 14mm in one tray


SVANSLASHES is a Norwegian brand which provides high quality products for eyelash extensions making it a go-to lash brand for beauticians. The lashes are made from high quality Korean silk, providing everyone synthetic lashes and not real animal hair that are very soft, light, natural looking and very easy to work with. Svanslashes only promise their clients the best quality lashes the market can offer.

Considered to be the personal favorites of a lot of lash technicians because of its shape, size and natural feel of the lashes. Even clients say that the lashes feel so light that they can barely feel them on. It may be thin for some people and varieties are not enough, making it a waste to buy the whole tray. Also, the glue strip holding the lashes is sometimes hard to work with. But the lightness, softness and curl of the lashes still make it a good option for individual lashes.


7. LASHVIEW Volume Faux Eyelash Extensions

Lengths in Pack: 1 row x 8mm, 1 row x 9mm, 2 rows x 10mm, 2 rows x 11mm, 2 rows x 12mm, 2 rows x 13mm, 1 row x 14mm, 1 row x 15mm in one tray


LASHVIEW is kind of new to the eyelash game since it only went public with eyelash extension and false eyelash 5 years ago. All of their lashes are professional grade, can be purchased through wholesale or large quantities and even put your very own logo on their lashes. These eyelashes are handmade with black PBT material from Korea. Promising silk lashes that are so soft and light making it the best option for eyelash extensions.

A great last minute alternative lashes for anyone! The quality is just as good as any other brand but the price is significantly better and affordable. They apply without any complications, and are easy to fan or hold its shape. They do however need a lot of QC with their products because I feel they would ship them without checking and it causes a big problem.


8. EMEDA 5D Russian 07 Volume Eyelash Extensions

Lengths in Pack: 0.07mm, size: 8-12mm, line: 5


EMEDA gives you high quality synthetic matte lashes made from Korea. These lashes have an Antibacterial technology, Leading Premade technique, helping with the growth of your very own eyelashes making it really safe for the eyes. This is perfect for professional use, makeup salon, cosmetic school, and even personal use. They also promise to do a refund if not satisfied with their products.

These are really awesome lashes. It is very easy to apply and it looks so natural that people will not think you have any extensions on. The only downside is it is very thin, being only 0.07, but they said one can always consult them first before purchasing.


9. EMEDA Eyelash Extensions

Lengths in Pack: 8mm 9mm 10mm 11mm 12mm 13mm 14mm 15mm


EMEDA Beauty has established being an eyelash extension expert; supplying better service and high quality eyelash products to the customers. They try to meet all of their customers’ needs through constant research and development. Using approved raw materials and offer the best quality item to give everyone the full satisfaction. All of their lashes are handmade in Korea with premium fibers that absorb 100% collagen and contains antibacterial agents for safety usage.

This lash set can go both ways, it can either work for you or not. I see them as an average lash product, it doesn’t help at all that it is very difficult to remove the lashes from the tray. They are harder compared to its other counterpart like the 0.07 or 0.05. If you are the type of person that likes a softer and lightweight eyelash extension, go for their 0.07 length or lower to achieve the perfect natural looking eyelashes.


10. FABU Individual Eyelash Extensions

Lengths in Pack: 1 row x 10mm, 1 row x 11mm, 4 rows x 12mm, 3 rows x 13mm, 1 row x 14mm, 1 row x 15mm, 1 row x 16mm in one tray

FABU has all of the different types of lashes from faux mink, silicone, silk eyelash extensions, Russian Volume Handmade 3D Fans, and PBT lashes that are soft, strong and have a gorgeous, natural glossy sheen. Of course they are also hypoallergenic, very light weight and handmade too.

Lashes from this brand are lackluster compared to other brands. Not too bad or good that I barely request for them as much. Also the glue holding the lashes inside the tray are so strong that it damages the lashes when getting them. They are not as soft as I would want, but they are better compared to other lashes that were used on me.

Coming from a girl that gets eyelash extensions and fills every three weeks, silk lashes are my favorite types of lashes by far. Good brands like TDANCE will have customers coming back for fills because of how it can hold its curl for more than a week. Of course, with all lashes it depends on how a person takes care for and cleans it. Some lashes will last a person longer because of the person’s lifestyle, some will fall off in a week. The things to look out for are good lash technicians, the lashes they use, the glue they use, and the aftercare.