The Top 10 Best Wall-Mounted, Lighted Makeup Mirror


Whether you are a makeup artist or a hair dresser, you will always need a mirror. You could be a professional stylist or you could be a novice who just loves to work on their smokey eye whenever they get the chance, but a good mirror is something essential for both parties. In this article we will be exploring many of the top options when it comes to wall mounted lighted mirrors and providing a well thought out review of each. Amazon stocks and ships all of these mirrors and most of them are included in an Amazon Prime membership which ensures your mirror will get to you quickly with 2 day shipping. The faster the delivery, the faster you can begin to enjoy your luxurious new mirror.

From old Hollywood movies to current blockbusters, there are many iconic scenes where our big stars will set themselves down in front of a glorious mirror and clean up a bit. With mirrors like these, it’s not hard to bring that feeling of elegance and charm directly into your home. Wall mounted mirrors came into style around the 1940s and since then they have been considered a classic and they are still very prevalent today. Especially in dressing rooms, a huge lighted mirror mounted on the wall is pretty standard. If you’re looking for your next purchase, look no further. This list is sure to have you falling in love with one of these amazing products. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

1. Chende Vanity Mirror

Coming in at the top of this list, this white vanity mirror by Chende is absolutely gorgeous and is perfect for any set up! This wall mounted, rectangular mirror will make you feel like a movie star when you’re brushing your hair, applying your make up, or even when you’re just stopping for a quick touch up. This mirror has the mixed modern-classic style of 50’s Hollywood and features 10 LED bulbs on the frame of the mirror. These LED bulbs have a dimming feature as well as the ability to turn on and off and you can feel free to touch them as they will not be hot to the touch. Conveniently the power outlet is on the side of this mirror so that you can keep the fabulous style still use your hair drier or curling irons. The frame is a white, glossy aluminum frame with a wooden base and it comes in two styles, vertical and horizontal. If you’re looking for a beautiful wide mirror or a stunning tall mirror, this product has you set!


2. MissMii Hollywood Mirror

The MissMii wall mounted, lighted Hollywood mirror really goes above and beyond with its style, set up, and functionality. This mirror can be used in two different ways- it can be wall mounted or if you would rather have it set down somewhere it can be set upon a table top as it comes with its own stand. Hollywood elegance and grace are well displayed with this mirror with the classic professional 10 LED bulbs and sleek white aluminum. The LED bulbs come with 12 free replacements (in total) and allow the user to dim or brighten them based on their current needs or environment. This mirror is certified safe by FCC, CE, and RoHS safety standards and will never fail to please with its fantastic design. Also included in this set up are convenient side power outlets for any hair curlers or hair driers. It also has USB ports, perfect for when you need to charge your device and apply that perfect face of makeup. This mirror includes a lot of features in a classy package, what more could you wish for?


3. Chende Stainless Steel Mirror

Another from Chende, this mirror is as modern as it is classic. With 10 replaceable LED bulbs and 2 backups, this mirror is sure to light your space adequately. This mirror is stainless steel which will give you a very professional, sleek look all while keeping an air of fun with its 10 round bulbs. Whether you want your working space bright or dull, you can have it that way! These bulbs are dimmable and have the ability to turn both on and off full power. The frame is very slim leaving plenty of space for you to stretch and work from many different angles as it leaves the majority of the mirror free of obstruction. The mirror comes in both landscape and portrait form and both look equally stunning. The mirror comes with power outlets on the side so that you may plug in your tools with ease leaving your area picked up and tools easily interchangeable. This mirror is perfect for anyone seeking a mirror that is both modern and professional.


4. Ovente Wall Mounted Magnification Mirror

Sometimes, we want a small yet powerful mirror. This mirror by Ovente provides just that with its nickel brushed, oval, wall mounted mirror. This mirror is great for precision as it magnifies the image in the mirror by 10x, allowing the user to apply that perfect face of makeup right down to the tip of their winged eyeliner. This mirror is lit by battery powered LEDs which aids in providing a crystal clear picture and stunning sharpness. Located on an extending arm, this mirror is great for those that move around and may need their mirror at a different location or different angle depending on what activity they are doing. You can swivel and pull your way right into your new look as it will extend towards you and when you are done with it you can push it back and it folds back into its place against the wall. For those who are after a certain aesthetic, this mirror comes in nickel brushed, polished chrome, and antique bronze. If you’re looking for a mirror that has quality and is flexible, this is it!


5. ALVOROG Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

If you’re looking for a small yet effective mirror, this is the one for you. With 360 degree rotation and a bright yet soft built in LED light, you’re looking at the perfect makeup mirror. Designed to be compact and easily stored, this mirror is attached to your wall on an extendable arm that can swivel and turn whichever way you desire. You’ll never be searching for more light either with 15 built in LED lights that are conveniently powered by 4 AAA batteries. A great selling point about this product is the fact that it will look great no matter what environment it is in. This mirror could be used in personal bathrooms, hotel rooms, professional beauty studios, and other locations and never look out of place with its sharp design. This mirror has 5x magnification which will allow you to apply fine detail to whatever you may be working. When the magnification in this mirror is paired with the LED lights, there is no job too small and no detail will be hidden!


6. DOWRY Makeup Mirror

This mirror is a stunning 8’’ mirror with a solid black coating. It is made of brass and rubbed with an oil based bronze finish to really bring out a rustic feel. With a 360 degree swivel, there is no angle that this mirror can’t do. On top of this, it also gives 10x magnification for all those small things you may need to do. There are three wonderful tone options with the LED light which is a first on this list! You can set the LEDs to display with cool, warm, or natural white light depending on what you’re feeling like that day. The downside, or another positive depending on what you’re looking for, is that this mirror is hard wired. Meaning, there is no plug, it is hard wired directly into your electricity. This can be a good thing but can also be a hassle if you decide you need to move it frequently. Despite that, this mirror is a great addition to any home and is sure to bring about great experiences.


7. Floureon Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

Both nondescript and eye catching at the same time, the Floureon wall mounted makeup mirror is great for those without a lot of space. The mirror comes on an 11’’ extender arm and is double sided with one side being for magnification and the other being for normal viewing. It has a beautiful chrome finish and comes in a beautiful silver color- sure to match any current setup and fit right in. The LEDs in this mirror boast a 10,000 hour life span and is powered by plug. The mirror is made of brass is placed on a swiveling base so that you can get that perfect angle for every touch up or detail you want to add to your makeup. This mirror is also easy to install and comes with several complimentary screw fixings to make install even more convenient. When trying to find a great wall mirror with the flexibility and magnification of a champion there are many options. Rest assured, if you choose this one you will be getting a great deal.


8. Keonjiin AntiFog Wall Mirror

Keonjiin has come out with a wonderful, visually stunning makeup mirror that is sure to capture your eyes and your heart! This mirror has a truly spectacular white LED light with its life span coming in at around 30,000 hours. Along with the above average lighting this mirror offers a defogging layer so that when you take those hot, relaxing baths you can still depend on your mirror to give you a crystal clear image. At the bottom of the mirror in the center you will find a small adjustable button that will allow you dim or brighten your LED light at any point. This mirror is easy to install either landscape or portrait style and comes with some screw mounts to aid the process. If you are looking for a beautiful mirror that can fit any current set up that also offers an energy saving option, this is definitely the one to choose!


9. Hamilton Hills Makeup Mirror

Moving back into the world of rectangular makeup mirrors, we encounter the Hamilton Hills wall mounted makeup mirror next on our list. This stunning mirror can be installed in landscape fashion and both provide a beautiful picture. It is an LED backlit mirror that has an option for natural light to avoid the harshness that fluorescent bulbs tend to bring. The LED light is dimmable to suit your needs for brightness and darkness. The mirror features a frosted section that prevents fingerprints and has a silver edged trim giving it an air of elegance. This mirror is built to work with a wall switch and is easily installed. It has a silver plated backing and the electrical aspects of the mirror has many options as it is designed to work as a plug but can also be hard wired directly into your home electricity. When it comes to style, this mirror definitely is a win with its beautiful architecture and safety ratings.


10. Simplehuman Makeup Mirror

First on our list we have the Simplehuman sensor lighted makeup mirror. This mirror is circular, wall mounted, and attached to telescopic swing arm to provide coverage from many angles. One very interesting piece in this product is the sensor included. The sensor allows the mirror to be able to tell when you walk up and it will know when you walk away and will use that information to turn the LED light on and off accordingly. The LED light in this mirror simulates natural sunlight so that you can be sure that you are seeing your makeup in the best light. The LED light can be used for up to 5 weeks without needing a charge or it can be used with a cord. To help with the viewing of your makeup and to make sure that you are able to notice every small detail this mirror has a 5x magnification surface to provide a close up look. For such a compact mirror, it offers a lot of functionality and looks great too!