Best 9 Eyelash Extensions Kit


When looking to change up your look, there are a lot of options. You could be looking to expand upon your current fashion style or you could be searching for that new perfect face of makeup. Either way you could spend hours pouring over articles, websites, and other sources for any hints on where to begin or what products are best for you. A new face of makeup is a great way to spice things up and the goal of this article is to demystify the searching process a little bit. There are so many great companies out there offering amazing items and getting past the constant ads to fully investigate the products provided is what we have done.

Specifically, we have made looking for that perfect eyelash extension kit a walk in the park. Someone’s eyes can tell a lot about them so it’s important for the eyes to look their best. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara can do a lot but can also only do so much, one’s eyelashes really draw a lot of attention. Whether you have a flair for the dramatic or would rather give off a conservative yet flirty look, your eyelashes will draw your look together and tell a story of their own. With that said, you will find that the products mentioned in this post are very versatile and great for playing around with various styles. Even for the professional makeup artists out there that know everything there is to know about eyelashes, this article will still intrigue you. Let’s begin!

1. OULVNUO Eyelash Extension Kit

This eyelash extension kit offers so much more than just a few tools. This 19 piece set includes quality and tested tools, perfect for beginners and advanced users. With the provided tools you can have fun while you practice applying eyelashes for the first time or the twentieth time. This set comes with cotton swabs, an eyelash comb, grafting ring, gasket, tape, a mannequin head, two forms of tweezers, false eyelashes, scissors, drying materials, a makeup bag, glue remover, eyelash cleaner, and more. The mannequin head has human-like texture and is perfect for practicing your techniques on again and again. As a bonus, the mannequin head has an area on the back that allows you to conveniently attach it to a holder or clamp, allowing you complete control over your practice environment. You will be taught how to apply eyelashes, increase volume, and more by using this set. Whether you use it yourself or give it to a friend or relative as a gift, this set will not fail you!


2. OULVNUO Eyelash Grafting Set

With this eyelash extension kit you have a great level of convenience. On top of all of the tools provided (which will be listed in a moment), you get a beautiful makeup bag in order to carry around your set to wherever you decide to apply your eyelashes. This makes it easy to tote around your work station making any place the perfect spot to add some style to your look! This set is another great deal with 22 different pieces included in it. In this set you will receive a dual-use eyebrow comb, 5 mini eyelash combs, a makeup bag, a forehead sticker, a glue ring holder, disposable cotton balls, 2 tweezers, flue stickers, eye stickers, many different eyelashes, eye stickers, drying supplies, eyelash cleaner, eyelash glue and remover, tape, and finally scissors. Even if you haven’t applied eyelashes before, this kit makes it very easy to learn and provides every tool you may need. For both beginners and advanced users, this eyelash set is a wonderful option for personal use and even gifts for friends and family.


3. OMP Eyelash Artist Kit

If you are a beginner, this set is made specifically with you and your needs in mind. OMP has designed this kit to walk beginning makeup artists through the process of working with and applying eyelashes. However, even if you are a seasoned makeup artist, I do believe you will find this kit very enjoyable. This kit includes several black false eyelashes in different sizes, collagen eyelashes under patch pads, disposable mascara wands, 10 micro brushes in random colors, 5 glue rings, eyelash glue, eyelash tape, 2 dual-use eyelash and eyebrow brushes, 2 pairs of tweezers (straight and curved), a fashion paper bag, eyelash remover, and 5 pairs of false eyelash strips for practice. This set includes so many different helpful tools that it’s hard to pass this product up. While it may not have as many objects as some of the bigger sets, you will find you are lacking very little. Everything you may need in order to learn how to apply eyelashes are included in this wonderful set.


4. Mcwdoit Eyelash Kit

The Mcwdoit eyelash extension kit is a great option and wonderful deal when looking for a way to break into the eyelash extension world. Even for beginners, this kit is set up in a way that will easily allow you to apply your first set of eyelashes either on yourself or on the mannequin head that is provided with the kit. Although, for those advanced users out there, this is still an amazing kit to invest in based on the amount of supplies you get alone. This kit includes a mannequin head, 100 disposable mascara wands, 100 glue rings, 1 tube of eyelash glue for the mannequin head, 1 tube of lash glue remover, 4 sets of precision tweezers, eyelash tape, self-adhesive practice eyelashes, drying supplies, under eye patches, a forehead sticker, and an eyelash applicator wand. The mannequin head provided simulates human skin with its realistic texture for any practice runs you need! For any level of experience and no matter if you’re planning to do this professionally or for yourself, this kit is a great starter.


5. Zinnor Professional Eyelash Tools

Zinnor has produced a wonderful product this time and it is great for anyone looking to learn, practice, or apply eyelash extensions! With such a wonderful spread of products included, it’s a bargain! This professional kit includes a mannequin head, 7 pairs of digital eye stickers, 5 pairs of eyelashes, 1 box of eyelashes of random length, disposable cotton balls, 2 pairs of tweezers, a mini eyelash brush, tape, glue ring holder, a jade gasket, and a convenient makeup bag to tote all of your new supplies around in! The mannequin head is built with practicing in mind and simulates the texture of human skin which allows you to get a real feel of how applying will work. The mannequin can be easily fixed on a holder or clamp also for hand free application. The number of eyelashes provided will allow you more than enough for daily practice and casual use, an important factor when deciding which kit to buy. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a nice beginner kit, this is the one for you!


6. Asixx Professional Training Kit

This kit is better for consumers looking more for a new set of supplies rather than a beginner. However, that said, beginners can still buy this kit and fully enjoy it. The Asixx Professional Training Kit is very nice and comes with a mannequin head for those who may not have one already for practice. This kit includes cotton swabs, 2 eyelash combs, a gasket, a roll of tape, a randomly colored bag for all of your supplies, a mannequin head, 2 sets of tweezers, and isolation paper. Like the other mannequin heads in this post, this mannequin head has a texture that simulates human skin which allows convenient, easy practice. There is a hole located on the back of the mannequin head that will allow you to easily clamp or affix your mannequin head in any location. A unique piece of this set is the isolation paper. The isolation paper is a tool that can be used to learn eyelash isolation and learn it quickly. If you’re a beginner looking to break into the world of eyelashes, this is the kit for you.


7. TBPHP Eyelash Set

This set is very similar to another set listed but contains different items. Because of the difference, it is noteworthy to add and is a great addition to anyone’s makeup set. If you’re looking for a buy one get all kind of product you will definitely find that with this product. It includes a mannequin head, digital eye stickers, false eyelashes, tape, forceps, pliers, disposable cotton balls, 2 eyelash combs, an eyelash glue holder, 2 glue holder rings, and an easily transportable bag to contain it all in. Whether you’re a cosmetology student or a beginning makeup artist, you will find everything you need here. Like most other sets, the mannequin head provides a realistic feel and simulates the texture of human skin allowing for the most accurate application experience. The eyelash holder is lightweight and the bag that is included with the set is small enough to be portable but big enough to house everything. So, be it that you’re an advanced user, an intermediate user, or a novice, this is a great set for both practice and everyday use.


8. Mybeautyeyes Extension Set

This product by Mybeautyeyes is as beautiful as it is practical. The packaging for this set is elegant yet playful and inside we have some wonderful products. This set includes a bottle of eyelash extension glue, some glam lash primer, a bottle of glam gel remover, and some lint free under eye masks. So, while this set doesn’t include any actual eyelashes to use or practice with, it is still very useful for both beginners and experts. The glue has a 1 to 4 second curing time making it super fast and very convenient to use. Also, it has a long application span of 7-8 weeks, making it one of the best eyelash glues available. This product is bought frequently by eyelash professionals and commonly by beginners who need their initial rush of supplies. Buying all of the products in one set is very convenient and it allows you to save some money at the same time. Score! So, if you already have those perfect pairs of eyelashes picked out, do yourself a favor and buy this kit for application, you won’t regret it.


9. Dragon Training Set

While the other sets in this list may have more items than this one does, this set is still a great product. This set include one mannequin head for you to practice with, a set of straight tweezers, a set of curved tweezers, a silicone eyelash extension pad, 2 ring holders, 2 eyelash combs, 3 boxes of eyelashes in various sizes (8mm, 10mm, 12mm), and eyelash extension tape. The mannequin head included simulates human skin and this set is designed with training beginners in mind. So even if you’ve never picked up an eyelash comb, in no time you could be an expert in the art of eyelash extension. All it takes is this product and some determination! This product is not only great for self use, it is also a very great gift for friends and family, your resident cosmetologist, and more. This set is simple and easy to use and there are directions both included and online that will walk you through the process of getting those popping new eyelashes!