The Best 10 Acrylic Eyelash Extensions


You won’t offend someone wearing acrylic eyelash extensions if you point out the fact that they are fake. The Betty Boop look is what they are going for! Most beauty accessories like fake nails and eyelashes are made to look real and natural. Acrylic eyelash extensions on the other hand, are not.

When you wear acrylic or synthetic eyelash extensions it is to make a bold statement. They are meant to make your eyes look extraordinary. You can even find a whole class of acrylic eyelash extensions for Halloween that are glittered and made of different colors. Still, acrylic eyelash extensions don’t have to look cartoonish – they can actually make you look glamorous and chic.

There are three main categories of eyelash extensions. They come in mink (or synthetic mink), silk (or synthetic silk), and acrylic, which are totally synthetic. You can even find human eyelash extensions but those, like true mink and silk are at the higher end of the cost spectrum.

One of the pluses to acrylic eyelash extensions is that they are the strongest. You can keep them on for a month without having to change them and mascara is unnecessary when wearing them. You’ll also spend less money for acrylic eyelash extensions than you will for the others.

If you want to have people saying, ‘I remember seeing you that one time at that one thing…’ after you unveil your stunning smoky eyes at a gala event, try using acrylic eyelash extensions to really give your eyes some zing – here are 10 of the best around!

1. Create Your Own Volume Acrylic Eyelash Extension:

Volume Lash Extensions 2D 4D 5D 6D~10D Cluster Lashes D Curl 0.07mm 16mm Knot Free Individual Eyelashes 7D 8D Professional Flare Lashes

Perhaps the biggest drawback to wearing acrylic eyelash extensions is that you typically sacrifice some comfort over fashion. Because they are thicker they tend to be heavier. You could end up looking like the sad clown at the end of a night of hard partying with your big heavy eyelashes sagging.

That’s why we picked the Volume Lash Extensions from Fadlash. These versatile lashes come in different volumes from 2-D to 6-D and sizes from 8 – 14mm so that you can mix and match until you get it exactly right for you. The extra .07mm curl gives you added drama.

Unlike acrylic lashes of old, these are made from fine synthetic fibers to feel more natural. They are soft so that they look more natural and you get a deeper curl at the end of each lash.


2. Super Soft Synthetic Eyelash Extensions:

MAGEFY 10 Pairs Fake Eyelashes Reusable 3D Handmade False Eyelashes Set for Natural Look with False Lashes Applicator-10 Styles

The first time you try eyelash extensions can be a little disconcerting – kind of like putting in contacts for the first time. For that reason, we choose the 3-D Handmade Reusable False Lashes from Magefy. These lashes are made using a special hypoallergenic band that makes them easy to install.

In one pack you get 10 different styles of eyelashes to fit all occasions. Since they are 3-D, you get much more depth with each set of eyelashes but because they are made from ultra-lightweight fibers, they feel just like your own natural lashes – only hotter!

Although the lashes themselves are easy to apply, this set comes with a free extension applicator. On top of that, if you follow the instructions for removing these lashes, they are reusable, so you can make them last even longer.


3. Betty Boop Style Acrylic Eyelash Extensions:

Wleec Beauty Full Thick False Eyelash Pack Handmade Eyelashes Set Long Strip Lashes #36 (15 Pairs/3 Pack)

Talk about the Betty Boop look, we love the Thick False Handmade Eyelashes Set from Wleec Beauty because they are unabashedly fake! They are big, thick, and dark to go really big with the big eyes look. Handcrafted, they retain all of the character of traditional acrylic eyelash extensions except for the heft – which is a good thing!

Made with premium synthetic fibers, these gorgeous fakes are super soft and lightweight. They are also flexible, allowing you to easily bend and shift them to your desired style. These are the perfect lashes if you are going for that smoky look.

With each pack you get three sets of five eyelash extension pairs for fifteen in total. For special nights out on the town, these eyelash extensions are perfect whether you are going for the ‘whoa’ factor or the ‘wow’ factor!


4. Glue-Free Magnetic 3-D Eyelash Extensions:

VASSOUL Dual Magnetic Eyelashes 0.2mm Ultra Thin Magnet Lightweight Easy To Wear Best 3D Reusable Eyelashes Extensions

Fumbling around with glues and applicators can be one of the most frustrating parts of installing your own eyelash extensions. That problem is solved by products like the Magnetic 3-D Reusable Eyelash Extensions from Vassoul. You don’t need any glue, no tapes, just an easy to use applicator that comes with this set.

Despite being thick and long these synthetic lashes are made of high quality fibers that make them both full and lightweight at the same time. Instead of glue, the magnetic band ensures that your eyelashes snap right into place and stay there.

Best of all, depending on the kind of care that you give these extensions, you can use them over and over again. Simply wipe them down with wet wipes to clean off makeup and eye gunk and they are good as new!


5. Ultra Lightweight Magnetic 3-D Eyelash Extensions:

DIOVERDE Magnetic Eyelashes 3D Ultra Thin Upgraded Fiber & Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes for 2019 Magnetic Eyelashes Nature

Just because you want the pizzazz of acrylic eyelash extensions doesn’t mean you have to look like a cartoon character. The Ultra Thin Magnetic 3-D Eyelashes from Dioverde are made to look naturally incredible. Some people are born with really long, thick, curly, black eyelashes – who says you aren’t one of them?

Using the latest in magnetic eyelash extension technology, you get a full set of intensifying eyelash extensions that are gentle on your eyes. In addition to replacing the irritating glues with magnets, the lashes themselves are made of high grade synthetic fibers to make them comfortable to wear.

Each pack includes 12 sets of dual magnetic eyelashes that stay securely in place. Plus, because they are reusable, you get as much life out of these babies as you want as long as you take good care of them!


6. Eye-Popping Thick Black Acrylic Eyelash Extensions:

Polytree 5 Pairs Black Long Thick Eyelashes Fake Cross Makeup Eye Lash Extension

Traditionally speaking, the Fake Cross Makeup Eye Lash Extensions from Polytree are quintessentially acrylic eyelash extensions; the kind that are obviously fake. Actually, unlike most modern acrylic lashes, these are straight up made of 100% plastic – so yeah, they look and feel fake.

But that means they are super sturdy and whoa Nelly do they get attention! Not only are they thick and black they are also super long – a full 1.6cm. When you want fake eyelashes either to scare trick or treaters as Elvira or you want to pull off the runway model look at a party, these are the ones you need!

One really good thing about these lashes is they are considered makeup themselves. You don’t need to muck them up with eyeliner or mascara – the glitz and glam are built into these puppies!


7. Handmade Professional Grade Acrylic Eyelash Extensions:

ICYCHEER Thick 5 Pairs Makeup Natural False Eyelashes Eye Lash Long Black Handmade Soft

Say you were born with eyelashes you need a magnifying glass to see but you want to do something about it. If you really want to make a splash, you can’t go wrong with the Long Handmade Makeup Eyelashes from Icycheer. These falsies are made for times when you want to stand out.

They are not magnetic and they don’t use an adhesive band. You will have to apply them with eyelash extension glue which is NOT included with these eyelashes. So maybe this is the quick fix if you have all of the other accessories you need but just need to replace your lashes?

You get five pairs of lashes in each pack and they are completely reusable. All you need is a simple makeup remover to take them off, clean them up, and then use them again for your next night out!


8. Flexible Reusable 3D Eyelash Extensions:

JIMIRE False Eyelashes 3D Lashes Pack Fluffy Long Lashes Reusable Eyelashes 3 Pairs

Part of the struggle with getting the look just right when using eyelash extensions is getting them to fit comfortably on top of your natural lashes. One of the reasons why we like the 3-D Reusable Eyelashes from Jimire is because the hypoallergenic band is both sturdy and flexible at the same time.

Even though they are made of plastic, they have been blended with synthetic fibers to make them as lightweight and soft as possible. You still get the glamorous look with this thick set of fluffy long eyelash extensions while maintaining a natural feel.

You don’t need any glue for these. The sticky band ensures they stay in place. Plus they are reusable. They come off easily and leave no gooey residue on your eyelids from the band. Each box comes with 3 pairs of 3-D eyelash extensions.


9. Newest Magnetic Design 3-D Eyelash Extensions:

DIOVERDE 8 PCS Upgraded Three Magnetic Eyelashes, Best Magnetic Eyelashes, Ultra Thin Magnetic Eyelashes, Upgraded Fiber and Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes, Best 3D Magnetic Eyelashes for 2019

Everyone is switching to magnetic eyelash bands now. It helps to prevent eye irritation from glues and other adhesives. We thought we would include one of the newest styles of magnetic eyelash extensions on our list – the 8 Piece Ultra Thin Magnetic Eyelashes from Dioverde.

First of all, you get the upscale look of these voluminous 3-D premium acrylic eyelash extensions. Additionally you get eyelash extensions made with the latest in magnetic eyelash technology. Using the highest grade of synthetic fibers, you enjoy a lighter, natural feel with these lashes.

Whether you are attending a wedding where you will have to look your best in a ton of photos or you just want to look good for work, you can wear these lashes everyday without irritating your eyes. For comfort and style, these are top quality eyelash extensions.


10. Softest Acrylic Eyelash Extensions:

Magnetic lashes 3 Magnets Natural Full Eye Triple Magnetic Eyelashes Ultra Thin Magnet Lashes (2 Packs)

Last on our list are the Triple Magnetic Eyelashes from Asukala. These honeys make the list because they go overboard to try to make traditional, thick, heavy, acrylic eyelash extensions as soft, comfortable, and natural as possible.

Super soft synthetic fibers are blended together to make dazzling long lashes that actually look real. One of the things we love the most about this set is that you get the best of both worlds. If you want the Betty Boop look, half of the tray is made up of big, full extensions for party night while the other half gives you the option of a more natural look.

Using dual magnets, you don’t have to worry about your eyelashes sliding off at the most embarrassing moment. Instead of glues that can be unreliable or irritating, strong magnets give you the confidence and comfort of fancy long fake lashes that look like your own!


Best Accessories for Acrylic Eyelash Extensions

Before you go, there are certain items that every owner of acrylic eyelash extensions needs. In order to keep your reusable lashes in-tact when you aren’t wearing them and in place when you are, we found three of the best accessories to go with your new eyelash extensions.


1. Lash and Brow Adhesive: Cardani LATEX FREE Secure Hold Glue False Eyelash Eyebrow Adhesive

Maybe the adhesive strip on your reusable lashes is giving out or you don’t like the glue that came with your set. No worries! The Latex Free Secure Hold Glue from Cardani is the answer. This glue is made to be gentle and is free of all of the chemicals that cause irritation like sulfate, gluten, and BPA. At the same time, you get a strong hold that keeps your lashes (or your eyebrow extensions) in place all day long.


2. Lid and Lash Cleanser: Infinit Clean Foaming Eyelid and Lash Cleanser – Lash Primer for Individual Eyelash Extension Adhesive – Removes Oil and Protein From The Natural Lash – Improves Retention of Semi Permanent Lashes

If you decided on reusable eyelashes, you are going to want a good cleanser too. Of course, many can be cleaned with a wet nap but if you really want to make your lashes last longer, something like the Clean Foaming Eyelid and Lash Cleanser from Infinit is what you need. It gently removes oil, dirt, and makeup from your eyelids and your eyelash extensions. Simply add a drop of the cleanser to the brush applicator that is included and voila, your lashes and your lids are good as new!


3. Sparkly Lash and Makeup Storage Box: 10 Layers Eyelash Storage Box, Makeup Display Container, Eyelashes Holder Case Grafting, Eyelash Box Extension Tool(03#)

Finally, if you want your lashes to last and last, you need some place to store them safely. We pick the 10 Layer Eyelash Storage Box from Salmue. This ergonomic box is big and serves multiple purposes. You can keep your eye pencils, mascara, eye shadow, and other makeup in the same place as your eyelash extensions. Plus you have plenty of space to store a variety of extension styles with 10 different layers for your eyelashes.