Best Brush On Fiber Extensions


Fake eyelashes make women look beautiful, exotic and elegant. This is why they are so popular. Unfortunately, they can be quite difficult to deal with, especially if you put on your lashes each morning. Working with an unsteady hand and glue is simply unrealistic.

The new brush-on and fiber eyelash extensions, however, have come to revolutionize the market. These are semi-permanent eyelash extensions that give you the same elegant look, but with less work, and no glue at all.

Now, that may sound too good to be true, but, the no glue fiber brush-on eyelashes are the latest trend and almost everyone wants them. This is because they deliver a natural look in a few seconds, and the best part is that they are made of high-quality ingredients, which can last you for days. This means that you do not need to keep putting on your eyelashes on a daily basis.

When you want to take them off, they come off easily, with some soap, warm water, and a cotton ball. They make the entire process to be less messy, and no fuss. Of course, the fact that there is no glue to deal with is a big plus.

These eyelashes are safe to use as they do not contain any harmful ingredients. The fibers are non-toxic and suitable to women that have sensitive eyes, or women that wear contact lenses.

The procedure of using the no glue eyelashes is also very easy, and you simply need to moisten your natural eyelashes, then using the fiber wand, you simply brush on the lashes into place.

1. Cherry Blooms Eyelash Extensions Brush on Fiber Lashes

This is one of the best products in the market today. The eyelash extensions are made of a high-grade fiber that is original and formulated in Korea.

It is a lightweight product, which doesn’t flake when applied on properly, and in addition, it is very comfortable. It doesn’t use any harsh glues, and in addition, the lashes are made of non-toxic materials that will not cause irritation to the eyes.

It is water resistant and smudges free. If you wear eyelashes often, then you will understand how great this point is. It means that you can cry, you can swim, and even shower while still wearing the eyelashes, as compared to having to remove them, all the time to deal with water-related issues.

The transplanting gel is also made of high-quality beeswax that makes the fibers extra comfortable.

Conclusion – The cherry blooms eyelash extensions are hands down! The best you shall find. They may be a bit pricey, but they are well worth their price


2. Farochy Magnetic Eyelashes

These eyelashes have dual magnets which are very strong and ultra-thin. They stay tight and gentle all day long, till you are ready to remove them. The set comes with at least 6 eyelashes that you can use for a very long time.

They are natural and irritation free because they are made of a grade A fiber material that is soft and long enough for your eyes. They are also perfect for people who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes and skin.

The magnet technique is the newest in the market and it creates the most glamorous look with a 3D look that everyone will love and appreciate.

It is also a universal fit, which means that you do not need to keep looking for your size, as one size fits all.

One thing you will love about these eyelashes is that they are made of 100% magnetic material, which means that you can be able to clean them and reuse them.

Removal is also easy, all you need are tweezers.

Conclusion: These magnetic eyelashes make you feel great and elegant. It doesn’t hurt that they are made of 100% magnetic material, which makes them easy to use, and remember you can re-use them which is what every woman wants to hear. We highly recommend them.


3. NICPAY Natural Full Eye Magnetic Fake Lashes

These eyelashes from NICPAY are natural, lightweight and also handmade. They are made of a natural and premium synthetic fiber that is ultra-thin, comfortable and very soft. You will not even feel like you have fake eyelashes on.

After wearing them, your eyes will look more attractive and elegant, which will totally change your overall look.

They come in 2 different styles – the half-eyelid natural style and the full-eyelid or the party style. They, therefore, come in 2 pairs of 8 eyelashes each, for you to make your choice on which one to use whenever you want to.

When you compare the magnetic lashes to the other fake eyelashes, you will realize that these particular lashes give you more flexibility and in addition, they are super comfortable and easy to use.

There are no adhesives or messy glues to deal with, and in just a few seconds, you are able to apply the lashes on your eyes, plus, you do not have to worry about being late for work or a party, and the magnetic force will secure the lashes in place for the duration of time you want to have them on.

These lashes are re-usable, and you can have them for a very long time.

Conclusion: NICPAY offers you nothing but elegance, and this product speaks for itself. It comes highly recommended by users because it is in a class of its own.


4. DAODER Fake Magnetic Eyelashes

If you are looking for a glamorous fake eyelash look, then the DAODER fake eyelashes will do just that for you. They are long and thin, and they give you a very bright look that enhances your appeal and makes you the center of attention.

They are extremely comfortable and re-usable, plus you can use them for going out for parties at night, or for all day in the office. This is because they are very easy to wear, and due to their design and lightweight nature, you will rarely feel like you have any lashes on.

They are very easy to apply and remove, plus they do not have the messy glue experience. The magnetism makes them easy to use, and you are assured of never being late for work, or a special occasion.

They are extremely reliable, and the seller even offers a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the look. This shows confidence in the product.

Conclusion: These eyelashes come highly recommended and they work great on anyone that wants to look and feel great about themselves. We recommend them too.


5. BEPHOLAN Synthetic Fiber Material – False Eyelashes

These are high-quality 3D eyelashes that are made of a thin fiber material that is extremely soft and super comfortable to wear. You will not even realize you have eyelashes on. That is how comfortable they really are.

Their thickness measures 0.07mm and they feel almost human. They are highly suitable for special use, especially weddings, professional photo shoots, and even night outs. This is because they can stick on for long periods of time, and they are extremely natural looking.

They come with a lifetime warranty and a money back guarantee which ensures that you can use them confidently as they are backed by the manufacturer 100%.

Their 3D effect provides a seamless blend on your eyes, which will make them look bigger and natural, just like your real eyelashes. No one can even be able to tell that you have some fake lashes on.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a natural look and one that is long-lasting and perfect for professional events, then look no further. This is a product with one of the best customer feedback and proves to work with excellent results.


6. POZILAN Magnetic False Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes mean no glue needed, and this is one of the reasons why most people opt for these particular types. They are easy to use and perfect for long periods of time.

The POZILAN fake eyelashes have a nip clipper that is made of stainless steel, which is a great addition as it allows you to apply the eyelashes much faster. As a result, you will never be late for a meeting or for work in the morning.

The 3D magnetic design makes them extremely easy to use, and once you have them on, it gives a seamless line on your lashes that appear more real than ever. Your eyes will also appear to be very bright and big as well.

These eyelashes can be won for almost any occasion which means that you can use them with either heavy or light makeup. When going out at night or even to a wedding or just in the office, these excellent eyelashes will do the trick.

Conclusion: The products 3D design makes it the most suitable and ideal for almost anyone because of their natural and elegant look. You definitely do not want everyone noticing that you have some fake lashes on, and this is why we recommend them for all women. Their cost is also low, hence affordable.


7. Coolgoo Magnetic Fake Eyelashes

Coolgoo has come up with a product that you will absolutely love. Their eyelashes are 3D designed, ultra-thin, and re-usable eyelashes.

They have so many features which include;

Ease of use – These lashes are glue-free and adhesive-free as well, and the entire application process is mess-free. You will never be later for a function of work ever again because of putting on eyelashes or your make up.

No-irritants – Their glue-free design helps in minimizing the irritation to the eyes, and if you have sensitive skin, you are free to use them as you like. They also prevent any damage to your natural eyelashes and you can use them for as long as you wish.

Cleanable and re-usable – This is one of those benefits that you will only appreciate once you are a frequent eyelash user. The ability to clean the lashes and be able to use them again is super great, and it allows you to save on the cost of buying eyelashes all the time.

3D look – This allows a seamless application of the eyelashes that gives you that natural look you have been looking for. In fact, most people will even be unaware that you are even wearing any fake eyelashes because they look as natural as possible.

Conclusion: Most people are skeptical about these eyelashes, but in most cases, they are a pleasant surprise once they start using them. The lashes are also soft and comfortable. The cost is slightly higher, but they are worth it.


8. Dobeauty 3D Fake Magnetic Eyelashes

These eyelashes have a flexible and magnetic dual design that allows for greater comfort and flexibility in their application. You can be able to curl or bend them as you wish for that excellent and desired look you want.

Their strong magnetic force secures them perfectly in place until you wish to remove them, regardless of how long you have them on.

Ease of use – they are extremely easy to use and require no glue at all in their application. In just a few seconds you are able to perfectly apply them on your eyes and you are good to go. They also fit perfectly on your natural eye contour.

Their glue-free design minimizes the irritation and this allows them to be excellent for sensitive or contact lens eyes.

They are cleanable and reusable and enables you to have them for a very long time, without necessarily replacing them.

Conclusion: Their price is quite high, compared to the other fake eyelashes we have reviewed, but if you look at all the benefits they have to offer, you can easily tell that they are more than worth the risk. We recommend them, especially if you have sensitive eyes.


9. Vassoul Dual Magnetic Fake Eyelashes

The Vassoul magnetic eyelashes measure 0.2mm in thickness, which makes them super thin, and lightweight. As a result, the eyelashes feel very natural and look even more elegant when worn with either light or heavy makeup, whichever you wish.

They are easy to wear and come with applicator tweezers. This is highly convenient and it is made of a specific alloy material that greatly simplifies the method of application. You simply need very few seconds to do the job well.

The eyelashes are made of a premium synthetic material that gives you luscious and strong eyelashes, plus, the magnetic force on them makes them last as long as you wish them to.

These are no-adhesive, no-glue kind of eyelashes which also means no-mess. They also minimize any sort of irritation on your eyes, and they ensure that your natural eyelashes are not damaged at all.

You can clean and re-use them as you want.

Conclusion: These eyelashes always give a glamorous look, and they come highly recommended. The price is high, but they are well worth the cost.


10. M Magnetic Eyelashes False Eyelashes

These are 3D lashes that give the most natural look. They are flexible and have a magnetic design which allows greater flexibility when using them. You can bend and curl them as you wish to give you that look which you have been looking for.

They are easy to use and re-usable as well, and with the no-adhesive, no-glue technique, they are very easy to apply and can be used at any time. They fit along your natural eye curve perfectly to give you a great look.

The glue-free feature makes them also irritation free, and if you suffer from sensitive eyes or skin, you will find that these are some of the best eyelashes for you to use.

Conclusion: These eyelashes are high-quality and can be used on different occasions such as weddings, parties or even for the office. They are excellent for both heavy and light makeup, and this is why they made it to our list.