Best 10 X-Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions


Lash artists are considered artisans because of their training in this particular field. Obviously they need top quality tools to help with their craft, from the right eyelashes, glue and tweezers. Like any other artists, a lash artist will be able to lay down their work to its full potential when they have the right tools with them. There are different brands, quality, sizes and shapes, but how does one know which tweezer will work for them? This article will focus primarily on the 10 best lash tweezers and what will work best for you.

But first, what is an X tweezer and how this it compare to its other counterparts? This kind of tweezer works the opposite way compared to others to ease the tension on picking up and applying lash extensions. Doctors would often recommend using an X-tweezer when doing repetitive movements to eliminate pain from the hand.

1. AKOAK The Best Precision Anti-Static Stainless Steel Professional Slim Tip-point and Curved Point Tweezer

Package Includes: 1 Stainless Steel Slim Tip-point Tweezer, 1 Stainless Steel Curved Tweezer

AKOAK offers precise craftsmanship and perfectly manufactured tweezers to support their customer needs. With 2 varieties of stainless steel tweezer that works well for skincare, precision work like eyelash extensions, nail arts, etc.. They used a non-magnetic steel with cutting-edge parts that focuses on lash technicians efficiency for eyelash extensions use. Since one of the tips is pointed, it is easy to pick up lashes from their tray and lay them down on real lashes.


2. OBEYA Volume and Individual Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Package Includes: 1 pc. Straight Tweezers, 1 pc. Curved Tweezers

These tweezers are perfect for eyelash extensions for it allows the most precise application of eyelash strips and pieces and helps isolate the lashes during usage since it has an easy grip design and a fine point for accuracy placement. Aside from that, these tweezers were designed to be hand gripped so it is easy to maneuver it around and can be closed well with a gentle push. The products go through a rigorous quality control inspection before being launched to deliver top quality service to their customers.

A top choice because of its precise, sharp, and easy to use characteristics. The high quality material and holes design it has make it easy to grip during long periods and clean up is fast because glue will just scrape off easily. These are the kind of tweezers that works best for eyelash extensions because of its craftsmanship that is well thought of. This bundle is very comparable to $40 tools eyelash company sites sell making this an awesome deal with fraction of the price of its rivals.


3. BEMEMO 6 Pieces Tweezers Kit for Eyelash Extension Set

Package Includes: 1 Scissors, 5 Tweezers, and 1 Fabric Cloth Sack

This set of five durable stainless steel tools promises lifelong quality usage. From Each tweezer tips can close without any problems making it easy to pull out lash extensions, no matter how many and what size, effortlessly. The tools included in this all-around kit are good for trimming your eyebrows, putting on false lashes, creating fake eyelids and even peeling blackheads. The variety it offers at an affordable price is unbeatable. It is an all-in-one portable tool kit that everyone needs; It is not just for eyelash technicians.

A one of a kind of set that makes anyone want to be a certified lash technician since it offers a variety of tweezers at a great price with a nice fabric cloth bag. From slanted, straight, and flat tweezers, these are definitely an awesome gift to your girlfriends and mom. Small enough to take everywhere, but a set that will be useful in a lot of ways.


4. A2Z Stainless Steel Multi Titanium Rainbow Color 3D Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Package Includes: 2 Stainless Steel Multi Titanium 3D Eyelash Extension Tweezers

A fun multicolored stainless steel tweezer to help start any lash girl’s day. This unique tweezer is coated in titanium plasma rainbow color and perfectly calibrated to mold into ones hand for easy usage and maneuvering. Same with its other competitors on the list, it promises easy clean up and a long lasting tool. A2Z described this as a great tweezer for eyelash extension or for anything embedded under the skin, from hair, splinters, ticks, etc.

These set require precision when doing eyelashes since they are thicker at the tips compare to its other competitors. Good for fanning volumized eyelash extensions because it has an angled tweezer that easily grasps the tips of every extension making grabbing different things easier. This set is not just pretty and flashy, they work well and are good quality.


5. LUCKYFINE- 4 pcs. Tweezer Set

Package Includes: 4 Different types of Tweezers

LUCKYFINE 4 pcs. Pink Tweezer set is a great option for awesome tweezers. This set of 4 has varieties of perfectly aligned tips and straight curved tweezers to help out with applying fake eyelashes as well as doing eyebrows. It comes in an attractive and travel friendly case for easy storage.

This is a great tweezer if someone is offering lash extension services because it has very pointy tips that can easily pick up lashes from their strip. A comparable set that professional salon grade offers, this set has it all for an affordable price. This is best for eyelash stylists that are starting out and wants to offer themselves and their clients the fastest and easiest way to pick-up and apply extensions.


6. EYELASH STORE Alluring Rainbow Multi-Color X Type Tweezer

Package Includes: 1 X Type Tweezer

EYELASH STORE’S X tweezer has been designed to have a large surface area for ease of use when applying eyelash extensions. It also provides great flexibility to isolate lashes to make it appear volumized and have been engineered to prevent straining of the thumb and pointer finger from continuous usage.

This fun rainbow colored lightweight tweezer is an awesome tool to separate and apply volume style lashes. Good for people who are just starting out on their lash extension application training because of its price point. Very comfortable and easy to use as it picks up lashes with ease. It is comparable to name brand tweezers, but why waste your money on those if this affordable one works just as well?


7. HOTOP 2 PCS. Straight and Curved Tip Tweezers Nipper for Eyelash Extensions

Package Includes: 1 Curved Tip Nippers, 1 Straight Tip Nippers

HOTOP 2 Pcs. Straight and Curved Tip Tweezers offer high quality tools that comes with safety caps for the pointed ends and a bag for portable and easy storage. These two tweezers are specifically designed for precision tasks that eyelash extension technicians require. Made with anti-magnetic and anti-acid steel that is resistant to rust and can be used by beauty professionals in any setting.

This is a great set because is very comparable to those $30 ones; there is no difference, comes in a very cute color and not cheaply made at all. It gets the job done just as well and it comes with a pouch to keep everything in place. A lash appointment may take from an hour or more so having a comfortable tool that you can hold and use for long periods of time is very important and this is the set. The tips are sharp and precise, really good for picking up lashes and other arts and crafts activities.


8. KTDZONE 2pcs Pink Coated Stainless Steel Straight and Curved Head Tweezers

Package Includes: 1 straight tip tweezer and 1 curved tip tweezer

KTDZONE’S set of tweezers are perfect for new lash artists as it is designed for precision task for lashes. They are good for selecting, separating, and picking up lashes making it more suitable for eyelash extension work. Made with anti-magnetic and anti-acid steel that is resistant to rust that can work for any salon, studio work, a makeup artist tool or for personal use. The tweezers come with a safety cap on to avoid poking or scratching when not in use.

Because of its design and easy handling, this is considered to be a top choice tool for new lash artists. Aside from being a beauty tool, this set can also be used for arts and crafts, nail art decal/ stone designs, jewelry making and even electronics repair. An all-around tool because of its sharp tips that easily grasps even the smallest objects with no problems. Engineered to close and presented it does not strain hands from prolonged use.



9. EVELOTS Stainless Steel Tweezers

Package Includes: 4 piece stainless steel tweezer set

EVELOTS Stainless Steel 4 Piece Tweezers set comes with different varieties of tweezers from pointed, blunt and curved tips ideal for any task handed. These precision tweezers are ideal for arts and crafts, picking up small jewelry or decals for nail art work, lash and brow grooming, gadget repairs, even medical work. For safety, the tweezers come with protective tip covers to prevent unwanted cuts and accidents while using them.

This is a nice set to use all around, they look well made with top quality stainless steel for a promise of precision use. Perfect to use for eyelash extension application at an affordable price.


10. KEYZONE Professional Curve Makeup Eyelash Extension Tool Tweezer

Package Includes: 1 X Tweezer

KEYZONE Professional’s X tweezer is made from high quality stainless steel that is perfect for eyelash extension application because it is light and easy to maneuver around. The company made sure the tool will be comfortable to use for long periods of time to avoid hand strains. This tool does not come in a bag or box, but as long as it works to its full potential finding a storage for it won’t matter.

It is easy to pick up lashes with this tool because of the sharp tip. Be very careful though when using this, the tip is so sharp that it can draw blood if mishandled. This is another great alternative for an X tweezer and with the price, it is easy on the pocket too.


Choosing the right tools for anything is hard. In the end, having the right tweezer set is a matter of personal choice. There will definitely be a lot of trials and errors and unwanted discarded tools until finding the one that works. Do not be afraid to try affordable tools because sometimes they work much better than the expensive one. It is all about experimentation. Hope this article will help people choose the right tweezers for their services and needs.