250 Beauty Brands Based in Los Angeles


Adept Cosmetics

Adept Cosmetics was created back in 2016 by a group of friends with the love for The CW’s The Flash and other nerdy stuff. It’s high quality makeup that delivers cute and great products that won’t break your bank account.

Agave Healing Oil

Agave creates beauty products using natural ingredients, focusing on Agave, an ancient hair smoothing treatment

AJ Crimson

A leading makeup artist in the cosmetics worlds, AJ Crimson has created his own makeup line. Designed with a one sized fits all mentality with a promise to cater to all women of color.

Aloxxi Hair

An expert color care indie brand with a passion for hair that wants to share their knowledge to the world. All products are proven to make hair healthier, shinier, and colorful. Everything is formulated for anyone who wants great care for their hair.

Alterna Haircare

Premium hair products free of additives and harsh ingredients? Alterna Hair Care was born. Created in 1997 with inspiration from quality skincare but a haircare technology that promises every stylists the best performance that all consumers and professionals around the world will love.

Amelia Castano

Amelia Castaño is a makeup artist and product developer that wanted to introduce classy designs to the beauty industry, thus creating her own cosmetics line. Her brand provides beauty tools to accommodate everyone using top quality materials along with great customer service.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Started out as a salon that specializes in shaping eyebrows, Anastasia was able to establish itself as an eyebrow brand until they decided to venture out in color cosmetics back in 2014. With it’s success, Anastasia Beverly Hills is now considered to be a top makeup brand around the world. With a lot of upcoming collaborations, ABH is still going to be a top color cosmetics brands in the years to come.


Aniise is a natural cruelty-free beauty brand that provides healthy skincare, cosmetics and body care with the mission to enhance every girls “Inner Confidence and Outer Glow” they naturally have.

Apriori Beauty

An anti-aging brand that produces results is what Apriori Beauty is all about. Tried and tested products that were created with an innovative mind and uses natural botanicals — no toxic or other unnecessary ingredients. Believing that beauty is not just outer appearance, but skin deep too. If we feel good on the inside, we feel good on the outside as well.

Ardell Lashes

The pioneer of falsies, Ardell Lashes’ mission is to give women a way to make their eyes beautiful and unforgettable. Ardell is widely recognized for having the largest collection of high quality, easy to use false lashes all over the world. Now they are slowly venturing towards color cosmetics products.

Art Naturals

Art Naturals believes that beauty treatments should stem from the purest forms of nature at an affordable price. With the promise of high quality and fine ingredients that were sourced from all over the world and handcrafted for your skin, mind, body and spirit.

Bdellium Tools

Bdellim tools offer new and innovative makeup tools to support makeup artistry and creative expression. Ranging from beginner to professional brushes, Bdellium definitely has a brush for everyone. Started in Los Angeles back in 2009 and still one of the leading makeup tool brand across the nation. Make sure to browse their collection, you won’t be disappointed.

Be Flawless Skin

Be Flawless Skin and its other brands are a cruelty-free company that do not test their products on animals and uses vegan and natural ingredients that are good for anyone’s skin and the environment.

Beauty Counter

Beauty products that are safe to use is what Beautycounter is all about. Not knowing what we put on our skin that absorbs into our body is a scary thought. Beautycounter is a company devoted to progress, with a promise of wealthy healthy information, and safe products that everyone can use and trust.

Beauty Creations

Beauty Creations is for and by influencers that made a difference in our lives. An in-house brand by a talented team of creators, that is here to fit every mood and look. Always on top of the trends, creating the latest and greatest products for everyone. Beauty Creations is here to deliver all of everyone’s dream into a reality.

Beauty Joint

Beauty Joint is a wholesale distributor of any makeup anyone can think of. If you want an extra glimmer with your eye shadow, red lipsticks, flawless skin with foundations, etc. Beauty Joint has it covered. A one stop shop joint, Beauty Joint has everything covered, no pun intended, at an affordable wholesale price.


Beauty Tap is your destination for anything k-beauty. The brand is passionate about learning, discovering, and spreading the beauty of diversity and unique culture the world provides. This is only a small part of introducing Korean culture to the world, it’s their way of sharing Korea to their audiences, may it be for beauty, food, and pop culture.

BeBella Cosmetics

Cruelty free products that is built with quality is what Pro-Artist Esmeralda Hernandez of BeBella Cosmetics has to offer. All of her products are developed exclusively in-house by a team of talented creators; while keeping everything clean and high quality.

Ben Nye Makeup

Ben Nye is a family owned business that dates back 50 years ago. Ben Nye Sr., the one that started it all from his broad film experience, he decided to produce his own makeup line that will serve all professionals around the world. Their banana powder is one of their top sellers that a lot of professionals have as a staple in their kit.

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics has been an OG in the beauty industry and has been around since 2009. With amazing collaborations and out of this world palettes, BH Cosmetics is at the top of their game. Proudly born in the City of Angels, this beauty brand is just constantly evolving and improving on their cruelty-free products.

Billion Dollar Brows

Having nice brows always completes anyone’s day and Billion Dollar Brows is here to make it easier. Promising cruelty-free and eyebrow products that work well, BDB is up in their eyebrow game.

Black Moon Cosmetics

Love a goth look? Got a little witch in you? Black Moon is all for you. Whether you’re a fan of the goth aesthetic or just appreciate a very unique and pigmented palette, this brand will inspire you. The Leo Lashes are the perfect complement to a full face of Black Moon. Check it out!

Bless Box

Always had a problem of what to wear for the day? Blessbox, your digital bestie is here to help. A subscription box that will curate all the stuff your digital bestie thinks will look great on you. It’s the perfect way to look beautiful inside and out.

Blue Mercury

A truly unique shopping experience where real experts answer all of your questions and hard to find beauty products ranging from mid-to-luxury brands is what Blue Mercury has to offer. Come on in and see what the boutique has in store for you.


Professional makeup artists has always had the problem of not having their tools within reach and that causes a lot of problems, especially for on the go work. Brushfolio is the perfect storage for professional MUA on the go and anytime.

By Rosie Jane

High quality affordable fragrance with ingredients curated and sourced from reputable merchants. Handcrafted perfumes with recyclable packaging and eco-friendly materials. Discover the difference.

Cailyn Cosmetics

Quality makeup at an affordable price born in the City of Angels. Always looking for ways to create flawless and healthy looking skin without breaking the bank is what CAILYN Cosmetics is all about. With Korean technology to back up all products and a promise of no bad skin for days.

California Mango

Mango alone is full of highly refined oils and antioxidants which protect and replenish the skin’s natural moisture. Offering the finest and highest quality products for every professional salons and spas with the promise of superior cleaning, moisturizing and exfoliating products a company could offer.

Cao Cosmetics

Providing high-definition makeup that is perfect for runway to everyday beauty. Cao Cosmetics is a brand that caters to everyone from professionals to regular people. Featured in LA Fashion week, pageant and cosmetology/esthetician schools across the nation.

Chic Makeup Studios

Planning to go to a makeup school and don’t know where to go? Well look no further! Chic Studios Los Angeles is a fashion-forward makeup school that offers diverse makeup artistry classes for beginners to professionals to help start and further your career. With industry-leading instructors, friendly staff, and job placement opportunities after every course; this makeup school is the best choice for anyone.

China Glaze

Need vibrant colors in your life, but too afraid to to go all out? Why not start with your nails? China Glaze offers a variety of colors options and textured nail polishes. From nude to the vibrant hot pink, they have it all. Thinking of having glittered nails? They have it! Metallic? They have it. So many options to choose from you’ll surely find a color that will match your mood.

Cinema Makeup School

Cinema Makeup School dedicates to edcuate the next genertaion of atrists for film, television, fashion, and entertainment studies. Students are taught the professinalism, ethics, bussiness, and history to help them strive in the future.

Cinema Secrets

Cinema Secrets is an cosmetic brand that serves the make up industry with rich pigments and corrective make up for film and television.

City Color Cosmetics

Beautiful and popping colors are avaliable at City Color Cosmetics where they have achieved high glam. Don’t be afraid too add a pop of glitter into your daily routine and try City Color Cosmetic’s best selling shimmering shadows.

Cle Cosmetics

By using the latest Korean Beauty technology, Cle Cosmetics creates nurturing products for your skin to show it’s beauty from the outside. Formulated with non-toxic and cruelty free ingredients this lifestyle brand supports women and self care.


ColourPop Cosmetics

Coquette Chronicles

Cosmo Cube

Crimes of Beauty

Crystal Hearts Cosmetics

Daily Concepts

Innovative and refreshing skin care products that leave your skin polished, detoxed, and flawless. With DailyConcept’s skin care routine be ready to up your game and feel flawless.

Dep Makeup

Derm Store

You can never start too young to have radiant and firmer skin with Dermstore. Dermstore is committed to creating the perfect product with best ingredients for your skin. Whether you’re here to test make up or find new favorites Dermstore will guide your way.


The magic at airbrush beauty is revolutionizing the make up industry. Get ready to airbrush imperfections and tattoos away, or even apply eye liner and lip stick with a easy spray. Airbrush Makeup will make you look flawlessly amazing.


DMK cosmetics pushes the boundaries of make up by being able to creating a skin rejuvenation system that matched the individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy. This is a new dimension in corrective make up, creating something more innovative and advanced.

Dose of Colors

Known for their creamy lipstick colors, DOSE does a fantastic job of creating quality and immerse colors. These cruelty free and vegan options leads to a wide variety of pigmented formulas for the eyes, lips, and face. Their slick packaging is also comfortable and sleek to hold in your hand.

Drama Queen Makeup

Drama Queen make up is new to the make up game! But don’t let their brand fool you, their mega matte and lip creams are in high demand. Get ready to try some luxurious and high pigmented colors.

EI School of Professional Makeup

Elcie Cosmetics

Ely Maya



Get ready to be crafty because E Salon creates the perfect hair color for your features. E Salon offers an online service and your own color stylist to make your own personal color. With 3 easy steps, your personal hair product arrives at your door!

Eurolux Fragrances

EZ Out Weave


Forget trial sized products because FabFitFun is a fun way to try out new full sized products at a fraction of the cost. Try out the hottest lifestyle and beauty products of each season. It’s easy onine system allows you to choose and customize the products you want to try, and have it delivered straight to your door!

Flutter Lashes

Francesca Paige

Frankie Paige the creator of FP Skin is your skin guru to get the best complextion as possible. Creating her own skin care line that she uses daily is incredibly important to her as she wishes she had it when she was growing up. FP skincare helps the longevity of your skin and protects it as well.

Frankie Rose Cosmetics

Frankie Rose Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand that offers long lasting and high pigmenation make up for all skin types. Co Founder and make up artist, Sarah Udink has suffered from eczema herself and built the make up line for others dealing with their own skin problems.From dry to oily, or even sensitive skin, this cosmetic brand has got it down.

Freeman Beauty

Freeman Beauty creates bath and body care products so you can take the spa experience home. Discover the beauty benefits of your favorite natural ingredients by choosing Freeman Beauty.

Frends Beauty Supply

Frends Beauty is the one stop and shop all your favorite beauty and lifestyle brands. With many best seller products they are also family owned and have one location, choose to support your small business!

Gallany Cosmetics

Enhance your natural radiance by wearing Gallancy Cosmetic. Their luxurious and high quality products create the perfect look, but at a fraction of the cost as well.


Gelish is the first brush in bottle gel polish ever invented. Trusted and heavily followed Gelish creates a beautiful coat of colored polish onto your nails. With collections from 2013 they are used in many nail salons and at home for a beautiful finish.

Georgette Klinger

Gerard Cosmetics

Gerard Cosmetics has everything an make up enthusiast could dream of. This brand boomed in 2014 after the release of their popular gold bullet in the shade 1995. From make up to even teeth whitening, they accomplished great products used by many for an day to day look.

Giovanni Cosmetics

The creator of Giovanni Cosmetics, Giovanni, grew up in salons and the make up industry creatied his own brand that had a large variety to consumers. Creating chic and pairing it with natural is the perfect way for consumers to choose both.





The new innovative way to get ready without the work is making an appointment with Glamsquad. Glamsquad is a unique new way to make a appointment for a squad of ladies to help you get ready for your night out or any event. Easily, make an appointment and they come to your front door. They do make up, hair, and nails so you don’t have to!


GOA Skin Care is dedicated to skin solutions from vices like stress, alcohol, fatigue, and smoke. Their skin care is specifically formulated to invigorate men’s skin and reduce the effects of bad habits that causes bad skin care. Their subscription service gives the consumer choices of which package they would like purchase, all dermatologically tested.


Hakuhodousa is a company that specialize in make up brushes. They also provide guides and the history of the brush you use. They have a very unique and variety of make up brushes. Being able to hold one of these brushes will you feel like an true artist.

Haley’s Beauty

Haley’s natural, vegan, and cruelty free make up is efficiently enriched with skin-friendly and non-irritating ingredients. This brand encourages diversity and expression; and is also a proud partner of PETA’s beauty without bunnies program.

Hour Glass Cosmetics

Hour glass cosmetics is all about volumizing your beauty. With their best selling high volumizing lip gloss, they are known for their innovation and commitment to reinventing luxury cosmetics.

House of Achi

House of Lashes

Human and Kind USA


Impressions Vanity Company

Have you ever used a compact mirror but wished you had additional lighting? Look no more, Impressions Vanity has created an compact mirror that comes with a ring light; they’ve also produced many vanity mirrors with innovative technology. Even Bluetooth speakers within the mirrors or matching vanity tables as well. Get ready to shine brightly with these high end vanity mirrors.

Itay Mineral Cosmetics


Jafra is a brand that serves to all, from men to women, and even a skincare line for toddlers. They invigorating skin care products leaves the consumer feel fresh and ready to take on the day.

JB Cosmetics

JB Lashes is all about how far you can grow with your lashes. Run by a mother daughter team, they have perfected the art of lashes and have different cutesy styles. Flutter your lashes because they will be sure to make yours pop out.

Jenna Hipp

Jewel Scent

Get ready to send you senses on a trip because Jewel Scent is all about delicious and soothing smells with a twist. Their products focuses on candles and bath bombs, but with a fun little surprise after the center is melted away. A piece of jewelry to reward yourself and enjoy!

Jouer Cosmetics

Kat Rudu

Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D Beauty creates long lasting and cruelty free make up. Nixing even ingredients from beeswax and beetles, she continues to create high pigmented products with kinder alternatives.

Kate Somerville

Kate Somerville believes everyone should have beautiful skin and promises to guide you there. With the most cutting edge skin treatments, she has created a immerse skin care line for over 25 years.

Kiss USA

Kiss believes in hail,nails, and lashes are essential to a perfect look. Creating the best products to help you achieve your most glam self. The Kiss brand believes in making life simpler, from hand held blow dryers to artificial nails, it’s got people coming back for their products.


Kopari uses fresh coconut oil in their product because they believe that coconut is a multipurpose supplement for your skin. Not only is their coconut oil is sourced from small family farms in the Philippines, it is also 100% pure and organic.


Kosas reflects of the self: the physical, energetic, mental, intellect, and soul. Their goal is to free your beauty by creating botanically-rich formulas that flatters your skin.

Kristofer Buckle

Modern makeup has been the trendiest trend yet. With accentuating your best features Kristofer Buckle knows the way to highlighting them. He has worked with the best, and chose to give back by creating a extensive make up line for those who wish to look up their look.

KTB Cosmetics

KTB is cruelty free and vegan. They create high pigmented shadows and HD highlighters to highlight your best features.

La Bella Donna

This clean mineral based make up will make you love this clean gorgeous pigments. La Bella Donna’s make up line is perfect for a dewy and glowy make up look.


Lalicious brings vacation to you with their refreshing skin care line. They have sugar scrubs and buttery skin care products to make you feel relaxed and energized. Their best selling product, body scrub, is gentle enough for daily exfoliation while effective enough to get rid of those pesky dead skin cells. Lalicious uses high quality ingredients to create their cult favorite skin care products.

Lancer Skincare

At Lancer skincare you will find one of the best skin care line to help achieve anti-aging and younger skin. Located in Beverly Hills, Harold Lancer is a trusted resource for many over the span of 30 years. His skin care products focuses on repairing and renewing your skin to help bring it back to its prime.

Lash Label

Lash Label created one of the best reusable false lashes. With different lashes, you can choose to try a different look each day of the week! From natural to bombshell lashes they are made with silk fiber of the highest quality. Conquer the world with these beautiful lashes!

Lavaa Lashes

Lavaa Lashes creates beautiful 3D mink lashes that will seduce with one glance. With different styles it’s hard to pick one, even Cardi B wears these famous lashes.

Le Mieux Cosmetics

Le Mieux Cosmetics are cruelty free and filled with colossal results to make your skin look rejuvenated. They believe every drop should make a difference which is why even their delivery system is important to them. They believe even timing has to be perfect in their ingredients which is what makes the perfect product. They are passionate about honing their skin care techniques into your daily skin care routine to help you achieve your best skin.

Leaders Cosmetics

Go on an exotic adventure with your new favorite cosmetic skin care line produced by Leaders Cosmetics USA. Their dermatologists from South Korea are all about restoring the self confidence in your skin.


Create colorful nails with LeChat’s seasonal colors. With different choices to choose from find the perfect match like their magically color changing polishes. With more than 20 years in the nail polish business , Le Chat continues to come up with new innovative ideas to change the nail polish industry.

Lip Bang

Get ready to moisturize your lips with these ultra moisturizing lips balms that is made 100% cruelty free and gives a buzzing sensation to your lips. Lip bang is made with healthy ingredients that is made to feel and look good on your skin and body. Their philosophy is to rock your own personal style with pride regardless if you have tattoos or have bright and different hair colors. You are you, and Lip Bang is made for you to rock your own style out!

Lip Sense

Senegence uses unique ingredients to help produce amazing results for make up that will last all day until you take it off. Infusing anti-aging ingredients into the make up which will make your skin more beautiful overall! Senegence stays on top of cutting edge technology to innovate new products to supply the demand of their products.


Hollywood’s personal beauty legend, Carol Shaw created LORAC after watching her celebrity clients break out during on set make up. She devoted to create skin-friendly make up with soothing and gentle ingredients to be worn on red carpets to daily make up looks. Two decades later, LORAC continues to create fashionable and high pigmented make up for everyone who wants to create a beautiful look.

Los Feliz Botanicals

Los Felix Botanicals is all about finding aromatics in the ever-changing California. It’s unique and summery smell may remind you of an off trail hiking you may remember in the spring time, or maybe the exotic smells of distinctive flowers in the forest. Los Felix Botanicals has luxurious fragrances that makes you embrace yourself, including feeling newer and better.


Lucy B’s Beauty

Lux Beauty Group

Luxie Beauty

Makeup Eraser

The make up eraser is an innovative product that aims to remove a full face of make up with just their cloth and some water. It is a ultra soft and exfoliating towel that lasts to 3-5 years it’s a great product to invest in. With the cloth lasting incredibly long it will also save on wastes contributing to sea life, landfills, and lakes. Their product’s mission is to create the most sustainable make up removal product in the world.

Makeup Geek

Manda Naturals

Nourish your summer glow with Manda’s innovative skin care protection. Their organic products is the food your skin needs to be younger and live longer. Using nature’s greens like Thanaka and Papaya is one of their important magic ingredients to create a product so good for your skin.

May Lindstorm

May Lindstrom is the mastermind behind her products, having highly sensitive skin as a child she could not experiment with scented cleansers or play with colorful lotions as others. As she grew older she became more aware with her surroundings and the products she used, thus created her own skin care line to help others like herself with products that they could use and achieve amazing results.

MD Sun Skincare

Named after the doctor who created the line of skincare products, the focus of MD Sun is to provide improvement that lasts a long time for your skin. These cosmeceuticals bring together the power of science and the fun of beauty to help you look and feel your very best.

Measureable Difference

The combination of a great value and quality are the hallmarks of Measurable Difference. Color palettes in funky and neutral hues plus body care products get makeup junkies and casual beauty fans alike excited to try out new looks. All ingredients and formulas are carefully blended to feel great on your body.

Melanie Mills Hollywood

Melanie Mills is makeup for the person who does it all. You get a great “glow up” with the woman who did the makeup of all the DWTS contestants for 13 seasons and counting. Melanie’s cosmetics are designed with care-she has over 20 years in the industry. Foundation colors are available for people of all skin tones and look beautiful.

Melt Cosmetics

Melt brand cosmetics are known for being beautifully bold and pigmented. These cosmetics are professional grade, but they may be used by everyone. Their lipsticks are beautiful and have serious staying power, and their business was started based upon the need for ultra-matte, bold lipsticks by two women entrepreneurs. Wear it with pride!

Michael Vincent Makeup Academy

If it is your goal to be the best makeup artist and master the art of professional makeup, Michael Vincent Makeup Academy is the way to go. Training from the best teachers in the industry for hair, makeup and production artistry are offered at this school based in Los Angeles.

Milani Cosmetics

One look at the influencers promoting the brand and you know it’s quality. These cruelty free and affordable products feature cosmetics for the lips, eyes and face, plus brushes so you can blend and highlight as needed to make your perfect look. These cosmetics are available nationwide and even feature a vegan beauty collection.

Milk Makeup

This brand goes coast to coast-born in the fashion-conscious city of New York and expanded to LA, the mission of Milk is to provide a place for self-expression for all users of makeup. Their products include beautiful palettes and lipsticks, among others, plus skincare and plenty of tools to help you apply it. It’s all cruelty free, too.


MiniLuxe knows that it’s the tiny luxuries in life that make it worthwhile. The MiniLuxe nail studio ensures your nails come out looking beautiful and fresh, and even offer Naked Manicures (no polish) and TeenyLuxe manicures (for beauty enthusiasts aged 10 and under). Nails are an expression of your cool personality-don’t sell yourself short.

MKC Beauty Academy

Offering courses in basic makeup, bridal and special event makeup, production makeup, and runway/red carpet makeup, you are sure to become in-demand after you graduate from MKC Beauty Academy. Lessons are affordable and instructors experienced, so amp up your career ASAP. Courses are affordable and you will build your portfolio as you learn.


Looking great in your makeup is just one part of beauty; a well-planned outfit is the way to look like the total package. This app helps you put pieces together to see how they look before you put them on. You can put together entire looks complete with hair, makeup, clothing and shoes and get the ensemble just perfect before you go out.

Morphe Brushes

Morphe makes the greatest makeup brushes ever, and even works with visionaries Jeffree Star and James Charles to bring beauty lovers the brushes of the pros. They also make beautiful makeup products for use with your brushes. Perhaps the faux lashes they sell are the best-their length and feel is stunning.

Morphine Lips

Morphine Lip Balm promises a surge of magical energy when you apply and use their lip balm. While we cannot guarantee this, we can count on quality lip balm that will have you looking for an excuse to give and get kisses from somebody special all day long. Oh, and your lips get moisturized, too!


Brushes, palettes, and information is what MUD prides themselves on. Brows especially look beautiful when MUD products are used-for instance, their Brow Fix is an affordable way to keep your brows looking great whether you are out with friends or at work. Prices are affordable and their collections provide all you need at a good value.

Nail Labo

Love gels, dips, stickers, charms and more? Are nails your preferred way of making a statement? Whether you are a pro nail tech or just love doing your own nails, these are the finest polishes, acrylics and charms we’ve seen. Check out the Artist Series-the Tokyo Spice is just too hot!


Namies has all the top brands and supplies for beauty lovers to enjoy! Hard to find palettes in famous brands, primers and brushes plus skincare items can be found right at Naimies. It’s fun to shop online or in their website. Become a Pro Member for great rewards!


Sourced from the beautiful Armenian Highlands, these are beauty products that are inspired by aromatherapy. Essential oils and beautiful fragrances make up the key ingredients to these skincare products. Their toner is suited for all skin types, and their cleanser will ensure a refreshed and beautiful face. It’s totally natural and feels great.

Naked Princess

The luxe loungewear and beautiful perfumes Naked Princess make are phenomenal. They make every woman feel like a queen, even when at home relaxing. The fragrance towelettes especially provide a lovely smell but are not overpowering. It is comfortable but effortlessly stylish.

Natural Shilajit

Shilajit is a sticky substance you get from the mountains. And did you know it helps your skin? Check out Natural Shilajit. You can increase your energy and stamina, aid in pain relief, and improve circulation, too. Plus, did we mention one testimonial said it promoted healthy aging? Get some today!


The secret is in the tiny crystals contained inside the creams they sell. These super fine granules exfoliate the surface so only your best and most beautiful skin shows through. They stimulate circulation and get that skin glowing and growing. You will see the magic immediately.


Love the idea of looking younger but don’t want to do scary injections? NeoCell has what you seek. You can make your skin shine with the use of Neocell’s collagen products. Whether you want it as a vitamin, a chewable, or powder, there’s a product that fits you and your life.


Wanna start a beauty brand? You’re gonna need some packaging for it! Nest Filler can help you. Punps, droppers and bottles are just a fraction of what they offer. They even created their own innovative packaging like the Dial Dual Lip. A must for any beauty entrepreneur.


Neuma makes shampoos and haircare products that suit YOUR personal style. Boho, edgy, chic or classic, you will find something to treasure. Your hair will look its best with Neuma. They are priced fairly and contain nothing that harms your hair, animals or our precious planet!

Nigel Beauty

“Need a makeup case? Special effect makeup? How about lashes? Nigel carries all of it. Professionals and beauty enthusiasts alike love to shop here because of the huge selection.
Top brands and all your basics can be found under one great roof.”

NiNi’s House of Fragrance

This is a place where wonderful smells are made. They are made for the body, for your car, and for your home. The body lotions NiNi’s makes are nothing short of wonderful. Even the incenses you can purchase will transport you to a place that’s exotic and beautiful. Lean back, close your eyes and breathe deep.

Nono Cosmetics

Now called Bonita Colors, there is much to love about these cosmetics. Pretty polishes, lovely lipsticks and fabulous face makeup create the Bonita colors collection. For beauty store owners or retailers, there are wholesale options too. Those Jumbo Lip pencils are hot!