8 Best Eyebrow Tattoo Machines


Eyebrow tattoo machines offer a permanent makeup solution for those who want stunning brows. This form of cosmetic tattooing, known also as derma-pigmentation or micro-pigmentation, saves many people money in the long run, and makes the maintenance of brows so much easier.

The permanent makeup machine can be a lucrative tool to keep for a cosmetic technician, especially using one of high-quality. Permanent makeup machines work by depositing colored pigment to the upper reticular layer of the skin using micro-pigmentation or demographics. Choosing a good, high-quality and reliable machine is the best way to ensure optimal, long-lasting results.

Here are the best eyebrow tattoo machines to choose from:

Pinkiou Permanent Makeup Pen

This permanent makeup pen from Pinkiou is perfectly suited for eyebrows, but can also be used for eyeline, lips and the hairline.

The pen has a 10000r/m up to a 15000r/m speed adjustment, giving you control over how the tattooing is done, depending on the area. As it is a micro-pigmentation machine, the length of the needles can be adjusted as well, letting you do deeper or finer strokes for whatever is needed.

When in use, the machine emits a low volume noise, but is easy and stable to work with. The pen comes with a safety cap for hygienic storage, and to keep the pen in the best condition possible. The working life of the pen lasts twice as long as many other makeup pens on the market, giving you more working time, and less charging time between clients.

The anodized silver surface and the aluminium alloy aircraft help keep the tattoo makeup pen durable and hygienic, perfect for salon use.

Being lightweight and easy to use, with multiple settings, this makeup pen will be a go-to for all your permanent eyebrow tattooing needs.

Permanent Makeup Machine

The microblading pen is everything you need to perform beautiful eyebrow tattooing, being easy to use and reliable time and time again.

The pen has less vibration, as it has a built-in rotation stabilizer, and less noise as well. This allows you more precision when performing the tattooing, as you will not need to be fighting against the vibration of the pen.

Light and portable, the ergonomic design is easy to use and prevents tiredness from using an overweight device.

The one-key operation, with 7 levels of speed and an LED display make the permanent makeup machine incredibly easy to use. It is also suited for tattooing the eyeline, lips and smaller tattoo designs.

Included with the machine are 50 needles, a penholder stand and an AC adapter for charging.

This versatile machine is reliable, and easy to use with less vibration and simple controls, giving you full customization of your tattoo pen, which is compact enough to be stored away securely until it needs to be used.

Solong Tattoo Pen Kit

Designed to be as easy to control as possible, this tattoo pen is one of the best out there for eyebrows and other cosmetic makeup.

The pen has been designed to feel as close to an actual pen as possible, with very little vibrations interfering with the tattooing process. It can be used for eyebrows, lip liner, eye liner and other cosmetic procedures.

Included in the kit is the rotary tattoo pen, a digital power supply, a foot pedal for ultimate control, clips and cords for the adaptor, 20 needle cartridges, 3D eyebrow practice skin, eyebrow ring cups and a professional aluminum carry case.

Featuring everything you need to get tattooing, this kit is a great buy, and will see to many happy customers, and a happy technician, in no time.

Electric Tattoo Machine 

Using the latest technology for the best user experience, and outstanding results, this electric tattoo machine for cosmetic beauty is one that will help with precision and accuracy when doing even the finest of strokes.

The LCD screen displays the power, speed, mode and the working condition of the machine. There is easy operation with the up and down keys, which also help to control the speed of the machine.

The machine has four different working modes, each suited to either brows, lips, or lines, and the MTS mode can be used on different areas. The machine does not heat up with over use, which allows it to be used for longer periods, and ensures that the machine is durable.

For added safety, the machine has an auto-off which kicks in when the machine is overloaded, and the power can be switched between two different machines at the same time, for the most efficient of use.

Made from stainless steel, the pen is durable and smooth, and can be auto-locked. The depth of the needles can be adjusted, along with the speed, for full customization during the procedure.

The kit includes the tattoo pen, the machine, and the tool head, which are all great starting points.

With clear displays and different speeds, modes and depths, the machine is both versatile and reliable.

Biomaser Permanent Makeup Machine

The light and compact design of this permanent makeup machine make it a favorite among technicians, offering precise results during every use.

The machine can be used either with or without the foot pedal, depending on the procedure and the needs of the technician. It can be used for many different applications, such as for the eyebrows, eyeliner, and skin management such as skin tightening and for acne scars.

The semi-permanent makeup machine features a dual line and shade that can be switched between either with the touch of a button.

Perfect for experts and beginners alike, the high-quality machine is incredibly stable to use, with rotation stabilizing that makes it feel as close to still as possible, ensuring detailed and precision results.

The display and the different buttons on the device make it easy to customize to the setting you need, while the display visualizes this clearly.

For those who want a simple, yet effective and reliable machine, this is a great option, and has all the features you might need to successfully create precise and stunning eyebrows for your clients.

Permanent Tattoo Pen Kit with Needle Cartridges

This kit includes everything you need to get tattooing, and is wonderfully light, portable, and easy to use.

The hybrid rotary tattoo pen kit contains the main pen, the needles, and a handy carry case to keep the machine safe and clean.

There are three speeds available for use on the machine, with a stable electric current and steady motor that ensures precision tattooing, even in the finest of areas.

Included as well is a portable supply, with both USB and AC charging, making it incredibly accessible and easy to charge wherever you might be.

Made from stainless steel material, the pen is safe and easy to sterilize for the most hygienic of procedures. The alloy body pen has an anti-accident power switch and a locking needle design to keep your clients as safe as possible during the tattooing. The medical steel needles are also the best you can use for the most hygienic conditions.

Safe, convenient and easy to use, this tattoo pen will be one of your favorite tools when it comes to creating delicate eyebrows.

Electric Tattoo Machine with LCD Display

This elegantly designed tattoo pen is just what you need to provide your clients with the best results possible, and to give you enjoyable use every time.

There are 5 optimal modes to choose from, all which can be used for different procedures and areas of tattooing. The ergonomic design and anti-skid handpiece make the pen easy to work with, and cuts out the risk of any accidents with a solid grip, and has a strong power, but low noise, for a comfortable tattooing environment.

The LCD screen has an intelligent port and intelligent panel, and is touchscreen. It shows the power, speed, mode and working condition of the machine. There are additional up and down button keys for easy operation.

The pen itself is made from stainless steel, making it both smooth and durable. All functions of the pen are controlled using the touchscreen, which makes it a pleasure to work with daily.

Included in the kit is the tattoo pen, the machine and the tool head.

For a durable, clean and convenient machine, look no further. The kit is elevated that much further by the touchscreen display, making using the machine a breeze.

Charme Princesse Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine

The Swiss motor is as powerful, effective, durable and stable as they come, making this machine one of the better options out there.

The multi-function pen has four different modes to choose from, and each mode can be adjusted with 5 different speeds, giving you ultimate control and personalization to suit your style and the area being tattooed.

The special lock design locks the needle head in place, which allows the pin clamp to hold the needle firmly for reliable stability.

When being used, the pen emits a low-noise, with new technology used to ensure the working noise of the machine is as low as possible, and the stabilizer ensures there is no tension and pain experience during use either.

The kit includes the permanent eyeliner pen, a US type adapter and a connect line. While simple, this pen really is everything you need to give your customers the most precise, and long-lasting eyebrows possible.

Being made with the highest quality parts and design, you can trust that this pen will be durable and reliable, giving you incredible results with each use.

The Best Care After The Procedure

Skin needs to be properly treated after having cosmetic tattooing done, to ensure the best results, and to keep the area as clean and hygienic as possible. By following the below tips and aftercare, your eyebrows will be able to heal properly, and to look as flawless as possible.

Ice – It is a good idea to apply ice to the tattooed are for 15 minutes to reduce pain and inflammation. The ice should be applied 4-5 hours after the procedure for the best results.

Vitamin A and D – By applying vitamin A and D to the skin, you will be giving it enough nourishment and care to prevent the skin from cracking. Vitamin E oil also works wonders to speed up the healing process of the skin.

Avoid scratching – Healing eyebrows can become itchy, but scratching should be avoided. Scratching at the eyebrows can cause scars and pain, and even lead to infection. There are creams that can help to reduce the irritation and itchiness of the area.

Avoid makeup – Makeup should not be used up to a week after the procedure, giving it enough time for the skin to heal. All makeup should be avoided, as eyeshadows, lipsticks and foundations can contain bacteria, which increases the chances of infection.

Avoid the sun – It is best to avoid the sun for at least 3 weeks after the procedure. The sun will not only irritate and damage the sensitive skin, but it can dull the results quite substantially. If you are wanting to apply sunscreen, you should wait a week before doing so.

Avoid pools – Chlorine found in pools and hot tubs can reduce and fade the appearance of the eyebrows, and being in a pool can open you up to bacteria, which can once again lead to infections.

Tattoo Machines For Eyebrows

A simple tattoo machine is all you need to give your clients the most precise and stunning eyebrows possible, but you need to make sure the machine you buy is of a high-quality, and has all the settings and features needed for the best possible results, and for you to enjoy using the machine time and time again.

Think of both your and your clients comfort when searching for an eyebrow tattoo pen, and do not overcomplicate what you might need. Above are the best eyebrow tattoo machines available, to help you decide which one would be best for you!