Best 6 Lightening Drops


Eye lightening drops are a way for people to achieve a lighter eye color, using drops which naturally lighten the eye color within a few months.

These drops have become popular as the effects are long term, and you do not need to use contact lenses daily to change the color of their eyes. For many people, light color eyes are highly desirable, and with these drops, light-colored eyes are fairly easily achieved now.

The pigment in the eye is slowly and progressively removed, which leads to a change of color. The resultant color will not change completely but will be a more muted tone of what you once had.

How Do Lightening Eye Drops Work?

Placed in the eyes regularly, lightening eye drops break down and flush out the melanin and other pigmentation in the eyes which are responsible for the darker colors. The eye drops also help to inhibit the production of Tyrosinase, which is what is responsible for darker eyes.

Are The Results Permanent?

Unlike contact lenses used to change eye color, eye lightening drops result in a permanent change of color in the eyes. With the removal of the color pigmentations, the eyes will remain a lighter color. The products also give you the control on what color or shade you want your eyes to remain, as you simply stop using the lightening eye drops when your desired color is reached.

The Best Lightening Eye Drops

For many, lightening eye drops might seem intimidating at first, but with the right product, you will be able to achieve the right shade eye color, without any invasive procedures or having to wear contact lenses daily. Your best chance is to use a recommended, safe product, to ensure the best, most reliable results.

Here are the best eye lightening drops on the market at the moment:

Iris Illume Eye Color Changing Drops in Emerald

Utilizing Alpha-Lipoic Acid, the Iris Illume eye changing drops give an unparalleled performance when it comes to lightening the eye color, in both the compact and dense upper eye layers.

These eye drops include melanin inhibitors, which stop the production of coloring in the eyes. These scientifically proven ingredients are Sesamol and Alpha-Arbutin, which directly target the pigmented cells in the iris.

What makes these an all-round good product is that these drops are suitable for sensitive eyes, and for those who wear contact lenses. The drops will not interfere with eyesight in any way, and will not stop you from wearing your daily contact lenses.

These eye drops do offer a little more than just permanent lightening of the eyes, they also help to bring out the base of blue and green colors, giving the eyes a more vivid coloring while lightening darker tones. The effect is permanent, giving you beautiful eyes forever.

The bottle is sterile, and contains only the safest and most natural of ingredients, providing a reliable and easy way to get the eye color you want!

Daily use of the Iris Illume Eye Color Changing Drops will bring out the natural blue and green tones hiding behind the darker color in your eyes, and offers up one of the easiest ways to do so!

Eyebright Drops – Wisdom of The Ages

If you are looking for a more natural product to achieve brighter, radiant-looking eyes, look no further than these Eyebright drops.

For those not wanting to start out with some of the harsher chemicals found in the other eye lightening drops, the Eyebright option is a good lead-in product. It will not harm the eyes and does them more good than anything else. The glycerin base gives a soothing experience when using the eye drops, with no irritation or dryness experienced.

Not only will the Wisdom of The Ages eye drops helps to soothe and relieve eyes, but the ingredients work to make eyes look bright and more sparkling. Ingredients such as sea salt, MSM, grapefruit seed extract and apple cider vinegar, along with the organic Eyebright extract, create a natural eye formula that even helps to relieve dry, red and weeping eyes, giving you stronger, more healthy vision with a beautiful shine.

The formula rejuvenates, cleanses, moisturizes and maintains balance in the eyes, giving them the best opportunity to remain healthy and bright.

iColour Color Changing Eye Balm

The iColour Eye Balm helps to gradually change the color of eyes in a natural, progressive way.

The eye balm has been designed to be applied below the eyes where it is then absorbed into the eyes where it gets to work with changing color. The ingredients in the eye balm stop the production of melanin in the eyes by inhibiting the activation of key enzymes which are vital to melanin production. This results in a slow and gradual lightening of the eye color.

The product has been made to be slow working, which protects the eye from sudden damage or too fast a change. The iColour balm should be used over a period of 12 months, which is a safe amount of time for your eyes to adapt to the sensitivity that might occur when in contact with light as they become brighter.

This is a non-invasive method to lightening eyes, with the product never actually coming into direct contact with the eyes, but rather the skin below the eyes and then being absorbed in. This helps to make the product accessible to those who wear glasses, contacts or those who have difficulty using eye drops.

All of the eye color options available from iColour are naturally occurring eye colors, meaning the results will be realistic and natural-looking, which is not something easily achieved with other lightening options such as contact lenses.

This is a good option and is one of the safest ways to lighten eyes over a period of time, with no risk of contamination or any allergic reactions. The product comes sealed in a sterile bottle, ensuring the integrity of the product.

Sun Beetle Iris Color & MSM Drops

These eyedrops from Sun Beetle are all-natural and plant-derived. They help to change the color of the eyes in the most organic way, with little risk of irritation or harm done to the eyes.

The new formula helps through a two-step pigmentation reduction, it is gentle and both beneficial for all eye types and sensitivity.

The MSM Drops are applied to soften eye tissue and are followed by the Iris color drops which contain active whitening agents, this passes through the iris and then works to lighten the color of the eyes, with results being noticeable within a few weeks, and the eyes becoming a shade lighter after continuous use for a few months.

Twelve different active lightening agents work to create one of the fastest, most dramatic eye color-changing products on the market. Not only will they work to make the eyes a lighter shade, but the ingredients also bring out the natural radiance in the eyes.

Some of the ingredients include MSM, Alpha-Arbutin, Gigawhite, Licorice Root, Coconut, Grape Seed, Honey and many other soothing and beneficial additives.

The organic ingredients and effective formula make this one of the better products on the market, with visible results that are permanent.

iColour Color Changing Eye Drops

From the same creators of iColour Eye Balm, these eye drops are an effective way to gradually lighten the color of your irises.

The new formula of the eye drops naturally reduces the color of the eyes over an extended period of time with daily use.

Ingredients in the eye drops block the production of melanin, targeted in the eyes, to stop the hold and production of new color. The key enzymes which are responsible for the production of melanin are blocked, allowing the eyes to lighten over time.

The eye drops are effective on all eye types and colors and help protect the eyes from sensitivity to light overtime by being used for an extended period. Once you have used the drops for a long time and have reached your desired eyeshade, you can stop using the product and enjoy the permanent results.

Unlike the eye balm from the same company, these drops are applied directly to the eyes which might help with faster results. When the process is followed as set out by the instructions, you will notice a gradual change in color within a few weeks and a complete shade change in a few months.

iColour have a few eye lightening products available, and this is possibly the most reliable and effective product they have on offer, with a direct application and results that can be tracked over time. It is important to follow the guidelines set out so that you allow your eyes the opportunity to adjust to the sensitivity changes when the melanin is reduced.

The iColour Eye Drops work on brown, green and blue eyes, lightening the color and bringing out the beauty of the natural colors that your eyes hold.

Innoxa Gouttes Bleues

Innoxa Blue drops help brighten eyes and bring a refreshing, cooling feeling. The blue eye drops help to accentuate the natural radiance of the eyes, giving them an incredible glow.

The drops bring a radiance to the eyes using specialized ingredients such as Witch Hazel, Chamomile, Blueberry, Elderberry, and Sweet Clover. All ingredients are paraben-free and phenoxyethanol-free. The eye drops create a cooling and soothing effect on the eyes, which also helps them feel rejuvenated and brightened.

The eye drops come in a glass bottle, which keeps the formula fresh for longer. The formula helps more to brighten the whole eye instead of just the iris, but it is effective with creating an overall brighter appearance. The drops will also help to relieve red and itchy eyes, which goes towards a more attractive appearance.

These drops can be used on all different eye types and can be used on sensitive eyes. It will bring relief to irritated eyes and help to make the whites of your eyes brighter in a short amount of time. The blue drops brighten the whites of the eyes, by bringing out the natural radiance.

Other Ways To Change Eye Color

If you are not wanting to use eye drops as your first option to change your eye color, you can try and look into using honey as an option.

Honey is known to have some bleaching properties, so many people believe that it can help to lighten eye color. Pure honey mixed with sterile water and applied to the eyes might be able to naturally lighten the color of your iris.

However, many people also believe that because honey contains microorganisms, it is not safe to put it into your eyes. Whether you want to brave using honey or not, it might be safer to just stick with the eye drops that have been created for this reason exactly.

Eye Lightening Drops

Being able to lighten your eyes is a fairly new progression in beauty technology, and it has helped many people achieve the new eye color that they have been after.

Eye drops which lighten the color of the eyes help to permanently remove the melanin in the eyes, responsible for the color. Once the melanin production has stopped, the eyes lose their color and turn a lighter shade.

This result is permanent, and you will not have to worry about applying the drops for the rest of your life or wearing contact lenses, the color will be lightened forever. While you will not completely change the color of your eyes, even just a lighter shade will make the world of difference. You are in complete control of how light you want your eyes to be and can stop using the drops as soon as you are happy with the color and shade.

Not only will the drops help to lighten your eyes, but they will help bring out the radiant natural color hidden beneath the darker tones.