7 Best Microblading Kits


Microblading is quickly becoming a popular trend in the beauty industry. A few years back, it was a fairly unknown grooming trend, but now it holds its place as one of the most common eyebrow grooming techniques around.

It is really hard to tell the difference between natural brows and ones which have been microbladed, making them incredibly popular for those who want a longer-lasting solution to flawless brows.

However, the success of microblading is determined by the brow specialist doing the actual procedure, and no matter how good the specialist is, they are only as good as their kit.

Stocking up on high-quality microblading supplies is a sure way to provide your clients with the best experience and results, and to save you having to sift through different products and unnecessary tools, there are convenient microblading kits sold with everything you might need to get started.

What Should A Microblading Kit Include?

Microblading involves small incision strokes into the eyebrow area to mimic tiny hairs and then filling this in with permanent dye. This works to enhance the shape of the brow, and to create a natural look.

It is a simple procedure and can last up to 18 months, but to offer the best results possible, you need to have the right tools in your kit.

Here are the essentials to include in your microblading kit:

Blades – Using high-quality blades will minimize the risk of error and irritation for your clients. Popular needle sizes include #7, #12 and #14.

Numbing cream – The blade strokes are painful and feel like small paper cuts. Doing this over and over again is sure to feel uncomfortable. To help your customers avoid any unnecessary pain, you should offer a good pain-relieving, desensitizing cream or gel.

Pigment – It is good to keep a set of different shades of pigments, which will allow you to mix and match the pigments together to suit the natural shade of your client.

Microblading pen – You won’t be doing any microblading without a microblading pen. The pen holds the blades in place, and a good quality pen is so important to ensure that it fits comfortably, and perfectly, in your hands for extra precision and ease of use.

Stencils – Stencils help to outline the brow shape desired, and allows you to move more evenly and faster, with more precision.

Pigment rings – Pigment rings sit on your finger and hold the pigment you are using for the microblading. This stops you from having to reach over every time you need more pigment for the brows.

Measurement tool – Measurement tools are disposable stickers that help you to find the right ratio and spacing to ensure the brows appear as natural as possible.

Pencil – A pencil is used to draw the shape of the eyebrow on, to ensure your client is happy with it.

Face mask – You will need to wear a face mask during each microblading session. You will be exposed often to chemical dyes, so you need to offer yourself protection from this.

Healing balm – Healing balm is applied to the incisions and eyebrow area once the microblading is done, to ensure the incisions heal properly, and to help prevent swelling and discoloration.

The Best Microblading Kit

Now that you know what is necessary to have in a microblading kit, you can take a look at the below kits. They have everything you need to get started and are all of great quality to ensure ease of use and the best results.

QMYBrow Microblading Kit

This kit is the perfect starter pack for those wanting the best in microblading equipment.

The complete permanent set is carefully packaged to ensure the safety of all the contents. Each blade is individually sterile wrapped, showing the expiry date and lot number. There are 40 needles included in the kit, in different sizes, to suit your needs.

In total, the kit includes a microblading pen, a deep coffee microblading pigment paste, 2 eyebrow practice skins, 2 sticky eyebrow rulers, 40 blades in different sizes, 50 ink cups and 50 finger gloves.

The blades all have flexible covers for the control of the microblading strokes, to allow you to perfectly suit the procedure to the needs of your clients.

Made from stainless steel, the microblading pen is sterile and durable. It is an autoclave safe tool, with a lock-pin device that holds the blade tightly in place. 

The kit includes the new microblading skin feature, with practice skin with pre-shaped outlines, to learn and practice your strokes. You do not need the ink to practice on the practice skin, saving you supplies and money. Being two-sided, the practice skin offers lots of practice space.

All the tools included in the kit will ensure you are fully prepared to get microblading and give you the option to practice until you are fully comfortable as well.

Premium Starter Microblading Kit – Professional Grade

The PMU Microblading Kit includes all the bestselling permanent makeup pens, and starter sheets, to allow you to master your microblading skills. It is one of the most professional microblading kits available for beginners.

Using some of the most high-quality tools, you can practice the craft of microblading on your own, getting used to professional tools and procedures.

All the tools in the kit are made by professionals, for the use of professionals. The tools will ensure your microblading practice is stress-free and mess-free.

The kit includes 3 different microblading pens for client and practice use, 2 pens for shading, 3 original practice skins, a cosmo skin to practice strokes, a blank skin to practice shaping, black pigment and 50 pigment cups to allow for easy access to the dye when working.

The blades are all individually packaged and sterilized, and there are both practice blades and shading blades available.

This kit has everything you need to start practicing microblading and to transition through to offering microblading for clients. Perfect your skills and give your clients the most flawless brows possible.

Biomaser Microblading Kit

Biomaser has put together this microblading kit to suit beginners and professionals alike, giving you the opportunity to stock up on all your microblading tools with one purchase.

The 40 microblading needles included in the kit are made with 361L medical grade stainless steel and have a 0.25mm diameter. These properties align with the international cosmetology and medical requirements, for the safest procedure possible.

Made from stainless steel as well, the microblading pen has a lock-pin design which has 3 different tips to hold in the needle or the blade. The pen is adaptive to different types of blades, including round needles, general needles, single stitch needles, and many other designs.

The practice latex sheet does not require the use of any ink, you can simply use your microblading pen on the sheet to practice strokes and shading.

The microblading pigment in the kit is made of raw materials, and has strong stability and is insoluble in water. The pigment does not decolorize easy and as it is made of raw materials, it is safe to use and is long-lasting.

For a more professional-grade kit, you cannot go wrong with this one put together by Biomaser.

Eyebrow Microblading Kit

This practice kit is complete with various microblading tools, to perfect your skills to move on to customers.

The kit has a microblading pen, a microblading pencils, 2 eyebrow tattoo practice skins, a dark coffee pigment, 5 ink ring cups, 5 packs of 14 blades and an eyebrow ruler.

The microblading pen has an anti-skid design and is made from stainless steel. This allows it to have excellent stability and low vibration while being durable after continued use. The cross-mouth design locks the blade firmly into place to allow for long time use.

5pcs of needles are made from sterilized medical grade stainless steel and are safer to use than any other blades. They are individually packed and are made for single use only.

Practice your skills with the practice skin and the eyebrow ruler. The practice skins are made from high-quality silicone and are non-toxic. The flexible feel is similar to that of the human skin and is thick enough to be used on both sides.

The ruler is an easy measurement tool that helps to locate the right positioning of the eyebrows. It is soft and reusable and will be the key to ensuring the brows are symmetrical.

From practice to microblading clients, you will find everything you need, and then some, in this comprehensive kit of high-quality tools.

Anself 15Pc Eyebrow Tattoo Set

This is a more simple kit, but still has everything you need to get microblading. It is the perfect starter kit and does not include any unnecessary items that you will never end up using.

The durable pen is made from stainless steel, is easily sterilized and great to use time and time again for microblading. It is the right pen to use for both beginners and professionals in the field.

Included in the kit is the eyebrow pen, the tattoo practice pigment in dark coffee, an eyebrow ruler, eyebrow practice leather, pigment rings, and 14pin needles.

The leather is very similar to the feel and texture of the skin and can be used to practice strokes, incisions, and shading before microblading on a client.

Being an environmentally friendly pigment, it will be safe to use on many clients and offers a long-lasting, vibrant color that will not decolorize easily.

Perfect for beginners, this kit will get you started on your microblading journey.

PFT Eyebrow Microblading Kit

The PFT Eyebrow Microblading Kit includes starter materials needed for professional microblading. It is a complete kit that includes all the possible tools and equipment unique to microblading.

Everything in the kit will help you create 3 dimensions short, medium and long strokes, perfectly representing natural eyebrows.

In total, the kit includes a gold microblade handle, a silver microblade handle, 50 curve flat microblades in sizes 12, 14, 16, 18 and 21U, a brown pigment, a light brown pigment, a permanent makeup practice sheet with one blank side and one side with pre-drawn patterns, a 3D eyebrow synthetic skin and a black scribe pen.

Practicing microblading is made easy with this kit, and it is the perfect transition between practicing at home to working on clients.

All the tools in the kit serve a purpose and will allow you to change your techniques and strokes to suit the needs of your clients, to create personalized, suited eyebrows for their unique look.

Professional Tools of Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Kit

This comprehensive kit covers all the basics, and then some when it comes to microblading. 

The tattoo and microblading set includes an exercise head, a telescopic manual pen, an eyebrow pencil, paint, and a tattoo needle.

The smooth and realistic texture of the practice head, along with the natural contours of the face, allow you to properly practice microblading, with the true experience of doing it on a person.

Suitable for beginners and professionals alike, it can be used in the early stages of microblading practice, or as a go-to kit to keep in the salon, with everything you might ever need.

Made from stainless steel, the tattoo microblading pen is durable and safe to use and can be easily sterilized to ensure the most hygienic environment possible, for both you and your client.

Complete your collection, or start it off with this comprehensive set, that offers the practicing experience as close to the real thing as possible.

Microblading Kits

Whether you are looking to start microblading, or want to invest in a new kit completely, the above microblading packs will contain everything you need to get going.

Give yourself and your clients the best experience possible by using only high-quality tools and pigments, which will also go on to ensure that the resultant eyebrows look natural, stunning, and are as long-lasting as can be.

Don’t waste your money purchasing individual items, instead, choose a kit where all the most important tools have been chosen for you already.