Best 8 Lash Shampoos

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Lash shampoo is an absolute must-have for anyone with eyelash extensions. Lash shampoo helps to freshen up lash extensions by removing all bacteria, impurities, and irritants.

Using lash shampoo is so important in the maintenance of your eyelash extensions, and will need to be used often to keep hydrated, cleansed and moisturized lash extensions.

What Makes Lash Shampoo Different from Other Cleansers?

Many other cleansers and makeup removers are oil-based. While this might be okay to be used on the rest of your skin and to remove other makeup, you should avoid using oil-based products on your eyelash extensions.

The key to long-lasting eyelash extensions is to not disturb the bond. Oil-based formulas can interfere with and loosen the bond, which will result in you going for an infill appointment much sooner than you should be. Lash shampoos do not contain any oils, and the gentle formulation will not disrupt the bond of your lashes.

Keeping your lashes clean is also so important for maintenance. From environmental impurities, natural oils and makeup, the lashes can become quite built-up with oils and product. These will need to be removed using lash shampoo. Not only will the lash shampoo help to keep the lashes clean and free from impurities, but they will hydrate and nourish the lashes as well.

Lash shampoo should be used by everyone who wants healthy, clean and full eyelash extensions.

The Best Lash Shampoo

You have to be so careful when choosing the product to use for your eyelash extensions. Not only do you not want to damage them, but because it is near your eyes, you need to make sure the lash shampoo will not cause irritation or burning in the eyes.

Here are the top lash shampoos that will leave your eyelash extensions clean and looking absolutely stunning!

Stacy Lash Eyelash Extension Shampoo

This oil-free formula by Stacy Lash is exactly what you need for your eyelash extensions!

The non-irritating, non-burning formula is gentle and mild, while still effectively cleansing your lashes. Free from gluten, parabens, ethylene oxide, phthalates and sulfate, the shampoo is safe, vegan and cruelty-free.

Being lightweight, the shampoo is so easy to use on the lashes. The shampoo comes with a brush for easy application and can be used as an eyelid makeup remover as well. It will gently remove impurities and mascara from lashes.

This versatile shampoo can be used as an aftercare product for lashes, as a primer for natural lashes before the eyelash extensions are bonded, and as an eyelid makeup remover. It will help with the regular maintenance of your eyelash extensions while retaining a beautifully full mascara look, which is ensured to be long-lasting.

Effectively a three-in-one shampoo, this will be an absolute must in your beauty routine!

Higu Eye Wash for Eyelash Extensions

The Higu Eye Wash for Eyelash Extensions was created to remove all residue and skin oil that might interfere with the stunning look of your lashes.

The eyelash shampoo removes impurities from the root of the eyelashes, where it is easiest to breed bacteria. The Higu Eyelash Shampoo has been professionally designed to be gentle and to care for eye sensitivity to products.

With a deep decontamination formula, the fragrance-free, non-alcoholic, non-pigmented, oil-free shampoo does the job well, with extra natural aloe extract to care for the skin and lashes, moisturizing and nourishing them.

The shampoo can be used to clean eyelash extensions and for eye makeup removal as well. Included in the kit are two bottles of eyelash shampoo foam, and 10 extremely soft silicone brushes, which have been designed in an eyelash curvature shape to not damage the eyelashes.

Soft, effective and gentle on the eyes, the Higu Eyelash Extension Shampoo will help you maintain the perfect set of eyelash extensions.

Quewel Eyelash Extension Cleaner

Caring and gentle ingredients help to make this eyelash extension cleaner one of the softest out there, while still managing to get the job of shampooing and cleansing done right.

Including foaming ingredients such as chamomile extract, aloe vera, cucumber, and pomegranate extract, this shampoo will effectively cleanse oils and impurities on lashes. The foaming function helps to prevent germs, clean the eyelash extensions and extend the lifespan of the extensions.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, your eyes and eyelash extensions will be kept safe during the application, and all the ingredients are free from parabens. The shampoo itself is waterproof, and is safe for eyelash extensions, cleansing and conditioning them with each use.

Safe from harmful chemicals, your eyelash extensions will be left clean and full of volume after each conditioning.

Miist Eyelash Extension Cleaner

When it comes to lash foam shampoos, Miist has created one of the best around, to be used at home to keep up the gorgeous appearance of your eyelash extensions.

This eyelash extension shampoo was designed keeping the user’s comfort and health in mind, with it containing no artificial or harmful ingredients. It is perfectly suited for sensitive skin and delicate eyes. It is free from parabens, oils, and sulfates, and is suited for both personal and professional use.

The shampoo helps to effectively remove dead skin cells, oils and dust, without causing any irritation to the eyes or skin. There will be no irritation or burning sensation, especially due to the fact that the shampoo is rinsed off easily. Along with removing build-up, the lash shampoo will cleanse and moisturize the lashes, as well as remove any excess makeup.

The lash shampoo comes included with a brush for easy application, keeping your lashes fresh and in shape for a longer period of time.

You will be amazed at how gentle, yet effective, this shampoo is. You will have long-lasting, clean lashes with such easy maintenance!

Bubble Lash Bath Eyelash Extension Shampoo

This gentle formula has been developed with the same pH as your skin, for clean, healthy eyelashes.

The foam will help to remove any impurities and proteins from the eyelash extensions and can be used at home as a lash cleanser or makeup remover, as well as a deep cleaning before a new eyelash extension application.

It is incredibly safe and gentle to be used around the eyes, being free from parabens, gluten, phthalate, ethylene oxide, color, and betaine. It is both cruelty-free and vegan.

The 50ml shampoo foam is oil-free, so it will not interfere with the bond of the eyelash extensions, keeping them in place for longer between sessions. Included is an application brush which makes the cleansing process so much easier.

The Bubble Lash Bath Shampoo is everything you might need to keep your eyelash extensions looking as fabulous as possible, without running the risk of burning or irritation, and the application brush makes eyelash extension maintenance a complete breeze!

Quewel Eyelash Extension Cleaner

This oil-free formula is completely safe to use, as it is made from natural plant extracts. It is as gentle as can be, while still giving you a proper cleanse for clean, full-looking eyelash extensions.

Made from fruit extracts, Pueraria Lobata Root Extract, Tea Tree Pure Liquid, and other natural extracts, the formula has been proven to prevent itchy eyes, cleanse false lashes, relieve tired eyes, relieve computer eye strain and generally improve the look of lashes. The oil-free formula has been created to perfectly suit eyelash extensions, while still giving much-needed care to the eye area.

All ingredients are non-irritating and fresh, suitable for all skin and eye types. The main function of the lash shampoo is to remove oil stains and residue from eyelash extensions, while still promoting the growth of natural lashes. It can be used at home or in the salon and can be used to prep lashes before an eyelash extension application.

Protecting natural lashes while keeping eyelash extensions in the best condition, this natural, oil-free formula is incredibly caring and soothing for the eyes, and will really make maintenance of eyelash extensions enjoyable. You will have no problem using this shampoo and cleanser regularly!

Sylvia Lashes Eyelash Extension Shampoo 

Soft brushes and a gentle formula make this one of the best eyelash extension shampoos to use. The perfect cleansing experience to be had at home or in the salon.

The kit comes included with a 50ml bottle of Sylvia Lashes Eyelash Extension Shampoo and 2 incredibly soft brushes. It offers a safe deep cleansing of eyelash extensions, removing all build-up and impurities from wear. It is oil-free, as to not interfere with the bond of the eyelash extensions.

Suitable for all skin types, the shampoo has been formulated to be used even on sensitive skin. It helps keep lashes clean and gives them a wonderfully soft, conditioned feel. It also does wonders to ensure that lashes are long-lasting, extending the time between visits for infills.

Not only is the shampoo itself gentle on eyes and skin, but the silky soft brushes make for a smooth application, deeply cleansing and conditioning your beautiful lashes.

BL Lash Foam Wash for Eyelash Extensions

This brush and shampoo set will keep you on top of your eyelash extension maintenance, helping you achieve the most flawless, clean looking lashes time and time again.

The formula has been made to improve retention through the cleansing of lashes to remove oils and makeup build-up that compound over time and weaken the adhesive bond.

Helping to give you clean and healthy lashes, the shampoo foam can be used on a daily basis to prevent the build-up of dirt, makeup and dust, giving you lashes for longer. The ingredients not only cleanse the lashes but give them a supply of nourishment and moisture, making the lashes stronger and healthier.

The fine foam effectively cleanses away oils and makeup, even at the base of the lashes, without weakening the adhesive bond. The applicator brush makes the process so much easier and enjoyable, being soft and simple to use.

With daily use of this foaming shampoo, you will be giving yourself the most incredible lashes, which are clean, healthy and full of volume. It is so simple to use that you really will not mind the maintenance daily, and you will be so pleased with the outcome!

More Tips for Healthy Eyelash Extensions

Lash shampoo for eyelash extensions is a must for clean, hygienic lashes, but there are some other tips on how to keep your lashes looking flawless and long-lasting.

  • Shower – Do not get your lashes wet for up to 48 hours after the application. Do not wet them in the shower, and do not enter steam rooms, sunbeds, and saunas, and do not use oil-based makeup removers or moisturizers, as these could destabilize the setting bond. Pat your face dry after a shower and do not pull at the skin around your eyes.
  • Sleep – Try your best to not disturb your lashes during the night. Try and keep your pillows around your head in a position where they will not crush or bend your lashes during sleep, and to make this easier, avoid sleeping on your stomach.
  • Keep your appointments – Be sure to keep a good record of your appointment dates. Each appointment and treatment will require a different time between each, so remember to keep on top of when you should be going in for your next infill. Regular maintenance will help you achieve the volume you want, and also go a long way to ensure the health and growth of your natural lashes.

Lash Shampoo

If you are looking to give yourself some extra volume with some stunning eyelash extensions, you most definitely should order yourself one of these wonderful lash shampoos.

They will help keep your eyelash extensions in the best condition possible, being cleansed and conditioned, but they will also help a lot to ensure the health and volume of your natural lashes as well. 

Maintenance is key to beautiful lashes, and these eyelash extension shampoos and foams will be exactly what you need to make the most out of your gorgeous lashes!