Best 7 Eyebrow Extensions Kit


Eyebrow extension kits can take your eyebrows from ordinary to fab, all from the comfort of your own home, and in a few easy steps. Many people have either overplucked their eyebrows or are born with thin eyebrows that cannot be fixed with makeup alone.

To come to the rescue, eyebrow extensions kits give you the opportunity to completely revamp your eyebrows, achieving the full, bold look that you have been after.

What Are Eyebrow Extensions?

Eyebrow extensions are fibers that mimic the hairs of an eyebrow, which are then attached with a medical-grade adhesive to the eyebrow region. Unlike eyelash extensions, eyebrow extensions attach directly to the skin or onto the eyebrow hair.

Eyebrow extension fibers are much finer than those of eyelash extensions. This helps them appear more natural and blends in easier with the rest of the natural eyebrow. Eyebrow extensions are used to build onto the natural eyebrows, thickening them and making them appear more full.

Why You Should Choose Eyebrow Extensions

When it comes to creating thicker, fuller looking eyebrows, there are a few options to choose from. You can either choose to accentuate your natural brows using a dark eyebrow makeup, or you could go for micro balding, or eyebrow extensions.

The first option, using makeup to accentuate your eyebrows, is by no means long lasting, and is difficult to perfect on your own. You will need to reapply the makeup every time you are going out and will need to remove it before bed. While it does give you some freedom to play around with shape, it is not a long-time solution.

Micro balding can be described as a semi-permanent tattoo that creates the appearance of thicker eyebrows by using hair-like strokes, but micro balding lacks dimension. There is no added volume or depth and can often lack a defined arch. Using eyebrow extensions are also much safer than micro balding, as it is only applied to the surface of the skin, instead of into the epidermis using a needle. Micro balding is permanent, and there is a chance of infection as well.

Eyebrow extensions are the best way to achieve the eyebrows you are after, with minimal risk, and although they might not be permanent, they will last for around 2 weeks before maintenance needs to be done.

The most popular color for eyebrow extensions is dark brown, this color usually flatters all skin types and easily blends into natural eyebrows.

Types of Eyebrow Extensions

When it comes to eyebrow extensions, they can be broken down into two main types.

The first is the proper extensions, which use an eyebrow extension glue to bond to the already existing hair or skin. The eyebrow extensions are picked up one by one with a tweezer and dipped into the glue before they are put into place on the eyebrow to form the shape of choice. This method usually takes time and precision, but is easy to get the hang of after a while, and is the longer-lasting of the options, often staying in place for nearly 2 weeks before maintenance is required.

The second option is the fiber gel extensions. This is usually sold as an all-in-one tool, with the thin tip brush placed in the gel, and when unscrewed, can pick up the micro-fibers from the bottom of the tool to use to create the appearance of a thicker eyebrow. This is brushed onto the eyebrows and can be manipulated into the desired shape, which is a much quicker method than placing individual extensions on one by one. The downside is that this method is not long-lasting, and will only stay in place for about 8 hours. The pro to this is that you can experiment with different shapes and styles almost every day, and the fiber gel extensions can be easily used on the go and for quick touch-ups.

The Best Eyebrow Extension Kits

If you are wanting to perfect your eyebrows at home, you might want to purchase an eyebrow extension kit. These kits have everything you need to give yourself fuller, more voluminous eyebrows from home, as well as the tools you will need to maintain your eyebrows week after week.

1. Eyebrow Extensions with Eyebrow Extension Glue

These black eyebrow extensions are at mixed lengths, and with the versatile eyebrow glue, they can be used time and time again for basic to exaggerated eyebrows.

The tray is set with mink eyebrow extensions, which are soft and durable`, but still help to create volume and a full appearance. The eyebrow extensions come with the matching glue, which keeps the eyebrow fibers in place for up to 2 weeks. However, they are easy to remove and are waterproof as well.

Before application, all oils and debris need to be removed from the natural eyebrow before application, to ensure the best results possible.

This kit, while simple, really is all you need to get the most gorgeous eyebrows possible. A simple application of glue and the fibers is the only step necessary.

2. Eyebrow Extension Kit and Glue

This kit contains four different eyebrow extension trays, all in different shades to suit different styles and tones. There is blonde, light brown, brown and then black, with mixed lengths that can help with varied styling.

The kit comes with the four trays, eyebrow extension glue, and tweezers to help during application. The eyebrow glue is of a professional grade and allows the extensions to last for weeks, it is also easy to remove and waterproof, and being translucent it can be used on all different color extensions.

The precision tweezers help you to properly and carefully place the extensions into the correct position, allowing you to build a flawless shape and eyebrow structure.

You will be able to achieve the exact look you have been after with everything in this kit, while not having to visit a salon and spend an excessive amount of money on your eyebrows. With some practice and the tools in this kit, you will be perfecting your eyebrows in no time!

3. Sussmai New 3D Eyebrow Extensions

These 3D lashes give a more natural look to eyebrows, compared to using a brown pencil or eyebrow gel, and are really easy to apply.

This kit of 3D eyebrow extensions helps you DIY your eyebrows at home, in the simplest of ways. The 3D fibers might not be as long-lasting as other kits, only lasting around 8 hours, but they are really simple to apply and do give a great finish.  The creamy gel texture gives an even, natural result that is long-lasting.

Being waterproof and quick-drying, you can carry on with your day and makeup routine as normal once you have finished the application.

The top of the cap has a fine tip brush that easily twists on and off can be dipped into the fibers when it will be then applied to the eyebrow area to form the illusion of full eyebrows. The makeup gel is easy to use and molds into place gently with the help from the fine tip brush.

This kit will help give you the chance to perfectly sculpt your eyebrows with one small kit, all contained in one small bottle.

4. Eyebrow Extensions Waterproof

This eyebrow extension kit was designed specifically for those who want to have thick and natural-looking brows.

3D fiber brows help to give a more natural look than a brow pencil or gel and can be used at home for a DIY eyebrow makeover. The creamy gel texture is long-lasting, with natural and even-looking results.

The extensions and gel adhesive are waterproof, with the glue being instant drying, and the extensions can last up to 8 hours. The fine-tipped brush at the end of the cap can be used to pick up and brush on the fibers, to create a perfect look in a few minutes.

The kit includes the gel and the 3D fibers, as well as an instructional video on how to achieve the eyebrows of your dreams.

Simple to use, and to be used on the go as well, this eyebrow extension kit will be your most trusted accessory in your makeup bag!

5. 4D Eyebrow Gel Fiber Eyebrow Extensions

Micro-fibers create the perfect eyebrow appearance, using 4D gel technology. This helps to give a much more natural look than eyebrow pencils, dyes, and powders. 

Man-made fibers mimic the real eyebrow hair to make them look more realistic. The brush tip helps to apply and shape the fibers onto the eyebrows, and helps to create an eyebrow trail when there is none yet.

To help create the perfect shape, there are three eyebrow cards which are included in the kit to suit different shapes, to give a more perfect and flawless finish to the eyebrows.

The kit can be used both at home or in a salon, showing the high-quality of the product offered. What makes it even more useful is that the entire kit fits straight into a makeup bag or handbag, and can be taken anywhere and everywhere to be used for touch-ups and reapplications on-the-go.

It is the ideal solution to the best brows, with minimal effort and the more gorgeous results possible.

6. I Envy by Kiss Eyebrow Extension Fiber

Fiber is one of the best routes to go when it comes to eyebrow extensions, giving you a flexible and easy application, but with the benefit of being able to apply the fibers in the shape that you want to.

This fiber-rich gel builds up the brows on an already existing canvas, to create full and defined brows in the shape that you desire. The fiber hold is long-lasting, and non-glassy, perfectly blending into your natural brows underneath. The extension fiber is also waterproof, so there is no chance that your makeup or shower will cause it to have a shorter lifespan than it should.

This one little tool is so easy to take wherever you go, and with the two-step action, unscrewing the thin tip and picking up the fibers, you will be able to craft and shape eyebrows that are full of volume and depth, without any of the damage that might come with permanent solutions like micro balding.

Safe and easy to use, even on the go, this crafty little tool is the one accessory you need to get those sought-after brows, which will last your whole night out, and then some!

7. Eyebrow Extension Enhancer

To give your eyebrows that extra bit of depth and volume, these artificial eyebrow extensions are exactly what you will need.

Made from a soft and comfortable fiber, the eyebrow extensions are silky and light, feeling almost weightless when worn. The individual fibers are curved to fall into the shape of the natural eyebrows, keeping in with the flawless appearance. The length is standard, not making the eyebrow extensions stand out and appear false, but they can be trimmed if needed to fit the contour of the rest of the eyebrows.

The eyebrow extensions come in a dust-proof and sanitary container and will form the perfect kit when paired with the matching glue.

While this isn’t a kit on its own, the eyebrow extensions deserve a special mention as they are some of the most versatile around. Completely moldable and with the ability to be personalized, they will suit every brow shape and style, and will be your go-to for the perfect brows!

Eyebrow Extension Kits

Eyebrow extension kits to use at home are the best accessory you could have hoped for when it comes to perfecting your brows and giving them the most volume possible.

These kits are really easy to use once you have the hang of it, and in no time you will be mastering the art of eyebrow extensions at home! Choose between eyebrow extensions and fiber gel extensions, depending on which suits your makeup routine best.

Make sure to properly prepare your natural eyebrows for the best possible finish, and to ensure your extensions are long-lasting and natural-looking each and every time.