Best 10 Adhesive Eyebrows


Brows have become the hottest thing in the beauty world lately. With celebs like Kylie Jenner and even James Charles inspiring us to be our absolute best when it comes to our eyebrows, we can’t help but wonder how to get the look. 

There are many ways in which you can make your brows look amazing. You can pencil them on every day, but then you have to worry about water or accidentally sweating them off when you go to the gym. 

You can opt for microblading or threading, which is a great way to look your best. However, this method is expensive, and may not be in everybody’s budget. 

So, what solutions are there to get the brows we want and avoid spending heaps of time and money on it? The answer is adhesive brows. 

In this article, we have rounded up ten great picks from Amazon. We even have some brows for the men out there who want to make a great impression. 

1. MyBrows Long Lasting Eyebrow Transfers, Natural Black

The great thing about these Natural Black brows is that they have arch options. You can figure out which arch works best for you and choose accordingly. The brows are very easy to apply and remove, and you can easily apply them over eyebrows that are a bit sparse. 

You can apply these easily and they last up to five days. These are easy transfers and make your brows look beautiful, natural and full. They come in several different colors too. 

After all, did you know that one in five women will experience thin or sparse eyebrows? Medical issues, plucking too much and aging can result in thinning. 

Tattoos can get pretty expensive and applying your brows each day can be annoying. These transfers are the perfect solution and very affordable. 

They are easily some of the most natural looking brows we have ever seen. The ease of use, natural look, and availability make them real winners in our book.  

2. Godefoy MyBrows Long Lasting Eyebrow Transfers, High Arch

These are the same Godefoy long lasting eyebrows, just in a different color. However, we wanted to emphasize how great these brows were, especially with the high arch included. 

They really give you a sense of authority and confidence when you place these with your natural brow, or over the space where brows are located. 

These brows are great for those of you who demand a really natural look. These are probably the most realistic ones we have reviewed. All the brows we have looked at are great, but this brand is really in a class of its own. 

In each pack of eyebrows, you get 12 pairs of great looking brows. You can easily place them in your travel bag when it’s time to fly or drive. 

They are very easy to use and will apply to your face in just a matter of seconds. These are just perfect when you have an impression to make and have to make it really count!

3. Fake Lace Eyebrows for Men-Human Hair

These eyebrows will give a male wearer the authority and handsome visage he needs to make an impression in the office, a date, or just to feel confident in himself about his appearance. 

These are lace eyebrows that come in four different colors and feature a touch of gray to offer that bit of wisdom and authority with your brows. 

This is great for men who already have a bit of gray in their hair and would like a bit in their brows, too. You can always pencil over these brows in the event you would like them colored completely. 

These brows look and feel natural, after all they are made of human hair. They are easy to use and wear. The only tool needed is adhesive and adhesive remover. 

To use and maintain these brows is not hard at all. You can trim the tail to suit your needs, or just wear as is. They provide a flattering and handsome look for men of all ages and skin tones. 

4. Eyebrow Extension Kit with Mink Eyebrows & Clear Glue

This is a pretty extensive kit great for makeup lovers and beauty junkies everywhere. It is loaded with all you need to make your brows and lashes look amazing. There are eyebrow extensions and also clear glue included. It’s a one stop shop for your brows. 

The eyebrow extensions are made of soft mink. They will feel amazing and natural on your skin. You will get four mink trays of extensions for eyebrows. The mink is very durable despite its luxury feel. 

The colors included are great for everybody. There is light brown, black, brown, and blonde. Mixed lengths are included, ranging from 5-8 mm per extension. 

All you need to make your look complete is included in the kit. These brows and the glue last up to two weeks. This is arguably the kit to have for professionals as well as beauty lovers everywhere who demand serious staying power in their brows! 

5. PrettyLoxx Human Hair Eyebrows

In this set, you get one pair of top-quality lashes and also four packs of adhesive. These brows might just be the greatest of all time. After all you get a free pair of lashes when you order these! 

The glue is non-toxic and will hold the lashes and brows right in place. There is a swiss-lace base, and there are plenty of colors available for all skin tones and hair colors. You can easily trim the brows to fit your face shape. These brows work well with pencils and also come with instructions, so you don’t mess anything up. 

Absolute beginners may wish to consider these-it’s all laid out for you! 

Another great thing about these brows is that they are great for male or female users. You don’t even need to shave your own brows to use them. These make it easy to enhance the brows you already have. 

6. False Angelina Eyebrows by LashyBrows

Angelina Jolie is known as a badass woman thanks to her roles in movies like Maleficent and also due to her charity work overseas. You can embody the spirit of this amazing woman when you pick up these beautiful brows and add them to your beauty routine. 

This is 100% human hair and it is hand-tied. You can re-use these brows for up to three months. Feel free to wear them anywhere you go. These are quite thin in nature, so if you have a child who needs brows due to hair loss, these make a lovely option for boys and girls. Simply trim them to fit. 

You can wear these for 3-5 days in a row, too. This is perfect for going on a special vacation and looking your absolute best. These do really well when you are working out, taking a swim, or even just having a shower. You can really wear these anywhere and always look on point. 

7. Vlasy One Pair Handmade Eyebrows

One thing we really liked about this particular eyebrow set was the fact that it comes with an adhesive. You need not worry about buying a second product-a tube of adhesive-to make these brows really work. 

These brows come in plenty of different colors. No matter what color hair you would like to match, or your skin tone, you will look and feel your best wearing them. These are made with human hair, and they are handmade, too. 

Application for these is very easy. Simply apply the glue to your skin and then carefully apply the brow to clean, clear skin. You can also get rid of excess adhesive by using a q-tip near the outer edges of the eyebrows to clean it up. 

These are hand-knotted, human hair eyebrows that look great and they are also very easy to trim. You can use them for any purpose you desire, whether it’s to improve your brow look or perfect a costume.

8. False Eyebrows-LashyBrows J. Lo Silicone Base

Jennifer Lopez may be known for many things such as her singing talents and acting ability, but her brows inspire women everywhere. And though J. Lo is catered to by the best makeup and hair pros out there, we can still steal her brow look at a fraction of the cost. 

These eyebrows are beautiful and come in a lovely shade of caramel brown. They look great on women of all skin tones, ages and face shapes. They feature a beautiful downward tail that is easy to trim if you need to. 

These lashes are made of human hair and are knotted by hand. They feature a comfortable silicone base which will feel great on your skin. These brows may be re-used for up to three months. You can wear them each and every day, or about 3-5 days straight. 

These brows are loved by users everywhere and come in many different colors to match your taste. 

9. Vlasy One Pair Men’s Fake Eyebrows

Men care about their brows, too-and thankfully, Vlasy has come through with a set that’s just great for all the men out there. Whether you would like to have fuller brows due to hair loss or aging, or simply care about how you look for a business or formal setting, these brows will get you the look you want. 

There is just one pair of brows in the pack, but they are great quality. They are made of human hair and are hand-tied. There are four different colors to choose from that will look great on men of all skin tones and ages. 

No adhesive is included with the eyebrows, however-that is going to be something you have to pick up yourself. This is a bit of an annoyance, but the quality of the brows is pretty good. 

Whether you need brows to look your best or want to restore brows that have been lost, count on Vlasy for a masculine and professional look. 

10. Vlasy One Pair Women’s Handmade False Eyebrows

Perfect for women everywhere, you get one pair of great quality eyebrows in this kit. They look really natural, and the color is the best. Even when you get up close to these brows, you can’t tell that they are false. 

The brows are very well crafted and shaped really well. You will hardly have to pluck and trim them. However, the cardboard that they are shipped on can really make them hard to get off. Be careful how you remove them, as the brows could fluff and make you look like you have very thick eyebrows!

If this does happen, it’s easy to make them look great with some clear Chapstick ran over the brow. 

With plenty of colors to choose from, and options great for men and women, Vlasy is definitely a brand to watch when it comes to adhesive eyebrows. These are easy to use and look great. 

Having brows that look great is very important. They help perform several tasks in making your face look great. Not all of us have brows that look the way we want, and so it is important to shape our brows in a way that is enhancing to our natural beauty and face shape.

After all, eyebrows make you look rested and alert, even when you feel tired. This is great for everybody, especially those of us that have to look our best for work, family events or other purposes like social media. 

You can also apply less makeup when your brows look their best. The need for a full face is lessened because you enhance your natural beauty and look great when you have well-cared for and shaped brows. Plus, applying adhesive brows are a great way to save money. They cost less than eyebrow tattoos and save you time from having to draw and re-draw your brows each and every day. 

Eyebrows can even make you look youthful. Many women who see grays often color their hair to hide these grays. However, the eyebrows get overlooked and the look is incomplete. Applying these brows are a great way to look and feel youthful. Combine this with a great anti-aging skin routine, and you will have a youthful appearance in the bag. 

Having eyebrows that work for you is key in looking your best. There are options for men, women and even children. Most importantly, brows help people who have lost hair due to medical reasons feel like themselves again. 

Grab yours today and feel amazing!