Best 10 Eyelash Perming Kits


If you have stunningly curled eyelashes, you have probably tried getting a natural eyelash perm. Typically, without curlers or eyelash perms, eyelashes don’t tend to curl too dramatically. Recently, many people have discovered the magic of eyelash perming and are loving it because of its convenience and the brightness it gives to the eyes. 

Eyelash perming is a great way to work around the struggles of doing your lashes every day. It can save you money and time – you won’t need to buy expensive mascara and eyelash curlers anymore. With eyelash perming, lashes will look softer, longer, and thick with little effort on your side. It not only revived your lashes but also makes them look expressive naturally. Permed eyelashes can stay curled for up to 8 weeks or 1.5 months on average. If you are experiencing dropping eyelids, permed eyelashes are the ideal fix. 

Eyelash Vs. Eyelash Curlers 

Eyelash curlers are fantastic tools to create a natural-looking curl to your eyelashes, but improper lash curling could cause unpleasant results. Typically, the more you use eyelash curlers, the more it is likely that your lashes will fall out. Also, eyelash curlers come with rubber inserts that easily falls off, especially on cheap eyelash curlers and the sharp inner edge might cut off the lashes. Using an eyelash perm will help reduce the risk of losing your lashes. It is a one-time procedure that lasts long, so you need not worry about working with an eyelash curler every time you do your makeup. 

How Does Eyelash Perming Kit Work? 

Although eyelash perming kits vary slightly by brand, they work the same way they do when performed by a beautician in a salon. Eyelash perming kit is a bit similar to a regular hair perm, but with eyelash perming kits, there are 3 major types: “to curl”, root, and combined. “To curl” curls make lashes look thicker and lengthen them. Root curls are specifically designed to increase volume. Combined curls give a defined and flirty look as they curl every single lash. 

The eyelash perming is absolutely painless and safe. First, coat your eyelashes with a special adhesive and then wrap them around silicone pads or foam rollers. This helps to hold them in the curled position. Next, cream your eyelashes or apply a Perming solution and allow that to sit for some minutes. Once the perming chemicals are done, add a neutralizing solution and allow it to sit. This leaves you with beautifully curled natural looking lashes. It is smart to watch a few tutorials on YouTube before trying this on yourself. 

Best 10 Eyelash Perming Kits 

Tetyana Naturals Eyelash Perm Kit 

The Tetyana Naturals Eyelash Perm Kit is one of the most popular eyelash perming kits on the market. The kit includes a complete collection of everything you need to use, including the glue and pads to fix your eyelashes into position. The high-quality brush head is designed specifically to be precise enough for application to your eyelashes. This semi-permanent kit will help your eyes look more beautiful and bigger through lifting up your lashes to form the perfect curl. What is great about this product is that it comes with everything you need and the collection is labeled and numbered very clearly. It offers excellent value for money, especially since you get enough to perm 5 to 10 times. Like with all eyelash perming kits, it takes some learning, and some getting used to but it is all smooth sailing once you get the hang of it. 

Dolly’s Lash Lift Eyelash Perm Kit 

The perming kit from Dolly’s equips you with everything you need for a DIY eyelash perming. Each bottle is labeled clearly, so you know what lotion to use and which steps to do to ensure success. This formula is one of the most beginner-friendly perming kits on the market. The kit includes two different sizes of silicone pads that you glue your eyelashes to. The different sizes are for your desired level of curl – the medium pads give a sharper curve while the large pads provide a more gradual curve. 

We love that the Dolly’s Lash Lift Eyelash Perm Kit can provide a noticeable and dramatic eyelash perming on even the most stubborn and thickest eyelashes. So if you had no luck with heated lash curlers or have been disappointed by eyelash curlers – expect to be pleasantly surprised with this eyelash perming kit. Dolly’s Lash Lift Eyelash Perm Kit makes it quite easy for even beginner beauty noobs to do an impressive eyelash perming at home at a fraction of what it would cost in salons. The results are super impressive, even on stubborn lashes and you will likely get about half a dozen eyelash perming with one kit, making it cost-effective. 

EssyNaturals Eyelash Perm Kit 

The EssyNaturals Eyelash Perm Kit has been carefully formulated to deliver gorgeous results that will last for up to a month. So you won’t have to curl your eyelashes every morning. This formula has been rigorously tested for effectiveness and safety and is versatile for both home and professional use. This eyelash perming kit creates long, fluttery, and eye-opening curls that compliment any look. With this easy to use perming kit, it takes little effort to gain lasting and stunning eyelash curls as no extra hearing is required. The EssyNaturals Eyelash Perm Kit will ensure your delicate lashes appear naturally elongated and frame your bright eyes. Use this eyelash perming kit to enhance your beauty and boost your confidence. 

VASSOUL Eyelash Perm Kit 

The VASSOUL Eyelash Perm Kit promises professional-Level results with their formula and it definitely looks the part. Not only does it look cute, it actually works and even give you some useful instructions on how to perform the eyelash perming. This kit comes with 5 pairs of perming pads of various sizes, so you can customize the level of curl you want. What is great about this solution is that it’s effective and less irritating, so this is the eyelash perming kit for you if you have sensitive eyes. Another huge perk of this DIY eyelash perming kit is that the eye pads you glue your eyelashes to are very easy to use. They stick better to lashes, so you need not struggle with fixing your lashes to the pads before curling them. 

Also, the glue is fast drying which makes the entire process easier since it gives rebellious and stray lashes less time to fall away from the pads before you start perming them. The VASSOUL Eyelash Perm Kit is a high-quality kit decked out with everything you need. This formula comes with multiples of each product in the kit and offers a lot of value for money. You can use it up to 15 times; this makes it an excellent deal, especially when compared to salon prices. 

Lash Stuff Lash Lift Kit with Keratin 

The Lash Stuff Lash Lift Kit is designed to be very gentle on your eyes and has less risk of over processing your eyelashes. The kit includes all the applicators, tools, and creams that are needed to perform an eyelash perm. This solution perms, neutralizes, and conditions the natural eyelashes. This kit allows you to perm two different types of curls. Create a C-curl eyelash perm that has more bling or a natural-looking J-curl. The innovative eyelash perm rods have a marker on the ends that tell you which way to face the rods. The Lash Stuff Lash Lift Kit is a great option for those that can’t have eyelash extensions because of sensitivities or any other reason. The kit is designed to be more gentle on the eyes so there is no stinging that is usually experienced with other eyelash perming kits. We love the single-serving packets of perming cream as this prevents it from being exposed to air which may cause it to oxidize and lose its strength. The Lash Stuff Lash Lift Kit comes with more eyelash perming products than any other kit on the market. 

ICONSIGN Eyelash Perm Kit 

The ICONSIGN Eyelash Perm Kit offers you a safe and painless way to perm your natural eyelashes and keep them looking fantastic and curly for up to 8 weeks. This perming kit is also a 3-step process that perms, neutralizes, and conditions your natural eyelashes. This solution is super gentle on the eyes and produces stunning results. The solution provides 3 to 4 weeks of curl and length to your lashes and can use this kit for up to 15 minutes before you need a new one which makes it even more cost-effective. 

Save your skin from pouches, lines, sagging, and aging. It contains keratin enhancement treatment made from a high quality that has been rigorously tested to ensure effectiveness and safety. Your eye will forever thank you for never wearing mascara again. The ICONSIGN Eyelash Perm Kit is great for anyone who wants longer, more dramatic eyelashes naturally. The kit gives you the same effect of mascara without any smudges or clumps that can irritate the eyes. If you love the benefits of eyelash extensions or mascara but hate the irritation and cost, you will absolutely love using this easy eyelash perming kit. 

WindMax Eyelash Lashes Curling Perming Solution Full Tools with Case 

The WindMax Eyelash Lashes Curling Perming Solution Full Tools is a hygienic, efficient, fast, and long-lasting eyelash perming kit. Since no extra heating is required, it is very economical to use. The kit includes everything you could need including three (3) size rods, so you need not lash length. The rods are already sticky so you need not use any additional glue. This eyelash perming kit gives you a wide-eyed, charming look and transforms your look into an active and charming one. The kit is truly easy to use and possible to do on your own. With this kit, you will no longer have to worry about using an eyelash curler. 

Pinkzio Premium Eyelash Perm Kit 

The Pinkzio Premium Eyelash Perm Kit is made with premium quality ingredients that will ensure your lashes remain curled for up to one month. The kit includes both silicone pads and white sticky rods. The smaller the bump on the silicone pads, the higher the lift. The larger bump gives more curvature but less lift while the medium size pads give more curl and higher lift. The kit has detailed, easy to follow instructions. The setting and perming lotion have very little odor. With this solution, you will get beautifully lifted lashes that will get you lots of compliments. The smaller the bump on the silicone pads the higher the lift. This formula is perfect for anyone who craves an extra curl for their natural lashes. 

Aroamas Eyelash Perm Kit 

The Aroamas Eyelash Perm Kit has been rigorously tested for effectiveness and safety and is suitable for both home and professional use. This formula helps to create long, fluttery, and eye-opening curls that compliment any look for weddings, parties, and daily makeup. This eyelash perming kit is easy to use, so you need little effort to gain lasting and stunning eyelash curls. The Aroamas Eyelash Perm Kit allows you to get gorgeous eyelash curls that will last for up to a month without the hassle of using your eyelash curler daily. 

GLIMOCN Eyelash Perm Kit 

The GLIMOCN Eyelash Perm Kit is made by professional pharmacologists and has been tested by experienced eyelash artists and used by many people to improve the eyelash perming process. This solution is mild and non-irritating and has added fruit flavors and Food-Grade melon. This eyelash perming kit can last for up to 8 weeks, so you can avoid the inconvenience caused by mascara. The advanced water-soluble glue helps to shorten the time needed to lift your eyelash. This kit will ensure you get natural and perfect curling eyelashes. The GLIMOCN Eyelash Perm Kit is easy to use, making it perfect for beginners. 

Eyelash perming kit is ideal for anyone who wants to go out without worrying about putting on any false eyelashes or mascara. Eyelash perming kits can create natural-looking curls that look soft, boosting your natural beauty.