Best 10 Face Washes for Eyelash Extensions (to keep the extensions from falling off)


The things we go through as women to make ourselves look good. It’s a lot of upkeep and maintenance. It’s why we carry around a bunch of tools with us anytime we have to pack and go somewhere. One of those things that men never have to think about is finding a face wash that won’t destroy our eyelash extensions.

All they care about is how pretty our eyes are. Well it takes some work to make sure that underneath those eyelash extensions aren’t a bunch of bumps from a nasty eye infection! Guess what? We can do both! We can both look good and make sure we are keeping the dirt and grime away while we’re wearing eyelash extensions if we use the right cleanser. 

Face wash is a bit of a misnomer. You aren’t supposed to be putting face wash on your eyes anyway. The solution to a face wash that allows you to keep your eyelash extensions from falling off is a really good eyelash cleanser for extensions—they make that you know!

We found 10 of the best eyelash extensions shampoos and cleansers that help you to maintain the glamorous look that you are going for while protecting your real eyes! Here are our top picks: 

10 Best Face Washes for Eyelash Extensions

1. Professional Grade Eyelash Extensions Shampoo for Home Use

How you apply eyelash extensions cleansers is just as important as the cleanser you use. For our top 5 eyelash extension washes, we found products that come with a brush applicator, like the Eyelash Extension Shampoo from Stacy Lash. Brush applicators help you to apply eyelash cleansers safely and easily. 

Like some of your best face washes, this eyelash extensions shampoo foams up when you use it yet it doesn’t burn. Its formula is supposed to gently remove makeup and oil from your lashes and eyelids. How do they do it? By making it practically chemical free – no sulfates, no parabens, no gluten, and no color added.

Although it is high grade enough for professional use in salons, it is made for home use as well. If you’ve spent money for top quality eyelash extensions, you want them to last as long as possible. This eyelash extensions cleanser will do it! And if you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back.

2. Eyelash Extensions Cleanser for Sensitive Eyes

We went back and forth between the last cleanser and Lash Foam Shampoo for Extensions from MIIST as to which is the very best. Let’s call it a tie, but one thing that we like about this wash is that it comes with both a cleansing brush and an eyelash brush. Also it is made for both home and professional use and it is oil and sulfate free.

While you’re protecting your eyelash extensions, this lash cleanser protects your natural lashes too! Whether you have allergies or just sensitive eyes, this formula is super gentle and free from chemicals that hurt or burn your eyes. 

One of the awesome things about this cleanser is that it doesn’t just remove makeup and oil, it gets rid of dead skin and dust on your lashes while also moisturizing the skin around your lashes. If you have sensitive eyes, we highly recommend this one!

3. Deep Cleaning Eyelash Extensions Shampoo

If you are someone who has been wearing eyelash extensions for a long time but have never thought about buying a cleanser (until now), and feel your eyelids and eyelashes need a deep cleansing, we recommend the Eyelash Extension Foam Cleanser Shampoo and Brush from Beau Lashes. You should even use this before you get your eyelash extensions installed!

When you apply eyelash extensions with oily skin and dirty lashes, they are not going to stay put for long; keeping them clean helps to extend the life of your eyelash extensions. Using a deep cleanser like this one can help scrub out mascara gunk and oil residue from your eyes while maintaining the adhesion of your lashes.

For use by amateurs and professionals alike, you can trust that although this foaming cleanser cleans deeply, it is vegan safe, cruelty free, and hypoallergenic. Plus it comes with a nifty brush applicator!

4. Wash and Rinse Eyelash Extensions Cleanser Kit

You get a big bottle of cleanser when you choose the Foaming Eyelash Extension Cleanser from Quewel. It’s twice the size of the previous cleansers on our list and it is a combination shampoo and conditioner. So you clean and moisturize at the same time!

One thing we found absolutely brilliant and unique about this face wash for eyelash extensions is the fact that it comes with both a brush and a rinse bottle. That’s important because people who wear eyelash extensions tend to just avoid their eyes altogether when they wash, out of fear of ruining them.

The addition of a rinse bottle allows you to gently rinse away the foaming wash safely. On top of that, this cleanser is all natural. No dyes, no chemicals, and it is made of ingredients like pomegranate, chamomile, and cucumber extracts as well as aloe vera. This easy to use eyelash extensions cleanser kit is a God send for timid lash wearers.

5. Stay Put Eyelash Extensions Cleanser

Besides the fear of getting soap in your eyes, the main fear of using face washes for eyelash extensions is the fear that it will make those beautiful extensions fall out! To the rescue is the Clean Foaming Eyelid and Lash Cleanser from Infinit. Its mission is to extend the life of your extensions while providing a thorough cleaning.

Salons use this cleanser prior to installing eyelash extensions to make sure that the glue sticks better by removing all of the oil and dirt that causes eyelash slips. At the same time, once your extensions are installed, this same cleanser keeps them from falling off – imagine that!

This foaming wash is free of certain chemicals that irritate the skin so that you can gently wash your eyelash extensions. You get salon quality eye care using an eyelash extensions cleanser for at home use! If your biggest fear is your lashes falling off, use this cleanser to put your mind at ease!

6. Cleanser for Natural Lashes and Eyelash Extensions

The Foaming Eye and Lash Wash from Lashfresh comes with a soft applicator brush attached to the lid like a bottle of nail polish. Effective at cleansing both eyelash extensions and natural lashes, this product is an all natural organic cleanser – perfect for sensitive eyes! 

There is no oil in this cleanser. It is made with water plus aloe vera, cornflower, and other natural ingredients to cleanse your eyes gently – paraben free. For that reason, it is able to moisturize without adding oil while effectively removing mascara and dirt.

For those with sensitive eyes, when they say all natural, they mean it. It is vegan safe, totally chemical free, free from sulfates, gluten, and free from fragrance. The beauty of this thing is that it is an excellent choice for cleansing your eyelids and eyelashes whether you wear extensions or not!

7. Daily Eyelash Extensions Cleanser

The beauty of the Foaming Eyelash Extension Cleanser from Foster(10) is that it is made for daily use. You don’t have to let your eyelashes get mucked up with makeup and oil for days and days before you decide to wash them. You can use it every day and it won’t make your extensions fall off!

Another thing we love about this cleanser is its versatility. You can use it not only to clean your eyelashes but also as a face wash. It works as a handy cleaner for your mascara wand and brush too. The only downside for this one is that it doesn’t come with its own applicator brush.

However, it is gently made so that you can use it every day. Using all natural extracts like green tea, chamomile, aloe vera, cucumber, and pomegranate you get an oil free cleanser that won’t burn or irritate your eyes. Plus, these ingredients remove bacteria and fungus.

8. Combo Eyelash Extensions Shampoo and Conditioner

When you shampoo your hair, you don’t skip the conditioning, so why should skip it when you shampoo your eyelash extensions? You shouldn’t and that’s why we dig the Wash and Wink Eyelash Extension Cleanser from GladGirl so much. It’s a foaming liquid that does not hurt your eyes. 

If you use this product, you are in good company. Makeup artists and professional salons use a slew of products from this maker. This cleanser is good for both eyelash extensions and natural eyelashes. It is filled with botanical extracts instead of a bunch of chemicals and it is oil free and gentle.

Don’t worry about it getting into your eyes – it is ouch-less too! Made for people with delicate eyes, if you want an easy solution to your mascara problem, you can use this and preserve the fancy eyelash extensions you love so much!

9. Longer Lasting Eyelash Extensions Cleanser

Here’s something different! Specifically designed to make your eyelash extension installation last as long as humanly possible, the Eyelash Extension Concentrated Cleanser from ProLong is exactly the type of thing you need if face washes strip your eyelash extensions away. 

Made in Australia, this product doesn’t only clean your eyelashes; it’s gentle enough to use all over your face. In fact, they recommend using it every day, twice a day to keep makeup from building up on your eyes and your face. That’s because it is both a makeup remover and cleanser in one!

But don’t you worry; it is loaded with botanicals like rose flower water and grape seed extract. You should note however that it does contain plenty of chemicals and alcohol. Still there are no oils or fragrances and because it’s concentrated, you don’t have to use a bunch of it for it to be effective at cleaning all kinds of grit and grime!

10. Eyelash Extensions Disinfectant Cleanser

At the salon, before your eyelash extensions are installed, most pros will use a primer like the Lash Primer Eyelash Extension Cleanser from KC Republic to clean your lashes so that your extensions adhere better and stay longer. Then, when your lashes are installed, you use it day and night to keep them clean without weakening the glue!

Perfectly safe for your natural lashes too, this cleanser will remove oil buildup, dirt, makeup, and debris very gently. You won’t find any alcohol in this one or chemicals of any kind. It’s 100% cruelty free and uses no fragrances or dyes. 

What we love the most is that this powerful cleanser does its job without ruining your eyelash install. You can be confident that your lashes are clean and clear and that they will stay put for even longer because you cleanse them daily with this product! 

Best Accessories for Eyelash Extensions 

We’ve identified three things that cause damage when using eyelash extensions: the weight, the glue, and keeping them on too long. Check out the accessories we found to go with your new eyelash extensions: 

BEPHOLAN Professional Eyelash Glue | Latex Free | Strong Hold for False Eyelashes | Eyelash Adhesive | Safe on Skin | Suitable for Sensitive Eyes | White 176 oz

1. Most Popular Eyelash Glue

For professional grade lashes, we recommend professional grade glue. The hold is super important but so is safety. We recommend using the Professional Eyelash Glue from Bepholan to apply your new lashes. For one, the glue works and holds very well despite water, rain, or sweat. More importantly though, it is latex free, sulfate free, cruelty free, and made for sensitive eyes. It comes with an easy to use applicator brush and the glue dries quickly and clearly. 

DAODER 5pcs Lash Tweezers Precision Tweezers Set Straight & Curved Bent Point Tip Tweezers Tool for Eyelashes Extension and Crafts with PU Storage Case

2. Complete Eyelash Tweezers Set

If you’re using eyelash extensions, you’re going to need a really good tweezers set. Some eyelashes come with their own applicators but we found a fantastic set of tweezers specifically made for eyelash extensions; the 5-Piece Lash Precision Tweezers from Daoder. There are five different styles of tweezers for picking up, applying, curling, angling, and grafting fake eyelashes. 

And although these are made for your eyelashes, they can be used as a small tool for other projects like nail art or fixing your eye glasses. And if that weren’t enough, it comes in a handy dandy polyurethane storage case so that everything stays in one place! 

Eyelash Extension Kit | No Burn Glue Non Irritant | Made in USA | Over 300 Applications with Lashes Single, Cluster, Strip, Designer. Professional Use Grade

3. Everything You Need Eyelash Extension Kit

Finally, we thought, why beat around the bush – if you really want to do this right, you need the Eyelash Extension Kit from Lashes and Cosmetics. It literally has everything you need. You get two different glues to try, a combination of single mink lashes plus mink eyelash clusters in a variety of shapes and sizes, lash remover supplies, a tweezers set, brushes, mascara, a magnifying glass, and much more – it has literally everything you need all in a pretty carrying case!