Best 10 Professional Eyelash Extension Glues


If you are new to lashing, you may feel overwhelmed with all the different opinions and options you are bombarded with. However, if you are a vet, you may be wondering if you should try different glue or keep different adhesives in your arsenal for different clients. We have carefully selected the best professional eyelash extension glues for you. 

How to Choose the Best Professional Eyelash Extension Glues 

Here are the main things to look for to determine which eyelash glue is best for you. 


When you are first learning how to apply eyelash extension, you won’t be as fast as someone who has been lashing for many years. So, you need an adhesive that affords you the flexibility to correct lash placement, or just give you additional seconds to get onto the swing of things. We recommend you opt for an adhesive with longer drying time. As you get more experienced or faster, you may want your lash adhesive to catch up with you, so you can switch to an adhesive with instant curing time. 


When looking at eyelash extension glues, you will see an optimal range of humidity and temperature. It is important to pay attention to this as the performance of your adhesive relies on these environmental factors. Your adhesive drops will cure more quickly if you live in a place with higher humidity. The adhesive will take a bit longer to cure if you live in places with drier climates. You can purchase dehumidifiers or humidifiers for your lash space to get the humidity just right. Or you can choose an adhesive that you like and make a mental note that if the bottle says it dries in 3 to 5 seconds, it may be more like 1 to 3 for your specific space. 


Some clients can prefer gentler glue or sensitive to the fumes, so it is important for every lash artist to have a sensitive adhesive in their arsenal. However, it is important to note that sensitive adhesives don’t eliminate irritation but minimize it. Also, they rarely have long retention as stronger alternatives. Generally, this is a trade-off as the ingredients which may cause irritation to some clients are the ingredients that give glues stronger retention. When working with sensitive adhesive, it is important to let your clients know to manage their expectations. 


A common question from clients is “how long will my lashes last”. Having an eyelash extension glue that delivers great retention is important in your business as it could be a deal-breaker if it’s not delivering the desired results for your clientele. Generally, clients don’t want to return every other week for a fill. The right adhesive combined with the right placement and technique will have your clients loving they can go longer in between fills. It is important to note that retention varies depending on how fast a client’s lashes grow, how well the lashes are applied, and how well they maintain them. 

1. Flow Lash Professional Eyelash Extension Glue 

Flow Lash Professional Eyelash Extension Glue is the right formula for professionals as it is specially designed for them. This eyelash extension glue is all about adhesion as it boasts a drying time of about 1.5 seconds and sticking for as long as eight weeks. This makes it the strongest eyelash extension glue in the market. Additionally, it is free of formaldehyde latex which causes allergies. Its absence will ensure this eyelash extension glue will not cause latex allergies. 

Owing to its high potency, it gives off a certain level of fumes. Also, it is watery making it a bit hard to apply on to eyelashes before putting on the extensions. Overall, the impressive sticking properties of the Flow Lash Professional Eyelash Extension Glue make it one of the best professional eyelash extension glues on the market. 


  • Fast drying time 
  • Extremely long-lasting 
  • Formaldehyde latex-free 


  • Causes irritation to the eyes 

2. Beau Lashes Sensitive Professional Eyelash Extension Glue 

The Beau Lashes Sensitive Professional Eyelash Extension Glue is great for clients with sensitive eyes. It has a decent drying time of 3 to 4 seconds and retains adhesion for about 5 to 6 weeks. This makes it the best adhesive among sensitive extension glue types. It also contains no formaldehyde and latex, so it is unlikely to cause eye allergies. Another plus side of this glue is that it retains its sticking abilities in places where humidity is low. 

The longer drying times mean that absolute mastery in the art of eyelash extensions is unnecessary. However, it also means it takes more time for the extension to stick to the eyelashes. The Beau Lashes Sensitive Professional Eyelash Extension Glue is the undisputed king of glue specially adapted for sensitive eyes. With an eye-friendly ingredient composition and decent adhesion, it is a good choice for people with allergies. 


  • Adapted to low humid areas 
  • Good for sensitive eyes 
  • Formaldehyde and latex-free 


  • Takes longer to dry 

3. Pure Lash Strong Professional Eyelash Extension Glue 

The Pure Lash Strong Professional Eyelash Extension Glue is another powerful glue on our list of the best professional eyelash extension glues. It has a quick-drying speed as it takes about 1 to 2 seconds to dry out and also retains adhesion for up to 7 to 8 weeks. Its strong adhesive properties make it stand out from the crowd. This eyelash extension glue comes in air-tight packaging. A combination of a red needle and silica-gel walls make sure the glue doesn’t leak and air doesn’t enter the bottle. 

The Pure Lash Strong Professional Eyelash Extension Glue is known to cause irritation in the eyes as with all other powerful adhesive glue brands. However, it has less odor and low fumes, unlike most powerful ones. 


  • Fast drying 
  • Low fumes 
  • Long-lasting 


  • Causes burning to the eyes 

4. Blink ULBON Glue Eyelash Extension 

The Blink ULBON Glue Eyelash Extension is a high-quality product that is easy to use. It has a low viscosity and requires a small amount of product to adhere to each eyelash extension. This is also why it can form a durable bond and dry very quickly. This powerful eyelash extension glue can last up to 6 weeks and dries about 2 seconds after application. 


  • Long-lasting adhesion 
  • Not easy to agglomerate 
  • Quick-drying 
  • Affordable 


  • Not for sensitive eyes 

5. #1 Eyelash Extension Eyelash Bonding Glue 

This long-lasting eyelash extension glue is convenient to apply. It possesses pharmaceutical-grade nutrients which makes it stand out from other adhesives. These are healthy, safe, and satisfy the necessary requirements for professional medical use. Not only is the adhesive extra-strong, but it is also long-lasting. This premium quality glue lasts up to 7 to 8 weeks; you will find it quite handy for your clients. 

This adhesive produces very strong bonds, so you should expect it to perform to your expectations and achieve good results. This eyelash extension glue is all you require for excellent results with a moderate drying time of about 1 to 2 seconds. The standard drying time allows it to sink deeper and in so doing, achieve better results. The #1 Eyelash Extension Eyelash Bonding Glue has all the formulation and ingredients that will deliver the desired results. 


  • Extra strong and quick dry time 
  • Approved by medical standard 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Formaldehyde and latex-free 


  • Limited capacity 

6. PINKZIO Eyelash Extension Glue 

If you are keen on granting your customers the best results ever and you want to stand out from the competition, you may wish to give this adhesive some special consideration. It stands out of the rest of other adhesives because of its extra-strong formula. Its formula is so strong to enable you to use it repeatedly without diminishing in intensity. Besides possessing a strong formula, it also has a tough bonding power. Indeed, the glue takes a shorter period to stick the various components together. 

The PINKZIO Eyelash Extension Glue does not irritate the respiratory tracts as it produces extremely low fumes. This product produces semi-permanent effects, unlike most other adhesives. This makes removing quite easier once it has served its purpose. 


  • Contains premium quality ingredients 
  • Has a faster drying time 
  • Has a moderately long retention period 


  • May cause unnecessary discomforts in enclosed rooms 

7. Infinit Volume Plus Premium Eyelash Extension Glue 

If you are keen on solidifying your client base or on the lookout for a ‘magic charm’ that may help you out, the Infinit Volume Plus Premium Eyelash Extension Glue is your ultimate solution. This is because this formula is formulated in such a way as to perform well under demanding conditions. Comparatively, it has a stronger formulation and is designed to stick tighter and faster. Also, it lasts fairly long so your clients will derive maximum satisfaction. 

This eyelash extension glue contains a special nozzle that is designed to prevent the bottle and the glue from leaking. Apart from the special nozzle, the bottle also has a double blocking system. This helps prevent the glue from having any contact with the external environment. If you are a serious lash artist who wishes to attract as many clients as possible, you can never overlook this glue. 


  • Produces consistent viscosity 
  • Longer retention duration 
  • Faster drying time 
  • Longer shelf life 


  • Produces a strong fume 

8. Sky S+ Eyelash Extension Glue 

Eyelash extensions only have to be applied temporarily sometimes. Examples of these instances include skits, shows, live performances, and dramas. These instances call for an adhesive that is easy to bind as it is to remove. The Sky S+ Eyelash Extension Glue is manufactured and designed for such instances. The ingredients used in this formula are medically approved and ascertained to be safe for human use. So expect this adhesive not to harm your client’s skin at all. 

Besides being medically approved, this eyelash extension glue is also extremely safe as it doesn’t have any formaldehyde or latex. You can be sure to derive maximum profits by utilizing the Sky S+ Eyelash Extension Glue because of its commercial orientation. Its amazing bonding period crowns the list of its top features. It can last for about 6 to 7 weeks once you have attached it. Your search for professional eyelash extension glue that is as easy to fix as it is to remove ends with your encounter with this product. You won’t just go wrong. 


  • Amazing bonding power 
  • Works well in low humidity environments 
  • Exudes a glossy appearance 


  • May cause burning or irritation of the eyes 

9. Revelation Lash Eyelash Extension Glue 

The Revelation Lash Eyelash Extension Glue is a reliable, efficient, and long-lasting adhesive that will satisfy your customers properly. Its most outstanding feature is perhaps the excellent packaging in which it is enclosed. It comes in heavy plastic and zip-locked storage bag that is reusable. Besides the excellent packaging, it is also heat-sealed. This means the seal is so tight that it prevents any contents from escaping. This feature helps to maintain the adhesive’s freshness. 

The Revelation Lash Eyelash Extension Glue has a long holding time with the ability to hold on to the skin for about 5 to 6 weeks. Your clients will find this adhesive quite reliable. Also, it dries faster as it takes a paltry one second to dry. If you are keen on satisfying your clients fully, this formula is a ‘must use’. 


  • Fast setting time 
  • Adhesion lasts long 
  • Essentially no fumes 


  • Pricey 

10. Reese Robert Beauty Eyelash Extend Adhesive 

The Reese Robert Beauty Eyelash Extend Adhesive comes in a 5oz bottle and it heeds to the stringent safety standards. Its quality isn’t compromised, and it doesn’t feature harsh chemicals, making it safe to use. It will blend well with your client’s natural lashes as the glue dries black. What is more is that it is fumes-free, so it doesn’t affect your customers’ eyes during the application process. It can last up to 6 weeks and should not be allowed to get in contact with the skin or eyes. 


  • Strong holding power 
  • Long-lasting glue 
  • Doesn’t affect sensitive eyes 
  • Doesn’t have fumes 


  • Seems to dry inconsistently 

Only you can decide which factors are most important to you at the end of the day. Maybe you prefer an adhesive with a thicker viscosity over a thinner and silkier option, or you like to have a few extra seconds to make adjustments even though you could work faster. Our selection of the best professional extension glues will help you decide as they all have their own unique properties to fit your unique style.