8 Best Markers to Draw on Skin

Best Markers to Draw on Skin

Once upon a time a marker used on the skin was usually a mistake that was to be washed off immediately! Nowadays, people are using markers on their skin for various reasons including to enhance their looks.

Beauty followers everywhere are catching on to this trend. While some people use these markers to cover blemishes, others use them to create elaborate designs on their skin (kind of like having a tattoo but without all the pain)! They can also be used for medical purposes (i.e. sketch out an incision line).  

Worldwide beauty experts have used their skills and knowledge to create markers that are designed especially for this purpose. And while there may be some products on this list that aren’t specifically advertised as skin markers, they’re still just as safe, and just as effective as those that are.

Professional body art pens are becoming more popular for many reasons. One of which is that people are becoming more expressive and like the idea of having a tattoo, but don’t like the idea of a needle. For those people, they are some great products on this list to suit their needs. Get a little creative and have the look you’ve always wanted temporarily. After a day or so, depending on the marker, it will disappear.  

If you need a marker for body piercing or to draw an outline prior to a real tattoo, you too, are sure to find something you like here. Whatever your reason for needing them, skin markers are (in general) an inexpensive way to solve many a different problem. And so I am hopeful there’s something for everyone on this list.   

#1 Skin Companion Twin Tip Tattoo Pen 

Equipped with fine tips on one end and medium tips on the other, these markers are the bomb! Included in this pack are 7 vibrantly colored tattoo pens that are super easy to use and look fantastic once applied. 

These pens are great for use at sporting events, including swimming. They even withhold the shower! But don’t worry, they will come eventually. Without tampering with it, mine lasted around 2 full days before it began to fade. To remove before that I’d suggest using something slightly stronger than regular soap.  

One of the things I like most about this product is the fact that they’re double-ended, meaning you’re getting twice the ink for your money. So whether you want to draw fine, precise lines or thick, bold ones, you know there’s a pen in this pack that will do the trick. I also love how smoothly they are to apply. There’s no scratching feeling that you get with some skin markers. 

It was a close call between these and the BIC BodyMark Markers, as both are of extremely high quality and both have a great selection of colors in the pack. But, because I’m a sucker for a good deal, and the Skin Companion Markers are such great value, I decided to crown them the #1 marker to draw on the skin.

#2 BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker

Bring out the funk in you with these fantastic body markers on offer from BIC. Made from one of the biggest names in the pen industry, you can be sure these markers are not going to let you down. 

With 8 different color marker pens to choose from, you really can go to town with this product. They’re vibrant, they’re so nice and easy to use, and they lasted longer than I thought they would. So, good value for money too! 

There are so many things I love about these markers, I don’t know where to start. Firstly, the colors are amazing. So many to choose from and very bright. Secondly, they’re made to an extremely high standard, meaning not only should they last a long time, but they’re also super easy to use. 

The markers do have an age recommendation of 13+, but that’s mainly just to protect youngsters from misusing the product. Designed specifically for skin, these markers have been deemed as skin safe. They’re also high quality, long-lasting, and easy to apply. They may be slightly more expensive than some of the other items on this list, but you’re getting 8 pens! Need I say more?  

All-in-all, a great price, a great assortment, a great product. And for those reasons, and more, my #1 on this list. 

 #3 Toysmith Ink-a-Do Tattoo Pens 

If you want to get inked up safely and with very little fuss, then be sure to check out these fantastic skin markers on offer from Toysmith.

Don’t be put off by the child-like packaging as these pens are ideal for people of all ages to use. Included in the pack are 6 shimmery colored tattoo pens and 3 plastic stencils in which to help get you started. 

Designed with the younger person in mind, these markers are simple to use and don’t stain fabrics. The only thing I will say to be wary of is that they do come off quite easily. But, if you’re not looking for a super long-lasting skin marker but something that will simply add a bit of color temporarily to your skin then I would highly recommend this product. 

You get a good selection of colors, they’re completely toxic-free, and they’re of great value. So, for all those reasons I feel they are more than worthy of grabbing the #3 spot on this list.  

#4 Professional Body Art Pens and Eyeliner

Whether you’re doing a pre-sketch outline for a tattoo or adding some funky artwork to your skin these body art pens will make you stand out in the crowd. 

Designed specifically for use on the skin, these markers enable you to create beautiful artwork on your body both safely and effectively. Included in the pack are 5 pens in the following colors: Chocolate Brown, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Violet, and Charcoal. 

What I like most about these pens is that they’re bright enough to really stand out, yet gentle enough that you can use them pretty much anywhere. So gentle that you can even use them on your lips. 

Another plus for these markers is how well the work. Even though they are made of water based liquid ink, there’s no dripping or smudging. And if for any strange reason you are completely satisfied, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can’t say fairer than that.

However, while they are fantastic in many ways, including the color selection, and how smooth they are to apply, they’re still a little on the expensive side which for me, is a slight let down. So for that reason, and that reason alone, I decided to make these skin markers  #4 on the list.  

#5 Viscot Medical Supply – Tattoo Skin Markers 

Not everyone wants skin markers to be able to create the next Picasso replica on their arm. If your reason for wanting a marker to draw on the skin is one that’s more of a medical reason or to use as an outlining pen, this may be the product for you. 

Included in this bumper pack are 100 mini XL surgical markers. They feature a patent-pending ink that’s supposed to last around 10 times longer than most regular skin markers. Even with a quick scrub, this ink won’t come off very easy and is ideal for use for medical procedures such as plastic surgery marking.

Forgetting the lack of colors available, there is one downside I found in this product, and that is that it’s not very ‘fast-drying’. So, if you don’t allow a decent amount of time for the ink to dry, it tends to run a little. 

In terms of application, they’re not bad, and in terms of value, they’re not too bad either. So, all-in-all, I feel they deserve a not bad #5 on the list.   

#6 Take Your Mark Semi-Permanent Ink Skin Markers 

Get inked up temporarily with these semi-permanent skin markers. 

Designed with all those active bods in mind, these pens are ideal for applying team colors and inspiring messages on one other at sporting events. They’re quick-drying, easy to apply, and can make all the different when it comes to promoting team spirit!  

One thing I will say is be careful as many pictures promoting these markers are misleading with the colors. In the pack you get 4 markers included in a neat little storage bag: purple, blue, pink, and green. There is no red. So if red is a color you want or need, these are not the best pens for you. 

I found that these markers look really good when first applied. However, one problem I found is that the designs start to bleed after a few hours. While this is very helpful when it comes to the removal of the ink, it’s not so great if you’re looking for a product that’s going to hold up for several hours.     

Even though I do like the product and feel that it’s a reasonable price, there are a few flaws to it. And, there are others out there just happen to beat them in terms of quality. So, for those reasons, I’ve decoded to make it a not-so-bad #6 on the list of best markers to draw on the skin. 

#7 Sharpie Color Burst Permanent Ultra Fine Point Markers   

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose pen and want to buy from a brand you know and love, then why not consider reaching for the good ol’ Sharpie pen? 

Sharpie pens have been around for a long time (1964 in fact) and have been used for a number of different purposes, marking skin included. And the reason they’re still around now, is that they’re a great product.   

There are two things in particular I love about these pens. The first is that they you get a great selection of vibrant colors in the pack. The second, is that they are so easy to apply. There’s no smearing or fading. Just thin, precise lines. 

While they may not have been designed specifically with use for the skin, these pens are non-toxic and perfectly safe to use on your skin. They’re also AP certified for that added peace of mind.

So, just to recap, they come in range of fabulous colors, work well, and don’t cost a fortune. Sure they might not be marketed as skin markers, but they may as well be. And for all of those reasons, I feel they more than deserve to be at #7 on this list of best skin markers. 

#8 Zxuezheng 3pcs Surgical Tip Markers Skin

Not all products on this list are designed to give you a different look, straight out the bag. Think of this product as more of an aide. 

If you’re looking for a skin marker that’s cheap, effective at the skin, and you’re not too bothered about color, then these may be just what you’re after.  

Each marker comes sealed and sterile and are completely non-toxic. There are 3 different types included in the pack: a 0.5mm pen, a 1mm pen, and one that has both, which I thought was a pretty cool idea. You also get a paper measuring tape to help!  

I used the marker on my skin and it lasted for around 2 days before fading. Once you have finished with the need for the mark, it can be taken off with an alcohol wipe. Just be aware that it may take some dedicated scrubbing!  

Comes in only 1 color, so may not be suitable for everyone – it depends on what you’re using it for. Overall, I would say that they are good pens that are great value, but they do have limited use. And so, for that reason, I’ve placed them as #8 on the list of best markers to draw on skin. 

And there you have it – the best 8 markers out there currently to draw on the skin. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you found something on the list that’s going to make your life a little more colorful!