9 Best Ben Nye Powders for Dark Skin

Best Ben Nye Powders for Dark Skin

Setting powders are one of the best ways to give your skin a matte, yet glowing look. The better brands avoid highlighting dry patches and instead work to highlight the face as a whole, contouring the right parts for the perfect finish.

Ben Nye powders are known to perfectly absorb shine, and to leave a matte finish which helps to keep makeup in place. The silky fine texture of the powders works on most skin tones. Ben Nye was the first makeup brand to design natural foundation colors for darker skin tones, and the brand has been around for years, used as a staple in the Hollywood industry, cementing the quality of the product.

For darker skin tones, here are some of the best Ben Nye powders to use on the market now:

Ben Nye Natural Set Setting Powder

The Natural Set Setting Powder from Ben Nye is a must in any makeup kit and will do wonders to highlight all the right contours of darker skin.

The translucent powder is colorless, so it will not add any additional color or shades to the skin. Being colorless, the powder blends in with all skin tones, while still retaining the intensity of both dark and bright shades.

To top it off, the special formulation of the powder ensures it controls perspiration, further controlling shine.

This powder will be the answer to your makeup finishing woes, and will bring you many happy hours of matte, shine-free skin!

Ben Nye Chestnut Powder

With a specific shade to suit darker skin tones, the Ben Nye Chestnut Powder has been specially developed to work as effectively and long-lasting on the skin as possible.

The translucent face powder helps to set crème makeup, giving it a soft matte finish. The shaker bottle is incredibly easy to use and can last anywhere between 35-100 applications per ounce.

It offers wonderful coverage with intense color, and will not make the skin feel weighed down. Shine will be controlled and your makeup will be able to show off all of your natural contours, highlighting places it should.

A little goes a long way with this setting powder, and you can be sure it will be a long-lasting favorite in your cosmetic kit, giving you a perfect matte finish that feels as light as air on your skin, for hours on end.

Ben Nye Banana Powder Dome Jar

The Banana Powder Dome is micro-milled to give a superior matte finish, while still being naturally subtle. It is very similar to a silky-fine French powder, with a soft and airy finish.

With a small hint of color, the loose powder sets foundations, to enhance skin tones and reduce shine, but still being free from chalkiness. 

The Banana Luxury Powder holds a delicate color for highlighting and correction while giving a great, natural glow that lasts all day.

If the product is slightly too light, it can be mixed with a darker powder to further enhance the color, but it is compatible with all skin tones.


Ben Nye Ebony Classic Translucent Face Powder

With a shade suited to darker skin tones, the Ben Nye Ebony Classic Translucent Face Powder is one of a kind.

The translucent face powder helps to set foundation makeup, giving the skin a matte, soft finish. The powders are renowned for being long-lasting, saving you money in the long run. There is no need to slather a whole lot of the powder on your skin, a little but does the job perfectly, and helps to give great coverage in the most minimalistic of ways.

The color remains well-pigmented after each use, and the powder does not become cakey after some time. The powder also does not thicken on the skin and does not have to be repeatedly reapplied throughout the day, which is a fresh take on how most powders work. Paired with other shades, it works well as a highlighter.

For the best finish possible, without the feeling of having makeup caked onto your skin, the Ben Nye Ebony Classic Face Powder is a great choice and will last long enough for you to enjoy many different makeup looks.

Ben Nye Authentic Luxury Banana Powder

Ben Nye Banana Powder is one of their more popular products and can be used on almost all skin types. It offers a superior matte finish that is very hard to match.

The banana powder is a universally flattering setting powder, which works to diminish the look of fine lines, to absorb oil, and to correct discoloration.

It has a yellow/golden tone that is flattering on all skin tones and is a beauty product that is used by even the most famous to give the perfect finished appearance everyone is after.

Ben Nye Luxury Powder Dolce

The Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Dolce is a soft and neutral all over face powder for both medium and dark skin tones.

The color matches rich and warm skin tones and has been created with these skin tones in mind. It is gently tinted to enhance the natural glow of the skin, not washing it out completely. It is wonderfully velvety to the touch, and the lightweight powder works to soften the look of fine lines and pores and absorbs excess oils to keep skin looking flawless and fresh all day long.

This powder is a keeper in your cosmetic kit and will help you achieve a flawless finish with each application.

Ben Nye Topaz Face Powder Shaker Bottle

Perfect to use for darker skin tones, the Ben Nye Topaz Face Powder Shaker Bottle is so easy to use while giving a perfect complexion and natural look.

The translucent powder can be used to set crème makeup and foundations, to give a soft, matte and long-lasting finish. It works well to highlight and contour anywhere on the face and is suited perfectly to set under-eye concealers.

The Ben Nye Translucent Powder evens out chalky or cakey areas and helps your makeup last longer, without blotting or blotching it during the application.

Long-lasting, you will get so many makeup applications out of this one bottle, as a little bit goes a long way!

Ben Nye Coco Tan Translucent Face Powder

Another great powder for darker skin tones, the Ben Nye Coco Tan Translucent Face Powder is for those who fall into the medium to light-dark skin tones.

As with the other powders, this translucent powder controls perspiration, managing excessive shine of the skin. It sets foundation and crème makeup, to ensure a durable and soft matte finish that will last throughout the day.

It is reliable and effective and will give you a light feeling, while still offering complete and perfect coverage, reducing fine lines, pores, and wrinkles.

The bottle will last many applications, and be one of your best buys yet.

Ben Nye Camel Luxury Face Powder Dome Jar

Conveniently set in a dome jar, this is the perfect powder to travel with, or to keep safely in your cosmetic bag.

The medium to dark luxury powder has golden undertones, which is great for highlighting a deep skin tone while setting makeup flawlessly.

The setting powder is as rich and warm as your natural skin tone and is gently tinted to enhance the natural glow of skin, without covering it completely. It is velvety to the touch and is super lightweight on the skin, but still packs a punch with covering lines, pores and absorbing excess oil to ensure skin remains looking fresh and flawless throughout the day or night.

Not only can the powder be used to set crème makeup and foundation, but used along with the other shades in the range, it can be used as an effective highlighter, blending in effortlessly for optimal contouring.

Makeup Tips For Dark Skin Tones

Makeup is not one-size-fits-all, and it will take some time to find the right makeup, and application techniques, that suit your skin. Here are some tips on how to choose and use the right makeup for your darker skin tone.


Suit your skin – The first step in choosing the right formula is to know your skin type. For oily skin, you need a mattifying oil-absorbing formula, for dry skin, you will need a dewier formula. Knowing your skin type will allow you to choose the foundation that will suit your skin perfectly, and have it looking its best throughout the day.

Choose the texture – There are different textured foundations to choose from, such as liquid, cream, powders or sticks. This is up to personal preference, but keep in mind that you should be wary of creams and liquids if you have oily skin, and if you do choose one, make sure it says mattifying or oil-free.

The right shade – This will probably be the hardest step. You will need to test the colors, and the best areas to do so will be on your cheek down to your jawline, avoid using your hand as this does not properly represent your face tone. Try to pick about 3 shades that you think might be closest to your natural color, and apply them on and let them sit on your skin for a while. Once the foundations have settled, you should be easily able to tell which looks more natural, with the one that is less noticeable being the correct shade.

Try and check the color out in natural light, as artificial lighting can distort the color somewhat. A warm based foundation usually works well with dark skin tones, as they usually have a yellow undertone.


Many people have the problem where the skin tone differs across their face, with the forehead and jawline being a darker color than the rest of the face. If this is the case, you should choose a foundation that matches your neck, so it gives you face a more even complexion. Then to add some complexion in, use a copper-toned matte bronzer to the sides of the face, the temples, cheeks, and jawline, to add contours in.


For darker skin tones, orange concealers work exceptionally well. Often, darker skin tones have hyperpigmentation, where some areas are darker than the others on the face. To neutralize this, you will need to apply a concealer before foundation. Choose a color correcting concealer which has orange or salmon tints, to cut out purple tones. If you have very dark skin, a red tint can correct the skin perfectly.


Choosing the right powder, such as from the range of Ben Nye, will stop the highlighting looking oily on darker skin. Some highlighting can really go a long way to add a natural glow to the skin. Avoid using white toned or silver highlighting products, which could cause the skin to appear ashy. Instead, look for bronze or rose gold.

Translucent powder is also a perfect product to use to set makeup in, but to avoid an ashy appearance, try to choose a powder which is as close to your foundation tone as possible, to allow it to all blend in perfectly and effortlessly, while not looking too caked on or oily. Try to choose a powder that has perspiration control, to further control shine on the skin, for a more matte appearance throughout the day.

Ben Nye Powders for Dark Skin

Ben Nye is known for having some of the best powders around which have been expertly created to suit darker skin tones. These come in a range of variants, and in many different tones, each suited to a certain skin type and shade to offer the perfect coverage.

Ben Nye was the first makeup brand to create powders specifically for darker skin colors, and have been doing so for longer than other makeup brands, giving them the time to perfect the formulation, to offer the best finish and matte appearance that you could ask for, while covering fine lines, pores and dry spots easily.