The Ultimate Guide to Lower Lash Extensions

Lower Lash Extensions

We’ve talked about eyelash clusters. We’ve talked about growth serums for your eyelashes. And we’ve talked about eyelash lifts versus eyelash perms. But now that you’ve got your stunning new long lashes, have you noticed that your lower lashes look extra tiny?

That’s something women who have done all of the work to get those gorgeous lash extenders are discovering—without doing the same for your lower lashes, your look may still look a little off. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

The solution to that imbalance in your eyelashes is lower lash extensions. So what goes into installing lower lashes and which ones should you get? We’ll answer those and all of your other questions in this ultimate guide to lower lash extensions. 

Everything You Need to Know about Lower Lash Extensions

When you see someone bawling their eyes out with the mascara running down their face, that mascara is not actually coming from their upper eyelashes for the most part. It’s the lower lashes slathered in mascara and eyeliner that creates that crazy eye look when someone wearing mascara on their lower lashes cries.

Besides looking over-the-top, wearing mascara on lower lashes creates mascara clumps and sticky lashes until your lashes look like a bunch of spider legs. At the same time, you have to do something to balance your top lashes with your lower lashes when you get extensions. Instead of mascara, women are now choosing lower lash extensions.

Benefits of Adding Lower Lash Extensions

For one thing, you don’t have to wear mascara on your lower lashes anymore when you get lower eyelash extensions. Adding a little more than a dozen lashes to your natural ones does a far better job of balancing and accentuating your upper eyelash extensions than mascara or eyeliner. That’s all you need are about 15 additional lashes since most people don’t have many lower lashes to begin with.

In addition to giving your eyes more volume and pizzazz, lower lashes make your eyes look more vibrant and open. A simple change like this can even make your entire face look skinnier! Because you are only adding around a dozen lashes, it only takes about 15 minutes to have lower lash extensions installed. 

How to Apply Bottom Lashes

Even if you go to a salon to have your lashes done, you’ll find that many of them don’t offer this service, have never done it before, and have not been trained on it. That’s because lower lash extension installs are relatively new. Cosmetology students are now being taught how to apply bottom lashes as part of an advanced degree.

Therefore, you should only have this service done if the person you are using has been trained on lower lash extensions and has experience doing them. Although the procedures for installing them are similar to upper eyelash extensions, there are some important differences when applying lashes to this delicate part of the eye.

To Apply Individual Lower Lash Extensions:

Glue is added to the individual lash extension and then each one is delicately applied to the base of your natural eyelashes with tweezers, strategically mixing them in with your natural lashes. Each one is held in place for about 10 seconds, allowing for it to adhere. Your lash artist uses their own judgment to decide how many and where to place individual lower lash extensions. 

Once all lashes have been applied, the glue must set for about five minutes, and then you are finished! With individual lash extensions, it could take up to a half an hour to have them done since each lash is applied one by one. Not so if you choose lower lash extension strips.

To Apply Lower Lash Strips:

Lower lash strips enable you to apply all of the eyelashes at once in one strip. Your eye artist may cut the strip in half to make it easier to apply. While lash strips are easier and faster to install than individual lower lash extensions, they don’t give your cosmetologist the same freedom to decide where to insert each lash.

The lash strip is dabbed with glue from end to end and then applied with tweezers to the edge of the lower eyelid just under your natural eyelashes. It’s smoothed and pressed against the base of your lashes for about ten seconds and then you sit there while the glue sets for five minutes—the end! 

Check out this two minute YouTube video showing lower lash extensions being installed!  

There are Downsides to Lower Lash Extensions

Of course, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine with lower lash extensions. There are some drawbacks. A biggie is the fact that you’ll have to have your lower lashes refreshed every couple of weeks. One of the reasons why people get eyelash extensions is so that they don’t have to deal with their eyelashes every day. Here are the downsides: 

  • First, when you get lower lash extensions, expect to replace them every two weeks. Since your natural lower lashes fall out and rejuvenate every two weeks in addition to being shorter and wispier, your lower lash extensions will start to come loose and eventually fall off after two weeks. 
  • Second, adding lower lash extensions when you have already made your upper eyelashes longer may give you trouble when you blink. Long top and bottom lashes can get tangled up when you close your eyes. That could get real awkward when you are trying to toss a flirty wink to someone you have your eyes on!
  • Thirdly, some people shouldn’t get lower lashes. For instance, if you have really light blond hair, lower lash extensions are a bad idea. Your hair is too thin and wispy to do it safely. Likewise if you have really, really short lower lashes, a reputable salon owner will not do lower lash extensions on you. It’s too risky. 
  • Finally, old school technicians are still doing lower lash installs while your eyes are open. Understandably, that can freak some people out! There are newer techniques now being taught where lower lash extensions are applied with your eyes closed but you have to seek those professionals out.

In the same vein, you really have to look to find a legitimate person to do an install like this for you. It can go badly a million different ways and only a professional with experience applying lower eyelash extensions should be trusted to do it. 

Tips for Getting Lower Lash Extensions Right

For lower lash extensions, you want to start small and then go bigger if necessary. Your eye artist will normally consult with you about your natural lashes and make recommendations based on the look you are going for as to how many extensions you need and where to place them. 

After you’ve had them installed, you have to remember that under the best circumstances, you’re going to need to replace them in a couple of weeks. There are ways to help make them look good and stay nice as long as possible:

  • Tip 1: Despite the fact that you can generally treat lower lash extensions like you would your natural ones, you still should treat them with care. If you have itchy or watery eyes, try not to rub them and keep them dry – so maybe carry around some Kleenex?
  • Tip 2: You don’t need mascara with lower lash extensions, but if you insist on using eyeliner or mascara on them, use as little as possible and apply it as gently as possible. 
  • Tip 3: It may be counterintuitive but you don’t want to use mascara that is waterproof. Oil based products can weaken and or damage your lash extensions. Waterproof mascaras and eyeliners contain oil, so they should be avoided.

Remember that a lot of makeup removers contain oils too. Instead, simply remove your lower lash makeup with a wet cotton ball and then use a clean dry eyelash brush to detangle and straighten them out. 

Best 3 Lower Lash Extensions on Amazon

Think of this recommendation as a flashing light with big bold letters on it – Have a Professional Install Your Lower Lash Extensions! However, if you feel you have the brass to do it yourself, we found the best lower lash extensions you can find on Amazon: 

#1. Dual Upper and Lower Eyelash Extensions

There are multiple reasons why we love the Anime Upper/Lower Eyelashes from Teenitor. For one, you get both upstairs eyelashes and downstairs eyelashes. You get ten pair of each for a total of twenty lashes in this set. 

Then the fact that these lashes are fanned out so that they look dramatic without looking too fake. You get a free pair of tweezers and an applicator tool. Even though these are synthetic lashes they are made to feel very light on your eyelids and to look natural. 

Each lash set comes with adhesive on it already. You can use glue to enhance the stick but really you only need to press and hold to get these puppies to stay put. 

#2. Reusable 5-Pack of Lower Lash Extensions

With the Bottom Eyelashes Extension Eyelashes from ICYCHEER, you get five pair in a pack. The great thing about these bottoms is that they can be duddied up for something as gaga as a wedding reception or to pump up your professional portfolio with a photo of you wearing high quality eye extensions. 

Handmade of quality synthetic fibers, you can actually reuse these lashes if you treat them nicely. They are lightweight and soft for a natural look and feel but that means that they also have to be handled with care. 

You can use makeup remover on these and they are supposed to be fine, but why chance it? You will need to buy the eyelash glue separately so if you plan to reuse them, make sure to find glue that is easy to remove.  

#3. Multiple Length Lower Lash Extensions

What we love the most about the Mixed Lower Eyelash Extensions from Emilystores is the multiple sizes these lashes come in. All of the lashes are patterned into a J curl but they vary in sizes from 5mm up to 8mm. With each length you get four rows of extensions!

The versatility doesn’t stop there though. These extensions can be used on your lashes as well as your eyebrows. They’re easily applied with a set of tweezers and some eyelash glue. Those things you’ll have to buy separately though. 

Best Bottom Lash Strips on Amazon

If you are going to try to install lower lash extensions yourself, lash strips are the easier way to go. You won’t have the same ability to manipulate them as you would with individual lashes but nevertheless we think that the Glamour Strip Lashes 112 from Ardell are the best choice! 

These lower lash strips come in a 4-Pack but are also reusable. Not synthetic hair either; these lashes have been sterilized from human hair and turned into super lightweight lower lash extensions. These lashes don’t look like falsies at all!

Although these are on lash strips, the strip is completely invisible so that no one can tell where your natural lashes end and the fake ones begin. If you put them on and take them off correctly, you can reuse these several times before you have to buy new ones. On top of that, they are waterproof so cry away and don’t worry about running mascara! 

Once applied, the glue strip basically disappears and blends in with your real eyelashes. You can make the hold last even longer if you buy Ardell’s eyelash glue to go with it and add a few drops of that to the lash strips.