Paul & Joe Sister : Brand Feature


Paul & Joe Sister is the women’s line under the world-renowned brand, Paul & Joe. It is the “little sister” of their entire brand and carries modern women’s clothing that is not only fresh but also affordable! Anything is possible with Paul & Joe Sister- there are no barriers when it comes to clothing.

1. What inspired the creation of Paul & Joe Sister?

Paul & Joe Sister is a Parisian sister line of the brand Paul & Joe. Casual, playful and accessible pieces. It was created as a Young and Fresh brand with a specific emphasis on animal prints

2. Can you tell us about the brand mission?

Please our customers by having unique cat prints on T-shirt, Shirts, Dresses etc…. that will be unique and adorable on high-quality, Made in Europe products.

3. What is your favorite Paul & Joe Sister product and why?

Dresses: Our dresses are made in a combination of different fabrics. For example, this season we have a Dress with the upper part was created from striped cotton-poplin and resembles a shirt with a Russian collar while in the lower part there is a twill skirt that gives structure to the dress. On the upper part, a printed detail of a cat is displayed which is also the main feature of Paul & Joe Sister’s brand. The dress fits perfectly with high leather boots.

4. What beauty/fashion essentials does the Paul & Joe Sister muse carry with her on a daily basis?

Some sort of coveted, must-have cat accessory! The Paul & Joe Sister muse is chic, yet playful.

5. What does beauty mean to you?

Freedom of expression. The Paul & Joe Sister customer can completely change her self-expression on a daily basis through one collection alone. From mature and chic, to fresh and young, to quirky with kitties.

6. What’s next for Paul & Joe Sister?

More exciting prints and more unique collaborations!