Guide to Almond Oil for Eyelashes and Eyebrows


A woman’s hair is her glory and it is no different for eyelashes and eyebrows. When you’re born with wispy, practically invisible eyebrows and eyelashes, any sweet nothings you receive probably won’t include how beautiful your eyes are. For that you have to put in some work.

From eyelash extensions to painting in eyebrows with pencils, trying to make up for eyebrow and eyelash deficiencies can be frustrating and time consuming. Anything that could make them grow naturally so that you don’t have to use a million beauty products to imitate stunning eyelashes is welcomed as a miracle product!

There are many new natural products coming out all the time that are using natural skin and hair care products that contain ingredients that have been used by different cultures going back thousands of years to grow hair. One of those ingredients is the pressed almond tree nut and the rich oil that comes from it. Here is your guide to almond oil for eyelashes and eyebrows. 

What does almond oil do?

Almond oil does a lot of what most organic eyelash and eyebrow growth serums do – it uses vitamin-rich natural ingredients to stimulate hair growth. What sets almond oil apart is that in addition to containing omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin E like olive oil for example, it is also super moisturizing which makes it the best for growing hair.

What stunts hair growth more than anything is a lack of moisture. Dry brittle hair will struggle to grow and that includes your eyelashes and eyebrows. A lot of natural ingredients provide some of the substances required to create healthier and fuller eyelashes but don’t specifically hydrate those follicles; almond oil does.

Is almond oil good for eyelashes?

It has long been known that almond oil is effective at growing the hair on your head. Many people who suffer from hair loss or hair growth deficiencies like alopecia use sera and medicines that include almond oil to help stimulate hair growth.

One of the reasons why almond oil is good for eyelashes is because it is very mild making it very gentle to use on your eyelashes. Like olive oil, castor oil, and argan oil, almond oil contains good fatty acids that nourish hair.

Does almond oil help hair growth?

Almond oil does help hair grow – BUT – claims that it will make your eyelashes grow faster than the 60 days it takes for eyelashes to regenerate have not been proven. At the same time, the effectiveness of almond oil to help hair grow has been proven over time.

If you use almond oil on a daily basis over several months, it has been proven to improve the health of your hair – the hair on your head and on your eyes. Since it contains calcium as well as large amounts of Vitamin E, almond oil not only helps your hair grow, it helps make it stronger and shinier. 

Sweet Almond Oil for Eyelashes

Hair products that contain almond oil usually contain “sweet” almond oil. Instead of being pressed from almond tree kernels or seeds, sweet almond oil is pressed from the actual almond nut. Plain almond oil tastes bitter while sweet almond oil is not.

Both oil extracts are loaded with moisturizing ingredients like magnesium and fatty acids but sweet almond oil contains higher antioxidants. It is used in more than just hair growth products. You’ll find sweet almond oil used in cuticle oils, shampoos, and conditioners. Sweet almond oil however is not hypoallergenic. 

Almond oil vs. Argan Oil

Argan oil comes from the argan tree grown in Morocco. It is extracted from the argan nut and turned into a thick serum with the texture of syrup – but not sticky. It contains a lot of the same fatty acids as almond oil, contains a healthy dose of antioxidants like sweet almond oil but adds a wallop of another natural ingredient – vitamin A.

This thick, golden oil is good for both hair and skin. It has an amazing ability to moisturize while also providing firmness to the skin. It is known to get rid of wrinkles, moisturize dry skin, and give your skin a glow. 
When you compare almond oil vs. argan oil, they stack up pretty well against each other. The difference between the two is that pure argan oil can be harder to find than almond oil. And while argan oil moisturizes – a crucial ingredient to helping hair to grow – it is not necessarily known for stimulating hair growth. 

Castor Oil and Almond Oil Mix for Hair Growth

Castor oil is extracted from castor plant seeds. It too is thick like syrup and high in fatty acids and minerals. In fact, castor oil contains all of the good hair growing stuff that the other oils in this guide do including antioxidants. 

Some claim that if you use castor oil on your hair, your hair could grow up to six centimeters a month (as opposed to about one centimeter which is typical). Those claims have not been proven but what is known is that castor oil helps thicken and strengthen hair both on your head and on your eyes. 

One of the reasons is because castor oil gets the blood flowing around hair follicles which stimulates hair growth. Dry skin caused by fungus or bacteria that hinders hair growth is countered by a unique acid found in castor oil – ricinus oil acid. 

By itself, castor oil is a very penetrating oil, sinking nutrients deep into the hair follicle. Used in combination with almond oil, it makes the perfect delivery system for specific moisturizing nutrients that come from almond oil.

Benefits of Almond Oil

Whether used alone or in combination with castor oil, almond oil is excellent for eyelashes and eyebrows. It moisturizes and stimulates growth if used consistently over time. There are many benefits for all of your hair when you use almond oil. Not to mention, you can cook with it and use it to soothe your dry skin!

Makes Your Hair Softer

You know that feeling when you run your fingers through your hair and it feels really light and soft. If you use almond oil on your hair on a regular basis, it will make your hair feel smoother. What happens is your hair shafts where there were holes from dryness become filled in with yummy almond oil goodness like Vitamin E, omega-9 fatty acids, and magnesium. 

Repairs Damaged Hair

If you use heat on your hair a lot, you’ll need to add almond oil to your hair care regimen to prevent breaking and split ends. Almond oil helps make your hair stronger over time and thus able to stand up to heat styling better over time. The same is true for dry brittle eyelashes and eyebrows. Over time, breaking and split lashes and brows will regenerate stronger and healthier with consistent use. 

Stimulates Hair Growth

There is no scientific evidence proving that almond oil itself stimulates hair growth. What we do know is that all of the stuff in it combines to help hair grow. Perhaps it is a combination of antibacterial antioxidants along with moisturizing Vitamin E that makes hair grow. Maybe it is just the act of adding more nutrients to eyelashes and eyebrows. Either way, what is for certain is that using almond oil and the ingredients it contains on a regular basis will improve the length, strength, and health of your hair. 

Cures Dry Scalp

Skin ailments like psoriasis and alopecia cause hair loss. It is one of the ways that we know that almond oil is known to help treat the main condition that create hair loss – dry skin. Dry skin can be genetic or can be caused by bacteria. Almond oil’s ability to deliver moisturizing nutrients deep into the hair follicle makes it ideal for curing dry scalp which leads to hair loss. 

Use Almond Oil with Caution

Anyone with nut allergies should steer clear of almond oil. Although it is hypoallergenic and safe to use for most people, even those with sensitive skin, it can cause a severe reaction for those with specific nut allergies.

Also, keep in mind that when heated almond oil gets really hot. If you put almond oil on your hair and then use heat on it, you could burn your hair and or scalp! Use it as a leave-in moisturizer after you’ve styled your hair or before you go to sleep.