Catherine Chi

Our spotlight influencer Catherine Chi is a 19 year old Vietnamese-American student and media manager in Los Angeles. This girl describes herself as a really artistic person; from learning different kinds of instruments, doing theater, and traditional art. Catherine’s motto is to go for it and try new things because it’s a new learning experience. As much as Catherine loves art, she loves beauty and fashion as well. If you check out her Instagram page, you’ll see how she presents her creativity. One trivia that we find interesting is she uses a lot of sunblock! It’s one of her must-haves in her everyday makeup routine and we 100% approve of that.

Read more about Catherine in her mini interview with us and come say hi at BLUSHCON this January 19-20!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

So my name is Catherine and I’m a 19 year old Vietnamese-American student and media manager. As a kid, I was involved in all sorts of arts from learning musical instruments, theater, and traditional art. Along the way, I messed with digital medias such as video production and graphic design. Anything having to do with art, I was interested in it.

As someone who is fairly young in the entertainment and art industry, I sought to never limit myself and to always try new things to have as many learning experiences as I can. My goals have always been influenced by my passions and hope to inspire people, not by materialistic earnings, so this leaves more leeway for me to create what I’m passionate in.

When I’m not doing media for my marketing agency, I seek collaborate with other creatives to produce highly conceptual cinematography and photography. These two mediums have always been my favorite form of self-expression.

2. What got you interested in beauty and fashion?

Beauty and fashion to me, in all of it’s visual intrigue, is art. Growing up and trying to find my identity, I’ve often experimented with different looks and styles and many, many, many alternative fashions. I appreciate and am inspired by how people express themselves by how they choose to present their own identity in their style. I guess I’ve always found beauty and fashion interesting because it was a reflection of me, and I would say that I’m pretty interesting also!

3. What’s a typical day like in your life?

My weekdays have been pretty mundane. I would wake up unnecessarily late, probably around 12 in the afternoon and get ready for my 2pm class. I would get home from class and have dinner. Twice a week, I would have dance practice and/or a workshop. Somewhere along the day, I’m working from my phone and laptop.

My weekends have always been up in the air though. Sometimes I would cover media events for my company and sometimes I would have four photo shoots in a weekend. Sometimes I run errands and sometimes I stay in the local library studying for an unhealthy amount of hours. The complexity of my weeks eventually led me to be unable to function without my compulsively organized planner.

4. What is your morning beauty routine?

Unlike other people, I actually don’t wash my face in the morning because my night beauty routine is quite intense. I try to use as little product as I can on my skin in the morning.

I use Thayers’s witch hazel to wipe off the oil that built up on my face overnight and prep my skin with The Face Shop’s Glow Date-prep Butter. UV prevention is very important to me, so I always use Bare Republic’s baby sunscreen stick before I apply makeup because it’s high in SPF but lacks strong chemicals, scents, and shine so it’s like I’m not wearing anything at all! I usually don’t wear makeup when I go to class, I typically bum it with a dad hat and an oversize hoodie.

If I’m going to do anything where I know I will have photos taken of me such as a photoshoot or an event, I’d usually take an additional hour to get ready. Why? Because I watch Netflix or Youtube videos (most likely, it’s Buzzfeed’s Unsolved) while I put on makeup and I just get distracted.

5. What are your must have beauty supplies you take everywhere you go?

I’m not going to lie, I keep a full makeup train case in my car and it contains everything for a full face of makeup. I just like to be prepared, especially if I find myself having to be at a last-minute event.

In my bag though, I always bring a mirror, eyelash glue, and the lipstick of the day to touch up.


6. What is your best beauty tip?

It’s best to prioritize your health before anything. Having healthy hair, skin, and nails would have you putting in less effort in your beauty routines. Try prioritizing a good skin routine, hair oils, and nail treatments over high coverage foundations, damaging heat irons, and acrylic nails. People often compliment how nice my skin is because I don’t wear foundation, or question if my nails are real because they’re so long. All I say is that I take care of and invest in my skin, hair, and nails so I don’t have to cover what already looks great.

7. What are your favorite fashion brands?

A good majority of my closet has been transitioning to thrifted or second hand clothing but every once in a while I like to shop from athletic brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Fila. I do also like to support creators with unique visions and passion for their brand so YRU and Toshiki Girl have a special place in my heart.

8. What are your go-to clothing items?

I catch myself wearing this combination too often but I like to pair highwaisted shorts with a crop top and an oversize jacket. For accessories, I like leather belts, berets, dainty necklaces, and a trusty pair of sneakers.

9. What is your next project?

I’ve been getting into creative directing and producing lately. I find myself getting more ambitious with photography projects but as of now, I’ve been going with the flow and trying to grab any big opportunity that comes my way. 2018 was a good establishing year for me but for 2019, I do see myself doing more elaborate shoots as well as progressing my skills as a craftsman and making costumes for fantasy themed projects.

Following my ambitions, I’ll want to start establishing a formal online presence for myself with a blog and YouTube for 2019, but we’ll see how it goes!