January 19th 2019

The business of influence will become a billion dollar industry in 2019. Learn from your favorite influencers how to build an engaged following so that you can collaborate with your favorite brands and make a living doing it!

How do your favorite influencers work with their favorite brands? Learn how to outreach to your favorite brands and create your dream collaborations!

Learn from top influencers on how they grew their Instagram followings organically!

Self-love and acceptance is a part of a person’s life that everyone should be practicing. Nowadays, social media plays a big role on either encouraging or putting people down that may cause a positive or negative effect on someone’s life. Join us as our guest panelists will talk about the importance of loving and accepting yourself. They will give tips on how to be a better you and how to ignore all the negativity around you.

Our favorite female founders and girl bosses share their tips and tricks on how they built their empires and how you can become a girl boss too!

Els, was born in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. She developed a love for music at an early age, as her mother would use music as a platform to teach her how to talk. As she got older, her love for hip-hop blossomed making her the girl she is now. Watch her perform some of her songs on the Blushcon stage this Saturday.

List of Designers

Dionard Campman

Opal Heart Designs

Franky Baca

Linda Lieu

Mindful One

My Hamachi Designs

Shatoria Simmons

Featured Makeup Artists

Amarie Artistry

Madiie Lynn

Kimberly Hawkins

Loren Chavez

Christy Carino

Featured Hairstylists

Kristopher Martin

Vivianna Leon

Vivian Ruvalcaba

Hair by Gino

Curl Dynasty

January 20th 2019

Host: Tea Belle

As an influencer, do you know what you are selling? It’s You! Personal branding is a strategy on how to sell yourself to your audience. It requires figuring out who you really are, your skills, passion, and of course personality. This talk will also help you target your market and how to differentiate yourself from other influencers. Be your own unique niche.

Always wondered how to get more brands to work with you especially as a micro-influencer? Micro-influencers are very valuable to a lot of brands nowadays. Why? Because they are loyal and they relate well to those with a smaller following. This group of panelists will definitely help you get more brand(s) to work with by giving you tips and tricks.

Social Media is always changing and is never the same as it was before. From chronological order to algorithmic order, users need to be educated on how to get the most out of their posts. The panel is educating audience members about the current Instagram Alogrithm and how to get their Instagram post explore page. Panelists will explain their tips and tricks to boost their engagement percentages and to have their posts reach all of their follower’s timelines.

Fair Trade: An equitable business model that can also provide a competitive edge. The panelists will provide both an overview of the Fair Trade movement, and in-depth knowledge of how business can be a vehicle for creating lasting positive change around the globe and here at home, as it simultaneously confers a competitive advantage.

The market for non-surgical aesthetic procedures has significantly grown throughout the past several years, and is likely to continue. From coolsculpting, microneedling, lasers– what works and what doesn’t? If you’re always curious about these treatments and have a lot of questions this is the panel you should join.