Anna or @explorebeautyxo as most of her followers know is a Los Angeles based beauty influencer that is also a licensed attorney! Yes, it surprised us too when we found out. This girl definitely has beauty, brains, and a very loving charm that anyone just gravitates to. This charming lady was born in the Philippines and moved to California when she was 10, while living with her aunt she introduced Anna to the world of fashion and beauty that lead to her loving both industries. Our lady is not afraid to be bold when it comes to doing her makeup and hair. What matters is as long as she likes it and she is confident about it, no one can say thing. We love this girl’s mantra about beauty and we definitely can’t wait to see what her next hair color is going to be.


1. Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Anna and I am Filipino-American. I was born in the Philippines and speak Tagalog fluently, among other languages. I finished school young and became a licensed attorney. Health issues happened so I started my beauty account, @ExploreBeautyXO, as a way to lift myself back up. I’m so grateful that this has happened as a result of that. I’m a strong believer in following your hopes and dreams, whatever that may be.

2. What got you interested in beauty and fashion?
Its funny because I was a tomboy growing up. When I was 10 years old, we moved to California to live with my aunt, who brought me along her shopping trips. She taught me about wearing makeup, eyebrow waxing, and matching clothes (lol). I learned that you can like cars and video games, but also like “girly” stuff too. You can do it all.

3. What’s a typical day in your life?
It’s always different. I’m usually creating content or working on my wellness journey. Self-care is the #1 thing I believe in. I also love traveling and exploring. Lately I’ve enjoyed going to lots of events to meet others in this community. One thing I do every day is testing different products, as thoroughly and best as I can, so I can share those that work well for me.

4. What is your morning beauty routine?
I’m always switching it up and I share new stuff on my feed. It mostly depends on my skin concerns that day, especially if I am breaking out.

5. What are your must have beauty supplies you take everywhere you go?
Lipstick, eyelash glue, contacts case. Selfie light.

6. What is your best beauty tip?
There are no rules to makeup. Do whatever you like and feel comfortable with. Confidence is key.

7. How do you usually decide on your hair color?
I think of what I want my hair to look like in a few months and follow the color wheel. It was bleached when I modeled for ISSE. I went from long black hair to short tequila sunrise hair. So I thought why not have some fun as I grow it out? This year I’ve had hot pink hair, bubble gum pink, then peach. I went blonde for a month then blue. Royal blue then teal which fades to a green. Mermaid vibes for sure. I want to dye it bright red next so it’s purple right now. Once my roots grow out, I might go back to natural. We’ll see.

8. What are your favorite beauty brands?
So many; it’s hard to pick. I had a great time meeting Bioderma and Wet n Wild last year; and I look forward to seeing them at Blushcon again.

9. What is your next project?
I’m always open to brand collaborations and influencer events. Just taking it day by day!