Gigi.alamode is a stunning fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer based in Los Angeles, California. A bubbly lady with pleasing and awesome personality that can make everyone’s head turn once she walks in the room. What people do not know about her is that she is also a radio-frequency engineer for a wireless telecommunication company! Isn’t that amazing? This girl is definitely not to be messed with. She’s got both beauty and brains. Being an influencer that also has a full-time job is not easy, but she makes it work to deliver to her avid fans and followers.

Gigi is known as the lady that is in-the-know with all things new in the fashion and beauty industry; she never fails to keep everyone up-to-date with her daily posts. All glamour aside, she is a simple girl that loves being in jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers with a well moisturized and sun protected skin. Curious about our girl Gigi? Head on to her Instagram, @gigi.alamode and get to know her more.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Gigi and I am an RF engineer for a wireless Telecommunication company.
My goal in life is to always love what I am doing. This includes my work and my passion for makeup and Fashion.
Family and Friends are very important to me. They have always been there for me in every journey I take and I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for them.
Some of my hobbies are: Music, Cooking and traveling. I also love being outdoors; I find being outside is a great way to de-stress. It is also a great way to spend quality time with my friends and family, away from phones and computers and busy lives.

2. What got you interested in beauty and fashion?
Beauty and fashion have always been a passion of mine since I was a little. I see beauty and fashion as a form of art mixing makeup colors together and clothing pieces together with endless possibilities. Plus I love the consistency of something ever=changing. It just challenges and inspires me on a daily basis.

3. What’s a typical day like in your life?
Having a Full time job and being an influencer definitely keep me busy. My schedule is pretty hectic .I start my day early by going to the gym then go through email and social media messages. I then head to work. At my lunch break I try to catch up on the rest of my emails. Leave work then be stuck in LA traffic for 1 hour at least. Get home eat something quick then film a makeup tutorial, I try to edit my videos the same day but most of the time I am too tired to do so. Then hit the bed.

4. What is your morning beauty routine?
Wash with my face with water – then apply a toner – Apply a morning Serum – apply a moisturizer then the most important step is a sunscreen before leaving the house.

5. What are your must have beauty supplies you take everywhere you go?
BB cream

6. What is your best beauty tip?
Since I break out often, the best tip to avoid breakouts is to use a deep cleansing exfoliator or a Green clay mask once a week to rid your skin of impurities and dead skin cells that may be clogging pores. Also make sure you’re using the right type of masks for your skin type.

7. What are your favorite fashion brands?
I love many different fashion brands from high end to affordable brands . I love Gucci, Balenciaga and Moschino for how funky and trendy their pieces are and I love H&M , Forever21 and Zara for how stylish and affordable they are .

8. What are your go-to clothing items?
Jeans, T-shirt, converse and a backpack 🙂

9. What is your next project?
Hopefully focus more on Social media. I want to be able convert my passion into a career and be my own boss. Hopefully I can start my own beauty or Fashion line in the future .
I want to connect more with my followers, inspire them and share my unique story with them.