Jenny Discovers

Jennydiscovers is not your typical beauty influencer. This stylish Filipino-Chinese mama was born and raised in the Philippines and started her career out as a professional dancer before venturing into the world of beauty. When dancing was her life, she had the opportunity to represent the Philippines during The World Hip-Hop competition in Las Vegas. Nowadays, she focuses on her blog, digital marketing career, and being a full-time mom to her baby daughter. She juggles all of those and still manages to look fashionable at all times, which makes us wonder how does she do it?

 1. Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name is Jenny Banh. I’m 25 years old with a Filipino-Chinese ethnic background, born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I started my career as a professional dancer and competed in different dance competitions like the world hip-hop competition in Las Vegas while representing the Philippines. I moved to Orange County, California in 2016 to give birth to a baby girl and started a family with my husband. From then on, I started beauty blogging and working from home as a digital marketing expert to keep my sanity and myself entertained from motherly duties every day and also to help women like me with similar life experiences to find some time for themselves by improving self-confidence through beauty and make-up application.

2. What got you interested in beauty and fashion?
As a previous dance artist, I was exposed to the beauty and fashion world as I have worked with different makeup artists, photographers, celebrities and artists on set. These experiences make me a great candidate for sharing my knowledge about the ins and outs of the beauty world in the entertainment industry. My experience of being a mother with respect to makeup product and fashion item selection may be useful due to my knowledge of which products and items were most effective for increasing self-confidence after giving birth and trying to get my body back to how it was before.

3. What’s a typical day like in your life?
As with all mothers with active children, my day is primarily dictated by my daughter’s attitude, state, and well-being on any given day. Picture a woman sitting in front of her laptop so she can check her email while she tries to spoon-feed her toddler and keep her entertained the whole day while working. Work-at-home-moms (WAHM’s) such as myself juggle this and much more as we balance work and family all under one roof. Despite having a busy schedule, I always make sure to give myself some time to relax by blogging or working out. I go to the gym 4 times a week to keep myself in shape.

4. What is your morning beauty routine?
My everyday morning beauty routine starts with only washing my face with water then I would splash some Tatcha’s Essence on my face before applying my favorite skin care products from Drunk Elephant like the C-tango and Eye Cream and Protini as my moisturizer followed by sunblock. I don’t wash my face in the morning with any cleansers as I already double cleanse my face atnight.

5. What are your must have beauty supplies you take everywhere you go?

I always have my Colorescience brush on powder with SPF to touch up my makeup every 2 hrs to protect my skin from the UV rays. I also bring my long-lasting liquid lipstick from Pixi Beauty in Pink Taupe (lipstick adds color to your face!) and my Studio Fix compact foundation from Mac-I live for flawless matte makeup finish!

6. What is your best beauty tip?
Always smile! Also, use a cleansing balm or oil to remove makeup and exfoliate every night and avoid putting skincare products with Silicone on it (any ingredients with a ‘Cone’) and if you have enlarged pores or your skin is acne-prone skin be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your face before applying makeup to avoid dry patches and always wear sunscreen when you go out!

7. What are your favorite fashion brands?
Honestly, I am very thrifty in buying clothes! I believe that it’s how you wear the clothes that matters. I love shopping to thrifty stores or discounted stores such as TJ MAX or Marshalls but my favorite fashion brand is definitely Zara or Forever 21!

8. What are your go-to clothing items?
I love everything basic paired with a stylish jackets or coats and I think wearing plain clothes on top of a stylish jacket is really classy and fashionable.

9. What is your next project?

I am working to get my makeup artistry certification right now so that I can start my own beauty consulting and makeup business soon. I am also learning portrait photography and has been helping moms like me feel confident and beautiful by giving them free portrait shoots once in a while.