Vivian Nweze

A first generation American born to Nigerian immigrants, our girl Vivian Nweze is an established TV Host, Producer, and Entertainment Journalist from NBC’s Emmy-nominated show “Access Hollywood.” She is also listed as Buzzfeed’s Top 5 Black Female Entertainment Journalists Under 30 in Hollywood” in 2017.

As an established TV host, she has interviewed over 400+ celebrities and created viral reports that’s viewed by millions of viewers. She had one-on-one interviews with Leonardo DiCarpio, Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, and more! Like, how can we be you?

Read more about Vivian in this mini interview we did with her!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I am Vivian Nweze, a glam-obsessed & whimsical optimist who spreads positive energy through the fruits of a crazy work ethic. I grew up as the child of Nigerian immigrants in Orlando, FL, competed in beauty pageants and was the most Type A overachiever alive. I went to college at Howard University in DC right after. Ten college internships, a gig reporting nationally for MTVu, and a job at the Olympics in Russia then led me to LA. After working for Access Hollywood for nearly 4 years, I’ve gone rogue to share my sparkle and sass on multiple platforms as a TV/Digital/ Live Host & Glam Lifestyle Influencer.

2. What got you interested in beauty and fashion?
I was a hardcore tomboy until I was about 9-10 years old and decided to enter a beauty pageant. I was pretty competitive and just wanted to compete because I saw another girl in my neighborhood had, but the decision changed my life forever. I learned how beauty and fashion could help you enter each day confidently, as long as you were working on your inner confidence at the same time. Now I am a total glamor girl and see beauty and fashion as elements of my self-expression. It’s how I present myself to the world.

3. What’s a typical day like in your life?
Every day is different for me, as a freelance creative artist & strategist. I’m often juggling on-camera and live hosting gigs, acting classes and auditions, brand projects, editing videos, consulting people on their own creative endeavors, attempting to workout, running from one red carpet event to another social affair, and trying to stay sane all within 24 hours. I try to start every morning with a cup of hot plain green tea. For some reason that really helps me calmly begin my day and it’s probably the only consistent element of my days.

4. What is your morning beauty routine?
It’s pretty standard. I wash my face with a cleanser, most likely Osea Malibu’s daily cleanser, then I brush my teeth and tongue. I shower right after that. I like to turn the heat up in the shower to kind of steam my cleansed face while I shower. When I get out, I lather my body in cocoa butter or coconut oil, and I use toner on my face. After toner, I choose an oil and moisturizer to apply based on what I felt like my skin needed that day. Then it’s on to hair and make-up and eventually clothes.

5. What are your must have beauty supplies you take everywhere you go?
A pigmented lipgloss, mascara, and powder will take you a long way. If I have nothing else but those, I’m okay.


6. What is your best beauty tip?
Moisturize!! The difference between a good make-up application and a stunning face comes down to your skincare more so the make-up products you use. You want to have the most supple canvas as possible and to have skin soft and clear enough to wear bare. As soon as I started using oils like Pixi Beauty’s Glow Mist and hydrating facial moisturizers daily, my whole face upgraded.

7. What are your favorite fashion brands?
This varies so much for me. Athlesiure wise, I’m all for Fenty Puma. People who don’t see me “off the clock” have no idea how chill my daily style is. Comfort is queen. For red carpet events and when I’m working as a host, I love Wow Couture and Cristian Siriano. I love thick stretchy fabrics that hug my curves, but are also super comfy, and come in colors that will pop against my chocolate skin. I dig Topshop, Missguided, and Zara as well. For higher end, I’m a Louis Vuitton girl.

8. What are your go-to clothing items?
I love thigh high boots so much that I would wear them everyday if I could. I always feel extra sassy with them on and they bump up any outfit. I need a new leather jacket, another staple, because I’ve worn mine to death.

9. What is your next project?

I’ve started a new Youtube channel “Vivaciously Vivian” & revamped my website “”, so that’s taking most of my focus. I’m also launching a new podcast in early 2019! I’m super excited to get to create more content that I feel passionate about and that can impact people who vibe with who I am and what I represent.