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Come see the hottest babes that have made their mark in the industry! From beauty to fashion, travel, lifestyle and more these influencers know the ins and outs of what’s hot and what’s not! Be able to walk along side these beauty and style stars, ask for pictures, see them in person, and get their insights. Hear their stories of how they came to be, ask questions, and remember to be a boss babe yourself!  Celebrate what makes you special and unique with this amazing group of talent!


Blushcon wouldn’t be Blushcon without beauty! Starting as an event that celebrates all types of beauty, Blushcon continues its tradition of bringing amazing brands to our event.  From skincare to makeup, get all the glitz and glam you been waiting for.  Ask questions to industry professionals about their products and score lots of free samples! Need blush? We got it for you! How about a foundation? Of course! Blushcon will be your one stop event for all things beauty.


Dress to impress as Blushcon adds fashion brands to it’s roster. Show off your best as you walk down our event, strutting down your own runway.  Get your 10s with other brands finding the next big thing! With a wide range of brands and styles, you will find the style you need to complete your outfit. And don’t forget about your accessories! Find that one piece that accents your clothes.